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TOY RC FiSHiNG JET BOAT Catches 25″ PiKE the FiRST TiME! ๐ŸŽฃ

TOY RC FiSHiNG JET BOAT Catches 25″ PiKE the FiRST TiME! ๐ŸŽฃ

– [RCSparks] Here is the boat I’m using. It’s about 26 inches long. It’s the THRASHER RC Jet Boat. Or, pardon me, STREAMLiNE
RC THRASHER Jet Boat. Runs on a 6S lipo battery so I’ve got 22 volts in here. It’s actually quite a heavy rig so I’m figuring that we got quite a bit of power to pull out in case
I get a bigger fish on here. Got a GoPro Session 4 to
help capture the action. Here is a dual-stage motor winch. This is a one-tenth
scale trail truck winch. It actually is operational from my radio as well as I kind of made up a small fishing rod and line here. So the winch can actually pull the line in and the fishing rod
itself is actually made out of a suspension link
for a one-tenth scale trail truck as well, same with a three link hanger on the back. So at least I have the ability to get everything out of the way. There is no prop because
it is jet driven right here so I don’t have to worry
about getting anything tangled and might as well get it in the water. Let’s see what we can do today. (beeping) Here are the minnows I’m using. Pretty much pre-packaged here. We are allowed to use dead
fish bait while we’re here. In through the mouth, as
far as I can down at stomach and out through the bottom
so it’s just like that. (mechanical whirring) (dramatic orchestral music) (mechanical whirring) (music stops) (dramatic orchestral music) Come on! Is he on there? – [Friend] Yeah, he
looks like he’s on there. – [RCSparks] The back is gone. – [Friend] The back is gone. – [RCSparks] Oh yeah, he’s pulling. Oh, we got him! – [Crowd Member] Don’t pull
him too hard (mumbling) – [RCSparks] Come on. – [Friend] Faster. (mechanical whirring) – [RCSparks] Oh no! Oh, just a weed. – [Crowd Member] Oh, I’ve (mumbling) – [RCSparks] He’s there, he’s there. – [Crowd Member] Wanna help? – [RCSparks] Hey, gotta pike. Look at this big guy. (Cheering!) We did it! (laughing) He’s a big ‘un. Hold on, hold on. Here, hold the camera for me. – [Crowd Member] So that’s the second time on the first loop. – Yeah, our first one. (laughing) – Check it out, guys. – [Crowd Member] Great job! – We got a big bite with the STREAMLiNE RC THRASHER Jet Boat. This a big guy, eh. Let’s catch him and put him back. (mumbling) Oh, this is a strong one. You got a good shot of him? – [Friend] Yeah. Bye bye. (speaking in foreign language) – Come on, big guy. There ya go. See ya next time. (laughing)

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  2. I just got an r/c boat. I live on a small, 3 acre pond. Catfish, Bass, Carp, Brim.. So, I took 2 straws, McD and Popeyes. The popeyes straw is a tad smaller and it slides into the McD straw. like a boom extension. So, I can extend it way past the prop. I have the straw attached via velcro. So, I have a crankbait, bobber, line.. goes through the straw. (straw velcored to boat cover). then it is attached to my rod… I drive my boat up and down, (trolling) with the crankbait (crawfish, rubber).. Once a fish hits it, the straw breaks free… the boat returns to base… then I can reel in my catch.

  3. cool but my question is this – do you need a licence to do this , i would say no cause technically you are not catching the fish but the boat.

  4. I want one, from shore it's hard not to lose your lures in the trees among other obstacles, where and how much please??? Keep filming to, that is so cool!

  5. Awesome. Looks like you didn't even need the winch. Did you use it? Looked like the power of the boat was enough to hook and reel her in.

  6. Hey please do a video on how to make your blackjack a full size blackjack a fishing boat slash speed boat please I'm begging you I've been watching your videos for years

  7. i used to do the same thing back in the day with my cheapo rc boat. every time i caught something the boat would capsize. i was just a kid then, i think ima try to set up another one.
    whats the biggest fish u have caught with your boat? and did it pull your boat under to.

  8. You do that here in Oklahoma and a big catfish will take yourboat under. I've seen quart jugs on trot lines go under water for a while from those guys.

  9. I caught a like in water like 1foot deep I was just playing around with some minor then that thing came in it toke me like 10 minutes to get it on shore it was like 4 feet long

  10. Do you have a line disconnect in the event that the bait gets hung up on the bottom or some other obstacle where it can't be reached?

  11. Awesome man I did this a few years ago with my boat but your setup is so much better. But did exactly what you did leaving about 4 feet of slack with a bobber. Rock on.

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  13. give a man a fish feed him for a day

    teach a man to fish with a rc boat feed him for however long his batteries last

  14. i was thinking of how this would be nice at a lake near my home and the video turns out to be chestermere lake damn

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