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Training Koi Fish

Training Koi Fish

Hey I’m Eric Triplett The Pond Digger. tosy I’m gonna teach you How to Train Your Corey how to seize
watermelon I remember some I try to defuse the watermelon my pond and they didn’t care for it at all I did
it for about a week they still in eat it it was so annoying I just got
persistent and I figure out how to get to eat it immediately let me show you my secret okay
watermelon like this like a little wagon wheel what you want to do is what I first
break out the center like this his way to stimulate them by putting
some other favorite fish food in the middle of this ring when it floats and
I’m gonna come right to it what’s cysts notice they don’t want nothing to do
with Ed a start feeding him a little bit on the side now to fill the center with their
favorite fish food now going for the fish food get a little
taste that watermelon on accident

95 comments on “Training Koi Fish

  1. That's awesome! Can't wait to try it with our koi's favorite food,Pond Digger Color & Growth koi food!

  2. Watermelon isn't really as nutritious or beneficial to koi as one might think, more than 90% of the flesh is just water. Considering watermelons contain around 20% of Vitamin C, and Oranges contain 160%, they are much better for their immune system, if you ask me. It is interesting to watch koi eat watermelon, not gonna lie 🙂

  3. Thank you for the science behind the diet, Arteom. The choice for feeding watermelon is primarily for enjoyment of the human. Interaction with the koi is great.

  4. Feeding a variety of fruit and veggies on occasion is great for the digestive tract of koi. Think about always eating a hard packed pellet. Feeding frozen peas to your koi regularly is fun and great for the koi. We have taken grossly misshapen koi from poor diets and corrected their figure using a frozen pea diet! Fun and rewarding to make those changes in a clients beloved pet!

  5. Thawed Frozen Peas is great for them and Oranges are typical. I have seen a pineapple tied off to a rope in a koi pond before. The koi were working it over pretty good. That was amazing to me!

  6. I dunno…they seemed to just eat the food and maybe an accidentel bite of watermelon. Most of it still there at end of clip

  7. At first it is an accidental bite but I can assure you they strip the rind clean once they figure out they like it. Our light was failing at the end of the video so we had to quite filming when we did.

  8. I got allot of types of gold fish, Sometimes I put bits of Fruit in their pond, It's mostly the fancy types that eat the fruit, which is funny because sum of them look like fruit like my 5" peral scale looks like a orange. The Koi I got mostly just go for the bonus bugs I kill and give them like cockroaches flys and worms.

  9. Thanks pond digger I tried feeding my koi the water melon and it worked first time, it was awesome I posted my results on here, thanks again it's all down to you…i

  10. I threw some half slices in my pond and the koi were having more fun pushing it around. Once they try it, they do enjoy eating it though.

  11. Can someone please help me or tell me what type of koi is exactly at 1:38 it's like a white butterfly koi with blue on top with a dab of orange. Please someone help me!!

  12. how can you get them to eat oranges? i tried to get mine to eat orange slices today and a couple took a pushed it around to see what it was but then never ate it. even though oranges are so much smaller could the same idea apply? 

  13. Watermelon? That's new, and cool! I've heard of corn but watermelon is awesome. Cool video, and settling music haha

  14. First off, I love your videos! I have a question, I have a pond with some koi/goldfish but It seems like they never mate or reproduce.. Do you have any suggestions for me?

  15. +David Durbon Either your fish are the same gender, or aren't old enough. Also, the water conditions of your pond/aquarium may not be ideal for the fish.

  16. Hi. I am a viewer from Trinidad (an island in the Caribbean) and enjoy your channel a lot. I have had success with pawpaw as well as watermelon. However, my koi seems to be stunted in growth. Should I use the garlic paste as a way to improve appetite?

  17. So sexy !!! I saw some pellets being thrown in later . I'm so building another pond this spring '16

  18. Why watermelon? What do they get in the watermelon? Disclaimer: I'm clueless about fish and I just accidentally watch it hehe!!

  19. I got a koi for my birthday I had to buy a huge fish tank and it becoming larger by the month any tricks to keep it healthy?

  20. My koi are a bit smaller, but we have watermelon all summer in Fl , I just tossed in some small pieces and they went nuts, been doing that for a few years, but I might try the “wheel “approach looks interesting. Thanks for sharing ….

  21. Why do you want them to eat the watermelon if they don't particularly care for it? Does it have some kind of nutritional benefit for them?

  22. Koi @ 1:28"Oh carp I missed the fish food and got some of that red stuff in my mouth. Oh dang, that's good, oh hold up let get another around of dat!"

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