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Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More
Transporting Fish

Transporting Fish

So our fiberglass tanks here actually have
two compartments in them um, they’re brand new. They’re made out of fiberglass with a wood
core, and each compartment can hold 1,200 gallons of water and up to 7,000 catchable
size fish in each compartment. Uh, we have pretty sophisticated system on
here that mixes the water. We have a fresh flow aerators that mix the
water inside the tanks and then we have a supply of oxygen bottles here which inject
oxygen in the tanks. We have some air scoops here which help recycle
the airflow inside of the tanks so it doesn’t get overwhelmed with gasses in there, and
uh here we have uh liter gauges that uh pump that, regulate the flow of oxygen into our
um ceramic air stones on the bottom of the tanks.

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