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Trapped in a SHARK CAGE!

Trapped in a SHARK CAGE!

– Hey guys, its Karina, today we are back
inside some more Roblox. And today, I am playing Shark Bite, and with the new update, Megalodon. If you guys don’t know
what a megalodon is, it is a shark that lived 100 years ago, and it’s 20 times the size
of the sharks we have now, and it was crazy. – [Co-Narrator] Yeah and
it lived really long ago. – Yeah, and now it’s extinct. Thank God! (chuckles) All right. So where is the shark at the moment? – [Co-Narrator] It’s behind that mountain. (exclaims) – That boat just came right behind me, and I was like, “Wha–?” – [Co-Narrator] He’s behind that mountain. He’s over there. The shark. – This way? – [Co-Narrator] No, this way. – That way? – [Co-Narrator] Do you see him? – Yeah, I see him. Let’s shoot him, he doesn’t look that big. Maybe it’s like a new thing. Something happens like double shark, or if you die you’re a shark as well. – [Co-Narrator] Oh, yeah. It should be a five-shark game mode. Or respawning. – Yeah, that would be kinda cool. Our shark is underneath us, I think. It’s trying to get us. – [Co-Narrator] Oh no!
The music is playing! (tense music) The shark is coming! – Don’t worry our boat is fast. It won’t be able to get us will it? I don’t know. – [Co-Narrator] I think
he’s a little bit faster. – We can outrun him. – See, we outrun him.
– He ran away. So? We outrun him. (tense music) Turn, turn, turn! (screams) Wasted! I couldn’t turn fast enough! – [Co-Narrator] Oh, wow. – Sorry, Ronald. Maybe it’s because my
flippers were inside my face. Or at my face, like, I
couldn’t see anything. – [Co-Narrator] Okay,
I’m looking in the shop for a really fast boat. So that’s the speed compared to– – Sharks.
(gasps) You can get new sharks now? – [Co-Narrator] What? – You can buy sharks. You can get the
hammerhead, the great white which you already are,
hammerhead, or the megalodon. – [Co-Narrator] I’m getting the megalodon. – I don’t have enough for the megalodon, but I so want to get it. I have to get it. I must get it. How much do I need? I think I need 1,000 more. So I’m gonna buy 1,000. I don’t have enough. I need 200 more. – [Co-Narrator] The thing
is, which one is the– oh my goodness, the destroyer is so good. – The destroyer? – [Co-Narrator] Yeah, the boats. – I don’t have enough again. I need to get 50 more. What do you mean destroyer? I don’t get it. The boat? – [Co-Narrator] It’s a boat (pop music) I keep on not having enough. – [Co-Narrator] I got it,
so you could join my boat. I got it. – Just a sec, I’m gonna by the megalodon. – Boom, I’m the magalodon, baby. – [Co-Narrator] Okay, don’t
upgrade your chance to be shark because I wanna use the destroyer. – All right, fine. I’m gonna all the way up to the top. ♪ All way up to the top, top, top. ♪ – [Co-Narrator] You fell all the way down. – I went all the way down on purpose. I’m hiding. You can’t find me. You’ll never be able to find me. – [Co-Narrator] Are you
sure about that, my friend? – Oh, I’m so sure. You’ll never, ever be able to find me. – [Co-Narrator] Never, right? Why are you right here?
(giggles) – I’m not! – [Co-Narrator] Hello, K–
(yelling drowns out speaker) It’s been a great morning, hasn’t it? – No. No! (voices overlapping) – [Co-Narrator] How do you get in there? – I’m stuck! You’ll
never be able to get me. (laughter) – [Co-Narrator] Okay, time’s up. Do you have the destroyer, Karrina? – Destroyer? Nope. It’s probably way too
much than I can afford. (cheerful music) Only two people survived. Oh, wow. Okay. – [Co-Narrator] Oh, wow. I will use the destroyer. Karrina, we’re gonna be so fast, and everything is basically
gonna be almost max. It’s the best boat. – That’s gonna be fun. Did you get the megalodon though? – [Co-Narrator] Oh, yeah, I did. – We’re gonna be beasts! Ronald, where’d you go? – [Ronald] I’m at the top. – Fall down. I can’t get up there in time. Double sharks! – [Ronald] Hopefully, it’s
not gonna be one of us. – Okay,
♪ Spiderman, Spiderman. ♪ – ♪ Does whatever a spider can. ♪ – [Ronald] It’s not us.
(pop music) – All right. – [Ronald] I’m gonna choose my destroyer. – Where are you? Where
are you? Where are you? – [Ronald] I invited you. – I accidentally invited you. Sorry. (exclaims) That’s interesting looking. I found the guy, who like mermaid man who lives underwater and has his trident. I found that guy. He’s made out of stone though. – [Ronald] Okay, I’m loading. I’m loading. – Loading what? (exclaims) I so want to sit on one of these. I can get a double gun. I can use my gun and this gun thing. That is so awesome.
– I’m gonna drive. Yeah, you drive. Next time we should invite one more person because there’s a second gun. – [Ronald] But they’ll probably
steal the driver’s seat. – No, you’ll get there first. The boat almost tilted
– Look at this! – [Ronald] Look how fast it is. – I know. It’s so fast. – [Ronald] It’s massive – We’re never gonna get
caught by the sharks ever. – [Ronald] It’s hard to steer though. – That’s all right. – [Ronald] I’m steering though. I think I got the hang of it. – All right. Where’s the shark? – [Ronald] It’s not showing up. – The shadow is glitching. It’s so weird looking. – [Ronald] Oh yeah. You should just remove all shadows. – I don’t know how to do that. – [Ronald] No, the game developers. – But then it would look weird. Where’s the shark? (exclaims) I saw the shark right there! It looks massive. – [Ronald] I don’t wanna face him. We have a gigantic gun. – Face him, face him, face him. Look! Santa’s sleigh! – [Ronald] You like
that over the destroyer? – I don’t know. Where’s the shark? Pause near the shark so we can hit him. (ship firing) – [Ronald] I’m getting the hang of this! – There’s two sharks, and
they’re both glitched. Okay, stop, Ronald. (ship firing) – [Ronald] Can I shoot? Wait, I can control the front cannon. – Yeah, didn’t you know that? – [Ronald] No. – I’m gonna shoot at this shark. – [Ronald] Drivers can
control the front cannon. – One shark went underwater, so we kinda don’t really know where he is. – [Ronald] Someone’s here, do you wanna invite them on our boat? – Yeah, yeah. Where’s the ladder? The ladder’s up the back. A couple of people are trying to get on. – [Ronald] Oh, no. Shark. – Let him on. Why won’t you let him on? – [Ronald] Because the shark was there. You need to shoot it back. (ship firing) – I can see the shark nose. The nose of the shark. (ships firing) Okay, someone get to the back. You have to climb up the back. Whoops. I accidentally jumped off. – [Ronald] So many people wanna get on. (pop music)
(boat horn) – There’s so many seats. There’s one, two three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. There’s some inside. Eight, and there’s a hundred more. All right. Get on. The sharks are being very still. Very still. And I don’t like it. – [Ronald] That person wants to join you. – But he can’t get at that over there. Someone’s boat flipped. That’s kinda sad. Maybe that’s why they went onto our boat. Oh, the girl sat up and
then she’s kinda floating. – [Ronald] Okay, yeah. She just wants to be with you. – She doesn’t want to sit down. – [Ronald] He’s in the seat. No, don’t jump out of your seats! – Just go because if they don’t sit down, they’re never gonna learn. (ship firing) You must sit down. All the cannons are getting destroyed. Next game should we invite
everyone to our boat? – Yeah! That would be so cool. – [Ronald] Because there’s so many seats? – Yeah! That would be so awesome. Make sure you get the
steering wheel first though. Where’s the shark? – [Ronald] I’m getting used
to controlling this thing. We only have 18 more seconds. I just roasted a boat. – I put the fire thingie in here. It looks really pretty. (ship firing rapidly) Drive over another boat. Time’s up. Okay, whatever. – [Ronald] Survivors win. – Oh, yeah. The shark was almost killed. (cheerful music)
(clapping) – [Ronald] Don’t upgrade your chance. – I really want to though. – [Ronald] We’ll do it next game. – Next game. Fine. Where’d you go? – [Ronald] I’m going up top. – Imma go up top too. – [Ronald] Chase me. – Let’s play hide-and-seek now. Three, two, one. Try to find me. – [Ronald] I know exactly where you are. Hello. (laughter) – How did you know? Double sharks again! We could’ve upgrade our chance, and we would’ve been the sharks. – [Ronald] And we would’ve
been double megalodonning it. – It’s not us. Invite everyone. – [Ronald] I am inviting. – Everyone? Not everyone can join
because there’s a limit. Never mind. Is there?
– Is there? – [Ronald] Look how many
people are on our boat. – One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Seven including us. It’s five other people. We’re probably still
gonna have spare seats. There’s so many seats I counted. – [Ronald] I’m going
straight to the driver. – Sit down
(clacking on keyboard) (ship firing) – [Ronald] Okay, I got it. – Sit down people! – [Ronald] I got it right
before the cutscene happened. – Sit down people or else
you guys are just gonna like, whoop. – [Ronald] See, these guys
know what they’re doing. They’re sitting down. – And, also, guys, you
can sit down inside. (ship firing) (screams)
(tense music) The shark isn’t doing anything. (ship firing)
(tense music) The sharks are glitching. (ship firing) – [Ronald] So many guns getting fired. I love this. – Wait, Ron, stop the boat. (ship firing) Sit in the inside
(clacking on keyboard) (ship firing) Sit in the inside. – ♪ You gotta sit in the inside
or else you’re gonna die. ♪ You can go now. The guns are so loud, I had to go all the way back here. (exclaims) Someone fell out! (screams) We lost a soldier. – [Ronald] No, he didn’t fall out yet. – No, we lost three people. Oh, wow.
– Really? Yeah, we did. – [Ronald] No, we only lost two. – No, three. There’s three seats empty. – [Ronald] But one guy
came into the inside. (ship firing) – Really? – [Ronald] Yeah. – No, no, no, I told her to go inside. – [Ronald] But there’s also a
boy that went into the inside. – Oh, okay. (exclaims) – You just “oofed” your face in there. I want to upgrade my chance. (screams) – [Ronald] What are we gonna do? – We flipped the boat. We gotta get to the top. How do we get on top? – [Ronald] You know, most people
cannot breathe for so long. So they’re dying. – They have to go to the top then. – [Ronald] We cannot swim out the windows. – You gotta swim underneath. Come on, you gotta live! Come on, hold your breath. Here, Ron, I’m gonna save ya! – [Ronald] I cannot find a way out. We cannot find the way out. – Where’s the exit? (loud techno music) (exclaims) Someone just played music. – [Ronald] I’m sitting down upside down. – Ronald, the boat’s leaving. – [Ronald] Is it? – Ronald, stop! The boat’s leaving! – [Ronald] How? – It’s going! – [Ronald] I got glitched out.
(airhorn) – Save us!
(music starts and stops) – [Ronald] I got glitched out. I’m going to this black boat. – I can’t go that boat because
the music is super loud there Oh no, where are we gonna go? – [Ronald] The sharks are frozen. – Which is a good thing. I think we should just swim underwater. It’s easier. Oh, it’s the update. The water actually moves. That’s so cool. Can you see that? – [Ronald] Yeah, but how
are you going so fast? – I have flippers. – [Ronald] How do you get them? – You have to buy them. – [Ronald] Where? (techno music starts and stops) – The boat! Come on, we gotta catch the boat! – [Ronald] Why is it moving? No one’s in the driver’s seat.
– I don’t know! – Maybe someone is, and
they’re just trolling. (techno music) (exclaims) Did you just see that boat? It just rammed on that boat. That was crazy. – [Ronald] Where’s the sharks? (airhorn) (exclaims) – Stop! Stop! No! – [Ronald] You got a flare gun. (clacking on keyboard) The flare gun will save us.
– Turn off the music. It’s so loud. You guys might not be able to hear it, but we can hear it and
it’s incredibly loud. The boat is all the way over there. The timer is… Finished. – [Ronald] Great now upgrade
your chance a whole ton. – I got it to 40. No one else can get higher than that. Now it’s at twenty. (cheerful music)
(techno music) No, stop! I got mine to 40. I think I’m gonna be the shark. Or not. Now it’s 31. 22. It’s going back down
to where it started. 16. – [Ronald] Okay, I’m at 10. – I’m gonna up mine one more time. 40. Okay, 29. I think it’s gonna stay at 29. I’m definitely gonna be a megalodon, And then you’re gonna be the second if there is a double thing, but I don’t think it’s
gonna happen twice in a row. Okay, now it’s at 21. I still have the most I think. Because there’s a lot
of people in this game. – [Ronald] Every survivor that
(drowned out by exclamation) So I can kill you if I’m the shark. – No, but I’m gonna be the shark because I have the most chance. – [Ronald] I’m the shark. – What? What’s your chance at? – [Ronald] It was at 10. – I’m at 21. So can you kill me first? – [Ronald] Yeah, but you have
to tell me where you are. I’m gonna be a megalodon, Karrina. – And I’m gonna be a megalodon, too. – [Ronald] I have to kill the guy that has the loud music early. – Yeah. I’m gonna be going to… One of the islands. I’m gonna be at one of the islands. – [Ronald] Why does it show I’m a– Look at my megalodon. – You look crazy. I’m gonna be at one of the islands. – [Ronald] I see an island. – Turn around, I’m behind you. Yeah, this one. – [Ronald] It’s hard to see. This one? – No, that’s the starting line. I’m going to you. – [Ronald] You cannot stop, so I’m just gonna go in circles like this. – Eat me! I don’t know why I want this, but eat me. (tense music) I’m right over you. Come on, Ron. You can do it. – [Ronald] Are you a boat? – Yes! I’m the pink one. – [Ronald] I see you. Okay, I’m coming. (exclaims) – Savage! I think I’m aa megalodon. There’s lots of people
swimming in the thing. There’s a couple of boats this way, so I’m gonna go this way. I think I’m close. Got you!
(pop music) Come on. There is another boat right about there. So I’m gonna be going that way. Oh, it’s a unicorn boat! I’m gonna get the unicorn boat. I didn’t get anyone in it. – [Ronald] I roasted a boat,
but I didn’t roast any people. – I don’t see anyone in that boat. – [Ronald] Who can get the most people? – Let’s see. I can jump super high. – [Ronald] Megalodons are very– – There’s so many sharks everywhere. Lot’s of people this way. – [Ronald] I think I’m killing your twin. – Okay. I see someone. – [Ronald] No, I haven’t–
(yell drowns out speaker) (screams) – [Ronald] You are aggressive. – I can’t see anybody else over here, so I’m gonna go move on. – [Ronald] You went for
the people I went for. – I see my boat. My boat hasn’t been eaten or anything. I think I just wrecked it. So many sharks are everywhere. We’re doing a great job. – [Ronald] Oh yeah, I
forgot about the thing. – Got you. Someone was in a little ducky. – [Ronald] I was gonna get that person that someone stole from me. – I’m gonna jump really high up. I jumped in the water. That was so cool. – [Ronald] I see so
many great white sharks, and I’m wrecking everyone in a race. – Come on. I see one red dot over there. Where is this person? There’s just like hiding around here. I see some more red particles this way. I think everyone sees them because they’re going this way as well. – [Ronald] I’m playing
ring-around-the-rosie around the main island with this red particle. – Come on, beat this guy in a race. Wait, that’s you. You’re going the same place as me. – [Ronald] Yep. – See you! I got him first. – [Ronald] Wait, no!
– Yeah! – Oh yeah. All right. – [Ronald] I see more people. (chuckles) – There’s a boat right over me
just going around the place. I didn’t get anyone on it though. There is some more red
particles over here. – [Ronald] I see people inside the cave, but I cannot get in there. – I can get in there. I see that guy. I see someone. – [Ronald] I cannot get in the cave. – I got in. Come on, go in! No, I can’t get him! No!
– [Ronald] Time’s up. I couldn’t get him. It was way too dark. – [Ronald] There’s one survivor. – Yeah, there’s one survivor.
– Oh, wow. I almost got him, like,
looked him in the eye. Oh well, but we’re gonna
end this video right here. I hope you liked it. If you did, smash that like button and I’ll see you guys next time. Good Bye! – [Ronald] Bye!

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