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Trolling for Bluefin Tuna South of Martha’s Vineyard

Trolling for Bluefin Tuna South of Martha’s Vineyard

Hi folks, Capt. Mike Hogan here from Hogy
Lure Company. I’m here today with Capt. Nat Chalkley from
Get the Net Charters. We’re fishing a spot called the Claw, which
is about 15 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard. The fish today are keyed in on sand eels so
we’re gonna stay with smaller baits. We’re fishing a 7-rod spread, a classic spring
bluefin spread. We have four 40-inch, 6″ squid spreader bars
on the inside outriggers. On our flatlines we’re gonna fish larger softbaits,
the Hogy Harness Jigs in sand eel colors. We’re gonna fish the flatlines a little further
back than we normally do so they flank the inside outriggers and spreader bars. We’re gonna be trolling 7 knots. It’s a very calm day today. On greasy calm days we tend to speed the boat
up and fish lures a little further back than we normally do. Textbook conditions today. Great spring tuna fishing day. Nice fish on here. It took about 300 yards of line. Just stopped the boat and cleared the lines. Start working on him. Try and get him in here and see what he is. I’m just positioning the boat while Nat’s
on this fish. I like to keep the fish off the corner of
the boat. I’m just in and out of gear. It’s just very ergonomic to have the fish
at a 45-degree angle off the corner here. I have the controls on the starboard side
so I always keep everything on the starboard side here. I’m just gonna put the port engine in gear. That will swing the bow to starboard. Alright, we’ve got color Mike. Alright, so this fish came in on the shrimp
colored spreader bar. This is a very natural color. Again these fish are keyed in on sand eels. This hook is super sharp. VMC 7/0. Fluoro leader. We have a 9″ stinger behind the 6″ birds. What I like to do is when I’m handling a fish
that I know I’m gonna release, I stick a saltwater hose in its mouth and then, want to get the
boat in gear Nat? We’re gonna carefully release this fish. Now you see this bar? It’s a little discombobulated after that fish. That is pretty much by design. These bars are made with such light wire frames
that when they’re trolling, the bar just pulses. For some reason, I always find the more dinged
up these bars get, the fishier they get. We use the lightest steel. We like this spring steel over titanium because
they’re so soft, so fluid with these little baits, these little small 6″squids. They just pulse and dance and dart. They have very light resistance so you can
fish them on very light tackle. I have Talica 25s here. They’re certainly not big heavy outfits. They just do the trick. So we’re putting out our 40″ squid bars in
the shrimp color. The bar we just caught the last fish on was
the inside rigger. We’ll be careful to stay inside the other
line. We’re gonna put it back out. Oh we’re on! So this sweet outfit is from Shimano. This reel may not look very big but it’s got
plenty of boots to it. It’s the Talica 25. It’s paired on a Shimano Terez rod. These fish have all been about 50 pounds. Just really putting it to it. This bite’s just been fantastic. Easily a 50-pound tuna. This rod just whooped it. Again they’re keyed in on these big spreader
bars with small squids. The Claw, south of Martha’s Vineyard. Greasy calm conditions. The fish are cooperating. Plenty of life. Couldn’t ask for a better June day to kick
off the tuna season.

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