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Trolling for Bluefin Tuna South of MV – July 2016

Trolling for Bluefin Tuna South of MV – July 2016

Capt. Terry Nugent here for Riptide Charters and Salty Cape. Today we’ve moved inshore, we’re about 30 miles south of the Vineyard and we’re on bluefin tuna. We’ve got some of the same crew we had South of the Vineyard and down in the Canyons couple days back. We got a lot of heavy fog out here but
we found some birds, we found some bait we found some whales. Decent temperature
break. We set up on it and we got a couple of fish early. Now we’ve got another fish hooked up
right here we’ve just been marking what We’ve just been marketing we can and running the Hogy sand eel bars through the the bait balls and it’s been working really well. The fish that
we just opened up he was just packed full of sand eels but we’re having a lot
of fish come up wolfpacking the spread. We’ve got exactly what they’re looking
for out here. We put out a very natural spread. Down here
it’s usually halfbeaks and sand eels. We put out a spread with a lot of
silver in it a lot of olive and green First couple of fish that came up and ate, ate the
sand eel colored lures. So we decided we’re going to swap the spread
out, we’ve kind of moved things around a little bit as the morning has progressed
the flatline really really tight to the transom have been the hot location with
white and green striped machine-type bar. What we’ve done is now with mirrored both
sides we have the same bar on each side, left and right flat line. On the left
side we also have a chain that’s the same type of lure. We have that about three feet behind the
bar just staggered a little so it looks like maybe part of the bait ball that is
the bar has broken away and we’re hoping that that’s going to get bit as well. All of a sudden the flatline, left
flat is the hot spot, it went off again on us.

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