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Tropical Fish : Choosing a Tropical Fish Tank

Tropical Fish : Choosing a Tropical Fish Tank

Selecting a fish tank is probably the most
important aspect of this hobby. Hi, I’m Bruce with Aquatek and Tropical in Austin, Texas,
and today we’re going to discuss how to select a fish tank. You want a tank, of course, that’s
going to accommodate your chosen fish species through their whole life, but in general pick
a tank that is wider and long rather than skinny and tall. It will have a better surface
are for gas exchange and give more room for decorating. Tall and skinny tanks are really
only good for looking at. They offer an impressive panel to view through but they’re really only
useful for fish like Angel Fish that are dorsal ventrally flat and get large. If possible
get the biggest tank you can afford and manage to take care of. The greater the water volume
the more room for beginner mistakes like over-feeding, and not doing enough water changes. Dilution
is the solution for pollution is most true in closed systems like a home aquarium, and
that’s how to select a fish tank. Until next time, I’m Bruce with Aquatek in Austin, Texas.

20 comments on “Tropical Fish : Choosing a Tropical Fish Tank

  1. water change as in taking the fish out put it in a bucket dump the water out the tank clean it and put water in it and put the fish back?

  2. Water change as in leaving the fish in the tank, draining about 25% of the water in the aquarium with a syphon, and refilling with fresh water. Water changes are key to keeping an aquarium healthy.

  3. noooo! never that. syphon abdout a quarter from the bottom of the tank. leaving evrything where it is, a gravel vac is great fpr cleaning and syphoning at the same time.

  4. Finally, someone who knows what they're talking about. And for water changes, I usually change 10% twice a week – It's not as drastic as doing a 20-30% once a week.

  5. @kaleluk31 not if you do it right.. you have to rinse and scrub ANY decorum you put in the tank, especially wood or rock. you should also put it in the tank and let the system run (with filter) for at least 2 weeks (freshwater), so the amonia/nitrite/PH levels balance out

  6. im wanting some tropical fish and i found a 64 litre tank with a heater light and a filter for £110 is that a good price? to start off i might get some neon tetra's thanks

  7. @Gaby3898
    betta fish will be killed by almost every other kind of fish within hours besides another betta, espically a school of Danios or Tiger Barbs.

  8. I would figure someone who's never had a fish tank would start out with like a 10 gallon fresh water tank. Not a 50 gallon salt water tank.

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