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Tropical Fish Unboxing from Imperial Tropicals Aquarium Fish

Tropical Fish Unboxing from Imperial Tropicals Aquarium Fish

When you see this guy the Aquatic
Experience you know you’re at the Imperial Tropicals booth we’re gonna do
an unboxing but first let’s take a little ride in the wayback machine and
see what these guys had to say last year in Chicago and Aquatic Experience 2017
hey River Life we’re here at Imperial Tropical is a premier Florida fish farm
we’re at the Chicago Aquatic Experience 2017 great weekend a lot of fun a lot of
good things and people know it’s closing downtown and people are flocking in here
it’s crazy haven’t seen anything like it man what a great list of products you
got – it’s awesome you have so much selection in the back home it’s amazing
how many fish we have was so impressed with the Imperial Tropicals operation I
gave them special shout out in the video Imperial Tropicals and what I loved
about these guys is that they were so hobbyist friendly hobbies forward even
great people many of you I’m sure already have fish in their collection
from these guys check them out beautiful fish all the stock they have
pleco bright yellows it was a foot long it was amazing
the cichlids they had this gorgeous give them a shell tell them River life saying
it will build the community one connection at a time well let’s get into
this box I like checking out the box and making sure it wasn’t damaged during
shipping and then paying attention to how the livestock was packed and shipped
Imperial Tropicals has done an outstanding job packing these live fish
we get in here and we can see we’ve got some of the cellulose type insulation
which is basically shredded paper recycled very inexpensive very light to
ship so many benefits I can’t think of a better insulator inside of a packing box
it may get a little messy on the unpacking but it’s worth the cleanup for
all the benefits that it offers here we’ve got a heat pack still in good
shape we’ve got a piece of cardboard to lay the heat pack on so it doesn’t get
smothered by the insulation there’s still some access to air packing it on
the top that and we can reach in here and take out
the one double bag of fish – long thin chocolate plecos these are an N sister
smaadahl and they’re about an inch and a half long they came in in good shape
yeah we can see them moving around in the bag but it’s not a great view let’s
get these guys out of the bag and into a dip and pour for a better look gorgeous
I can’t wait to get these guys growing out and growing up there’s gonna have to
be follow-up videos on these fish look at this just amazing fantastic fish from
a fantastic vendor Imperial tropicals I’m giving them a thumbs up recommending
them if you guys are in the need for some catfish cichlids live bearers
anything you can think of invertebrates plants give Imperial tropicals a look I
know they’re running lots of holiday specials and they always seem to have a
sale on throughout the year so check them out I look forward to seeing these
guys again at next year’s aquatic experience if this is the content that
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get out there and See it. Love it. Live it!

26 comments on “Tropical Fish Unboxing from Imperial Tropicals Aquarium Fish

  1. New fish from great people in the fish hobby! Imperial Tropicals is the fish keepers friend 👍I appreciate you watching this video and if you think others might enjoy the content please share it on your social media. Here is a link to more Aquatic Experience adventures

  2. Good stuff brother, looking forward to seeing everyone at aquatic experience this year I'm working on arrangements to go this time.

  3. Stopping by to show some love and support. I have gotten some awesome fish from Imperial Tropicals. They ship fast, and have awesome customer service. Nice people to get home grown fish from.

  4. Nice looking plecos for sure great pick up!! I'm going to have to order from Imperial Tropicals, I've only ordered from 2 online stores so far & always on the lookout lol!!

  5. 🍻🍷🍷 🍕 Cheers Buddy I HAVE SUBSCRIBE BACK TO YOUR CHANNEL.. Thanks for Subscribing to my You+Tube Channel on 🍺 Beer🍷 Wine 🍸🍹 Spirit's as well as 🍿🍔🍕🥞🌭 the occasional food REVIEWS.. Cheers 🍻 🍷🍷 🍕

  6. I like those long fins. I don't have Plecos because I'm nervous they'll just hide and I won't be able to enjoy them. Let me know your experience with Plecos.

  7. These are really cool fish! I have never seen them before! Saw you on Pusa Studios live stream and here to show support!

  8. Sorry about all these messages, I’m catching up with videos Ive missed with no notification from you tube.
    Beautiful Plecos !
    I love all my Bristlenose & fancy plecos 💕

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