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14 comments on “Trout Fishing with Powerbait – Bottom Fishing – Trout fishing – Fishing with Adam

  1. Leave the bail open/leave the reel in free spool in the future, they will run with the bait and swallow it so you won't miss any bites. As long as you plan on keeping them it's fine. I have tried everything including circle hooks for trout fishing this way but they pretty much are gut hooked every time. Very nice job cleaning that fish

  2. Hi Adam, i have some questions? When you are fishing? Which season and which month? How deep is the lake? How long is your leader?  if you answer this questions, i can say you what you make wrong.

  3. just something to add here, u are removing the gills…these give excellent flavor to your fish when u cook/grill/bake it. If u slice the throat of the fish below the gills and put your finger into his swallowing pipe (don't know the English name) u can easily pull out all the intestines in 1 pull leaving the gills intact for cooking. Also i do NOT recommend gutting the fish while its alive, the muscles in the fish contract making it chewier. Kill it by hitting on his head 2-3 times with a priest to make sure its dead. Let it rest a minute till it stops moving completely. The muscle reaction gives the impression the fish is alive, but it isn't. It are just contractions. Once it stops moving u can go on to the gutting of the fish and enjoy its tender flesh. Just my 2 cents.. been fishing on trout for like 30 years now… Every little bit of knowledge helps making you a better fisherman.

  4. Try too use a smaller hook with less powerbait it helps for the trout to actually take them instead of just getting just a nibble, but you look like you have the right idea. Can you please do a video at Manila creek park pond in pleasant grove in Utah fish anywhere by far best place to fish for stocked trout, with corn yellow powerbait with bottom rig make sure it floats though with a foot leader it is great caught eighteen in an hour. So much fun!!!!

  5. No good all year when I caught the eighteen it's as last weekend. But I found that only corn yellow works but I was fishing at 6:00 to seven pretty good eating also fast action.

  6. Ok think I can join you on one of your videos it would be fun, I'm fourteen though but I have somebody's fishing at cove pond in herriman and the Jordan river.

  7. just off shortly to catch some trout here in Scotland. was just looking for pointers as I am usually a pike or perch fisherman. thanks for the video.

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