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Trout & Salmon Fishing Apostle Islands Lake Superior / BIG FISH

Trout & Salmon Fishing Apostle Islands Lake Superior / BIG FISH

– All right team, charge! ♪ Take me out on the water♪ – [Larry] We eat fishing. ♪ Way out in the woods ♪ Where the breathin’ is
easy the livin’ is good♪ – [Larry] All you
can do is just laugh. ♪ Out in the great outdoors♪ – [Voiceover] Larry
Smith Outdoors is brought to you in part by Warrior Boats, The
Badger Sportsman, Big Snow Resorts,
Wilderness North Lodge, Jiffy, Hard and Soft
Fishing, Bartlein Barrels, Cold Snap, Deep Freeze, Otter, Kmiec Law Firm,
Lynch of Mukwonago, and Wings Over Wisconsin, and remember, it’s a
great day to be alive. ♪ Out in the great outdoors♪ – Holy Moly. (rhythmic Latin percussion) Can’t believe that you
actually brought me some stuff back from
the Shotgun Chef. Li’l bear meat this mornin’. It’s cold, but you know
a guy did a decent job in cookin’ something when
you’re eatin’ cold bear meat. I sure hope these guys
don’t go too much farther. I might run out of fuel. (shuffling and rhythmic
instrumental rock) – [Tommy] Larry, what
the hell are ya doin’? – Hey, the last time I came
up here fishin’ with ya Tommy, I only brought back two
splake and a whitefish, and my wife ate ’em
and she loved ’em and she said, “Don’t come home “unless you fill all
three of these coolers.” Is that gonna be a problem? – Well, you got here
a little before 10. – What are ya talkin’ about? C’mon, let’s get these
coolers loaded up. Just throw ’em in
here, let’s go! Hey, welcome to
Larry Smith Outdoors. This week, we are
up fishin’ up here on Lake Superior on
the Apostle Islands, and hey, we’re fishin’
with our good friend Tom and his son Tommy
Hicks, which you know, we’re gonna leave
Tommy up front here, you know, it’s a lot
quieter back here when he’s up there. – [Tommy] Oh, here it comes. – Oh my gosh, oh ho ho. Well, I guess we’re fishing
with Tom and Tommy Hicks today. You know what, hey you guys, I’ve never fished up
here, it’s absolutely probably the prettiest
part of the state up here. Great area, tell us what
we’re gonna be doin’ today out here on Lake Superior. – We’re goin’ out on a
Little Sand Bay today. It’s early, we’re gonna
be fishin’ York Island, either the main troll
line or we’ll pick on one of the nearest islands,
the water’s cold. We’ll be lookin’ at
browns, lake, gold salmon. – [Larry] A variety, huh? – Lake trout here and there. – You know, normally,
I don’t believe in keepin’ a lot of
fish, but you know, as you can see, I did
bring a few coolers. And you know what, I can’t
believe he made Travis carry two of my coolers
back to the truck. I mean, is that
lack of confidence or you’re just sayin’
I don’t deserve to catch all them fish? – We don’t need to
take home that many. – OK, I believe ya then. OK, I made the mistake
last time I was up here. Again, we were ice
fishin’, we caught a– – You let everybody
take ’em home. – Yeah, and I’m like, I usually don’t eat
that stuff anyways, and I brought home three fish. I had two splake and a whitefish and I cooked ’em for my wife, and I just couldn’t
believe the difference how these fish taste up here
outta this body of water. Absolutely awesome, it’s
well worth the drive to come up here just
for the scenic value, but also to spend
time with your dad. I mean, it’s OK once in a
while with you, but you know. Hey, stay tuned, let’s
see what happens today on Larry Smith Outdoors up here on the Apostle Islands
on Lake Superior. Whattaya think Tommy and Tom? – Let’s go get ’em.
– [Larry] All right. – [Tom] We’re gonna get ’em. – Hey, next time let’s start
a little bit earlier, OK? – [Tommy] Unbelievable,
if you quit hittin’ deer. – [Larry] Right, they hit me. – [Voiceover] The
Warrior story continues with the best tracking,
driest ride in the industry. Designed with a high
degree of dead rise and bow flare to push
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magazine published in Oshkosh and written by
Wisconsin sportsmen for Wisconsin sportsmen. Get the most out of your time in the woods or on the water. Subscribe to Badger
Sportsman Magazine today. – Hey folks, the Badger
Sportsman Magazine wants to see a picture
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and to have a chance to win a trip with us here
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submit that picture to the (camera shutter clicking) – [Voiceover] Kalin’s
has been catching multi-species fish
for over 30 years. From our crappie grubs to our Sizmic Series of
hybrid swim baits and grubs, to our jerk minnows. – You can’t see that
jerk minnow, can ya? – Oh, he ate it– – [Voiceover] To
our garlic and salt impregnated Wac-O-Worms. – That’s a Kalin’s Wac-O. – Our premium line
of Kalin jig heads. Oh, and our original
Kalin’s grub still does a pretty
good job, too. – Look at that Kalin’s
in her mouth right there. (tinny electronic music) I got a feeling it’s gonna be one of them days
today, in a good way. – [Tommy] Homemade
planer boards. – [Larry] I like that. (rhythmic but
tinny electro rock) Hey Tom.
– [Tom] All right. – [Larry] Go, no,
no, it’s all yours. First one, I’m not
gonna get yelled at for messin’ it up. That didn’t even
take us 10 minutes. What’d we get up so early for? Oh, them are horrible eating. You guys don’t want
nothing to do with them. All right.
– [Tommy] We’ll take that. – [Tommy] Break the ice. – And I’ll tell ya
somethin’, like I said, when we were up here, I’ve
never had slake before. You told me these
things are good eating, I was like, “Yeah, I hear that
all the time from everybody.” Absolutely delicious,
gotta love it. Hey, and I said, good thing I told you
six foot down on that. ‘Cause Travis said eight, right? – I think your
comment was, “Really?” – What you got, oh OK. Oh, I thought you had one! – [Travis] No, no. – Feelin it’s a good thing I
brought the cooler, too, right? – Layin’ right here. – Want it Larry? – [Larry] No, heck no, go! No, nothin’ real
big, but it’s a fish. – [Tommy] Big one? You need a big brother. But you did want a
couple fish to eat. – [Larry] Yes I did, that
looks like a good one. – Definitely a good
size to wanna eat. – [Larry] Now, what’s
that on, a Rapala? – [Tommy] Yep, that’s
the orange Scatter Rap. That’s gonna probably be
our hottest bait today. – Hey, is it true that
the History Channel is doin’ a piece on you, why everybody wants to
be Tommy Hicks, right? That fish you better hold
out a little bit more. Right, there ya go.
(Tommy laughs) Here, step back a little bit. Here, you’re good,
step back, all right. We gotta get ’em bigger’n that. – We’ll get ’em bigger,
this is just a tease. That’s dinner. – You know, it’s funny
because he told me the other day, he made in
an hour and 15 minutes. It wasn’t an hour
and 16 minutes, an hour and 15 minutes, he made a pass and he
caught 11 on one pass. Now, I just heard Travis
talkin’ that the other day they were out for
two and a half hours and they got nine, so that’s
kind of a mixed story, but he is a fishing
guide, right? Tommy, whattaya got there? – [Tommy] Oh, this one’s brown. – [Larry] That
was on that dipsy. On the dipsy, huh?
– [Tommy] Yeah, on the dipsy. – [Larry] Now, with
all these rods out, why did that fish
hit that dipsy? Tell me that one. As a professional
charter boat captain, why did he- – [Voiceover] He was
followin’ the outrigger line. – See, that’s what it was, yep. – They like that prop launch. They’re only, look how far,
I haven’t reeled in anything, that’s how far we
have line goin’. 20 feet, 15 feet. – Very nice fish,
Tommy, nice job. – [Tommy] Put it
right in neutral. It’s that side, Travis.
– [Travis] I see that. – [Larry] He likes whatever
side Travis isn’t on. – [Travis] Pick it
straight up, got him. – Nice job, woo,
gotta love that. Nice fish, I’ll tell ya
that, gotta love that. – Nothin’ wrong with that one. – Hey, after that
battle, you’ll probably be up front there
for about a half hour takin’ a little
siesta, huh, right? – I should drive awhile. – You’re not as young
as you usedta be. Right, that’s a good idea, yeah. Come right back
around on that spot that I told ya to go onto. (both laughing) I’ve never been here
before and I said, I betcha that spot right there. – That’s a native
fish, a nice brown– – How can you tell
that’s a native? – This adipose fin right here.
– [Larry] OK. – [Larry] ‘Cause otherwise,
they would be flipped, huh? – [Tommy] Yeah, it’d
all just be smooth. – That, beautiful fish. Perfect right there. – Beautiful, I think
we’ll let that one go. – Let ‘er go. – Heh, I told ya it was
gonna be that rod, too. I said that. – [Tommy] Right where
you told me to go. – Right, exactly, it’s amazing how much I think I know, right? It’s actually kind of scary. – It’s warmin’ up a little bit, and the fish are turnin’ on. – I like it, you
know, and I told ya, we didn’t have to leave at
3 o’clock in the morning. We coulda left at 3:30. Nice fish, buddy. This is awesome. – [Tommy] Steelhead. – [Larry] Oh, steelhead,
I want that one. Oh, yeah.
– [Voiceover] Nice job. – [Tommy] That’s a goody – Hey, Tommy, that
is a great fish. That is one of my
favorite eating fish, steels, right there.
– [Tommy] Look at that. – [Larry] Steelhead,
you know something? Guess what, Tom.
– [Tommy] Whaddya think? – [Larry] I gotta
place for this one. I can tell you one thing, if that fish was
long enough Tommy, my old buddy Shotgun Schafer’s gotta lotta recipes for that. – [Tommy] Does he like them? – Oh, he loves ’em. – Pretty fish, eh? – That is a nice fish, so far, brown trout, splake,
and now a steelhead. This is amazing. – We should get a laker, we have some nice
lakers in here, too. – All right, Larry,
get that one. – [Tommy] Larry, trade ya. – Thank you, holy
man, I’ll tell ya. I just lost two in a row, I don’t want it to be three. I wanted someone else
to take the turn. – [Tommy] Oh, that
one’s pullin’. – Yeah, this is a good fish. Hey Tommy, you know when
you’re walleye fishin’, I never pump the
rod to bring ’em in. Now, with these salmon
and these trout, can you pump it? – You gotta ’cause we leave
them drag pretty loose. When they come to the boat
and they’re headshakin’ and splashin’, you gotta
be able to let ’em run. – Right, what if I
tighten up there? – You can tighten
it a little bit. I always,
– [Larry] I’m kiddin’ ya. – [Tommy] You know,
clients, some of ’em, you don’t want ’em to get
crankin’ on it so much. – Now, what are you
thinkin’ this is, a brown trout?
– [Tommy] Yeah. – [Larry] This is an awesome– – There’s a big pod of
’em along that point. – Awesome, awesome fishery. ‘Nother one, yeah baby! – [Voiceover] Doubling. – [Larry] C’mon, we gotta
make Tommy do some work. Got ‘im?
– [Tommy] Got him. – [Larry] Nice job, you weren’t
BS’in about the doubles, I can tell ya that. – [Tommy] Time to get
swiveling in on this. – [Larry] Right, I believe ya. – [Tommy] Beautiful fish.
– [Larry] Nice. – [Larry] Nice fish. – [Tommy] They’re likin’
that Scatter Rap today. – [Larry] The scatter
rap is the bait, huh? – [Tommy] That’s the one. – You know, I’ll tell ya, ya gotta love this
fishin’ up here, you guys. I mean you guys, I
don’t think you know how good you got it. We haven’t even seen
a boat yet out here, and you say it’s like
this all the time up here. – Yeah, it’s very rare, you see a couple boats here
and there, but not often– – Yeah, that’s amazing. When you get the
opportunity to look at all these beautiful
islands and catch all these beautiful fish. – They’re big in here, too,
this one’s a lake trout. – That is absolutely awesome. Hey, let’s keep
‘er rollin’, huh? – I think we’re
gonna get a few more. (Larry laughs) (pleasant and calm piano) (swaying orchestral music) – Patrick, what are
you doin’ out here? – Mark, I’m going
fishing this weekend, but with this massive
selection of trucks, I can’t figure out
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near-legendary reputation for unmatched toughness
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stopping at good enough is way overrated. This ice season,
see for yourself how the best just
keep getting better. (pleasant acoustic guitar) – When fishin’s slow,
all you gotta do is send your camera
guy, the caveman, back into the cave cab. Hey, I’ll tell ya Tommy, this is unbelievable fishing. – [Tommy] This is
fast action now. – This is awesome. – We got a little nervous
on the first pass, but then they turned on. – I told ya that,
as soon as I cracked that Sun Drop open,
that’s all it took. This is awesome. – [Tommy] We gotta
double, Dad’s got one on. – [Larry] Tom, whatta you got? – I’m not sure, but
it’s a fish for sure. – Wow, this is awesome,
what a great place, Tommy, I’ll tell ya. This boat, this vessel you have here is unbelievable. It feels like a
decent fish, Tom. – [Tommy] Big brown.
– [Larry] It’s a brown, ooh! – [Larry] That is a nice brown. Ooh, that’s a beauty. – [Tommy] Stay in
neutral, Jeff, neutral. – [Larry] Oh, cats.
– [Tommy] Haul ’em, yep. – [Larry] Hey Tommy,
reach out a li’l farther. – [Tommy] Got ‘im!
– [Larry] Whoa-oh! – [Larry] Busted the line.
– [Tommy] Did I really? – [Larry] Yeah, you
hit it with the net. Popped the line, nice job. – [Tommy] This is a
nine-pounder here. – [Larry] Another one? Hey, look at, I got another one! That is a dandy, holy cats! Hey Tommy, if I
can’t hold him up, I got a rod in my hand. Look at that fish. – Look at that football. What a beauty. – [Larry] That is
absolutely a dandy. – Look how wide that fish is. – [Larry] Holy cats.
– [Tommy] It’s a beauty. – [Larry] Ya gotta love
it, I can’t get over– – I’m gonna let this
one go right away. – [Larry] Yep, let that one go. – [Tommy] There he goes. – Gotta love that, buddy. Hey, normally I
don’t like trolling, but this kinda trollin’,
this is awesome. Oh, I shook that bait off. Got ‘im, Tommy, nice job. That is absolutely
awesome, look at that. Wanna talk about a ball? Come up to Ashland, come
out with the Hicks’, Tommy and Tom, and have
a great time catchin’. Jeff, you’re kinda reminding us of our buddy Brad
over at Deep Freeze. Always hiding in the shelter. You were up in that cab up
there listening to the tunes. – I feel more comfortable
behind the camera than in front of it. – Right, nope, everybody
gets their turn with us. – Beautiful.
– [Larry] Come on, Tommy. – [Larry] Let’s go here. – This one’s comin’ in– – [Jeff] How’s it
feel, pretty good? – [Larry] Hey Jeff, I’ve
always wondered about guys that wear sunglasses
when there’s no sun. Right, right, I mean what’s
d’ya think the deal is? – I’m afraid to take ’em off, they’re prescription.
– [Larry] I’m a superstar. – [Larry] C’mon
Tommy, whatta you got. Whatta we got, Jeff?
– [Tommy] Little brown. – [Larry] Little
browns are nice. Is that another good
eater, right there? – [Tommy] That is, yeah,
that’s perfect size. Good eater, not
like the last two, but you gotta have a mix. – Yeah, I know, it’s kinda nice. Hey, you know Tom, and I
was askin’ your dad this, and he was sayin’ a
lot of this has to do, I know the first pass
and we’re goin’ this way. Now, this is the second
time we’re goin’ this way, and we’ve only
caught a couple fish. Now, we’re going
back the other way, we had the doubles
going on constantly. What’s the deal with that? – There’s a current
wrapping around this island. – OK. – So right now, I would
imagine we’re goin’ into it. I like goin’ with the current, and I’m guessing
that’s what we’ve had, a northeast wind pretty
heavy the last two days. I’m thinkin’ it’s rippin’
around this point of the island. They’re definitely
likin’ it goin’ that way. So, we’ll just, you
could change the speed, slow it down when
you’re goin’ into it. You can’t pick
this monstrosity up and run up the current,
it’s not gonna work. So, we troll both
ways, but definitely, you’ll see your
numbers most days are gonna be one
direction or the other. – OK, because of the currents coming around these islands. – And you can have Fish
Hawks or somethin’ like that, where really, I’ve
done this long enough, I can just tell by when
the boards are flowin’, or how the waves are
comin’ up the downriggers, you know, the angle and, about that three miles an hour is what they want
in this cold water. – Sounds good. Nice short ones. Nice job, I’ll
tell ya, all right. – Aw, I didn’t miss ’em. – It was like the third
attempt on the net. – You wanna eat this one? – Yep, I certainly do. You know, you’re not
a married guy yet, but I’m just gonna
tell ya somethin’, there’s an old saying
that is as true as any saying has ever true. A happy wife is a happy life, and she said, “Bring
home the fish.” – I know what’s
really happening. – [Larry] What’s that. – You’re trying
to deplete my herd so I can’t even do this anymore. – Well, that might be
something like that (chuckles). I think, you know, yeah. I see by all the pressure
out here with all these boats that wow, yeah, there’s
a lot of pressure on these fish out here. (relaxed acoustic rock music) – You know what you gotta do
when the fish aren’t biting? – [Voiceover] What,
snort over the air? – Sometimes you just
gotta phone a friend. – [Voiceover] That’s
what you did, huh? – I just don’t have any service. I got the spot. We’re outta here. Larry should be ready. – Hey, you know what,
it’s gettin’ to be that time and I’ll
tell ya somethin’. I wonder what our old
buddy Shotgun Schafer’s got cookin’ for us this week? – Thank ya, Larry. Today in the kitchen, I
am Shotgun Steve Schafer. Once again, my
friend dropped off some Lake Michigan salmon. What do I do with it? I get phone calls all
the time, “Shotgun, “what do I do with this,
what do I do with that?” So today we are making
Lake Michigan salmon with capers on it. Salt ’em. This is sea salt. Adds a little flavor,
granulated garlic. You don’t have to put
garlic on if you don’t want, but I like garlic on my food. Little bit of fresh
ground pepper. These are capers. Make sure you spread a
little juice on there too. That’s where a lot
of flavors are. A buddy of mine makes wine. This is a real sweet white wine. Take and put your thumb
over the end of it, and just drizzle a little
over the top of your fish. Also, when it’s in the oven, it adds for like a little steam for a basting on the fish, too. All right, let’s put
this in the oven. I have my bearnaise sauce
started on the stove, I’m gonna finish that up while this fish is being
cooked in the oven. And let’s see how this
finished product goes, let’s throw this in the oven. Oven set at 350 degrees, my
capers on top the salmon. We’re putting it in
the oven, top shelf, like I say, it’s gonna be about eight to 10
minutes in there. You’ll see the color
change on the salmon, then you’re done. I already started
my bearnaise sauce, or however you say,
beer-neece sauce. This is something you
really gotta watch. Constantly, constantly stir
it up as it’s heatin up. You don’t want to lose it
because of the butter in there. Once again, all this
is on the website. It’ll tell you exactly
how to make it. I just go, follow the
directions on the package. I could make it the other way, but it’s so much faster. I’m huge on getting
in the kitchen, coming home from work, and making something
in 10, 15 minutes so everybody can eat. Fish is out of the
oven, check it out. If you guys could only
smell this right now. Put the caper on the
plate, ooh this is hot. Lemme set this aside real fast. Grab your bearnaise sauce,
I’m probably saying it wrong, but that’s the way
I’ve always said it. Ladle a little of
that across the top, look how beautiful that looks. And a good side for
this is baked potato, and folks, if you
haven’t tried this, the sour cream and
onion and chive in it. Oh, it’s outta this world. The wife just bought
it a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been eatin’ it steady. All right, lemme try
this, lemme get a fork. Oh my gah, that’s
probably the best piece of fish I
had in a long time. Larry, seriously,
you gotta come over and try this one time. – [Voiceover] With ice fishing
just around the corner, it’s time to gear up. Check out the new Pro
Skimmer by Deep Freeze, offered in six-inch,
eight-inch, and 10-inch models. The fastest ice
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your smartphone. Free app available
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offering pro shop service, hotel, chalet, and
trailside condo lodging, six dining
facilities, four bars, and with weekly special events, exceptional fun for everyone. For details, please call or visit today. (dramatic and rhythmic
orchestral music) (relaxed rock music) – [Larry] Oh, is he’s
swearin’ on our show? Are you swearin’ on our show? Is he swearin’ at you?
– [Travis] He did. – [Larry] He can’t swear at you. – [Travis] I can’t
touch the drag. – Just because you’re
the mate, right? He’s really picky on
what he, stuff, isn’t he? We just got set
back up a new spot. You got yelled at on
the first fish, right? Holy moly. – [Travis] You’re
in a good story. – Right here, yeah I know it. Interrupting the story. – [Tommy] What did I say
about the thumb over the drag? – He did, so make sure
if you fish with Tommy, don’t put your
thumb over the drag. – [Travis] No, a lake trout. – [Tommy] I thought
it was a lake trout. – [Travis] Legal one, a keeper. – [Larry] Nice job, arright. Woo, gotta love it. What’s the size on lake
trout out here, Tommy? – This year, there’s
an emergency rule, so there’s a slot that
they’re doin’ on ’em. That’s two fish,
20 to 25-inches. This one’ll be right in there. – Nice little laker right there. – [Tommy] Nice job, Trav. – [Larry] Gotta like
that, even though you got yelled at,
Travis, that was still, you did an awesome
job, I thought. (muffled screaming and pounding) – [Voiceover] Got one, Tom? – Yep, got one on. – [Voiceover] Oh, now
you wanna come out. – Tell ya,oh that’s
who has hooked. It is a laker, see, your dad was right
the first time. Why would you ever
doubt your dad? Nice job, arright. (pleasant acoustic rock) ‘Nother great fish
here up in Ashland. Fishin’ Lake Superior. Am I gettin’ slime
on your camera, Dan? (pleasant acoustic rock) You know, we had another
absolutely fantastic time with you, Tommy
and everybody else. You know, these are
very interesting days for me to come up here, because before, I’ve lived
in Wisconsin all my life, and I’ve never fished
up here in Ashland. Now that I have, this
is the third time we’ve been up here and
been very successful, and I’ll tell ya,
I appreciate it. You know, if people
wanna get ahold of you, what do they do to
get ahold of you as far as wanting to
guide up on this beautiful body of water in
this battleship here? I’ll tell you that. – Well, you can always
go to the website, Follow us on Facebook, Beyond the Catch Guide Service, that or give me a call at 715-292-4342. – Awesome, you know somethin’, you said I’m the
star of the show, but I lost seven fish today. I did lose seven today,
but you know what, Tommy? It was still a great
day to be alive, and thanks everybody
for watchin’ our show. – Is this a new coat? (laughs) Got a
little blood on it. – Oh, I thought I
had the tag on it. Usually, I leave
the tag on there, because when it gets
dirty, I take it back. – [Larry] Captain, could I
eat a piece of that bread? – I can’t believe you got
banana stuff on the boat. – It’s not bananas
though, it’s bread. It’s bread. – I actually do like bananas, but I won’t even eat ’em
during fishing season. – Only with Tommy Hicks do
you get special services. (pleasant resonating guitar)

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