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Try Not To Eat Challenge – Nickelodeon Food | People Vs. Food

Try Not To Eat Challenge – Nickelodeon Food | People Vs. Food

– Am I gonna try
Krabby Patties today? – Oh my God, the pickles! – ♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) We’re gonna show you
scenes from Nickelodeon shows and we’ll present you
with delicious food from the shows recreated
by a professional chef. – I love Nickelodeon shows. – Are there gonna be
spaghetti tacos because I have always wanted–
– Is that your obsession? – I’ve always wanted to try
spaghetti tacos. – (FBE) I’m sure you guys
are onto us. This is a try not to eat challenge,
so whoever can get through these four dishes and not
eat anything wins, but if you do try something,
there will be a punishment per food you ate at the end.
– Okay. – Okay, compromise.
How about I eat all of them and then you can win.
– You’re gonna take every punishment
and I will just watch you enjoy the food?
– Yeah. – (kids) Wow.
– (Tommy) Reptar? – Rugrats. – I love the Rugrats.
– Oh, Angelica! – Reptar.
– Oh my gosh. – (Angelica) Chocolate
and nuts and caramel and green stuff and, and…
– Green stuff? – (Angelica) And swirled
and stirred and rippled and beaten and sweetened.
– This is the most ’90s candy commercial I’ve ever seen. – Must be a good
piece of chocolate. – I always wanted one of those
when I was little. – (Angelica) Reptar Bar,
Reptar Bar, the candy bar supreme.
The candy bar that turns your tongue green.
– What? Turns your tongue green?
– Whoa. – (Angelica) And I get one
and you don’t. – “And you don’t.”
Nice stan, Angelica. – (FBE) As Angelica says,
a Reptar Bar is chocolate and nuts and caramel
and green stuff and it’s swirled and stirred
and rippled and beaten and sweetened and sweetened
until you can’t stop eating. In other words,
it’s very good. – That is a fantastic description.
I’m almost sold. – I’m gonna bite its head off.
Don’t look at me. – Is it worth it?
– Oh, that’s all chocolate, baby. That’s totally worth it.
– Nope, I’m gonna sit it out. – Go for it.
– What, you don’t wanna try it? – Okay.
– Yeah, yay. – Oh man.
– It’s super sticky. – Oh.
Well she was not wrong in that cartoon. – Doesn’t this kinda look
like Play-Doh? – The chocolate looks really good,
though. I think I’m gonna pass.
– I think I’m gonna pass, too. – I’m not that tempted because–
– I’m not that tempted either. – I’ve just not been eating
that much candy lately. – Are you gonna do it?
– No. – Yeah, I don’t think I’m
gonna do it either. – I love Angelica,
but I don’t trust that ho just because I feel like
she’s the type of girl that will babble on about
what’s supposed to go down and then you need to do
the complete opposite. – iCarly.
– iCarly. – I forgot that this was–
– It’s gonna be spaghetti tacos. There we go. – Spaghetti tacos!
Oh my gosh! – You read the freaking room. – (Sam) All you need to make
spaghetti tacos are some taco shells.
– (Carly) Some spaghetti noodles. – Noodles.
– Noodles, noodles, noodles. – (Sam) Our secret sauce.
– Secret sauce? That’s tomato sauce. – You guys brought in
a professional chef to make this? – (Carly) Where are the meatballs?
– Jennette McCurdy was my favorite. – She was the best.
– She was the best one on the show. – It’s never sounded good though.
– Yeah, I don’t know. – (FBE) The cast of iCarly
ended up being surprised by how much they loved
this concoction. They had to make it
when craft service had spaghetti and taco shells.
I tried it and I was honestly not mad at it.
– It smells so good. – This looks bomb. – I’m gonna go for it
for funsies. You’re not gonna join me
on this childhood adventure? – We’ll see.
You also could have just made it yourself.
– I’m lazy. – That’s fair.
– I could totally eat this whole thing.
– By yourself? That feels rude. That’s just a taco.
– But an Italian taco. – You should try it with me.
– See, she’s doing the thing when you’re making
a bad decision so you try to get someone else.
– Look, it’s even warm. – I’m gonna see if I can hold out.
You go first. – Okay.
If you say so. – Is it everything you hoped for?
– Mm-hm. – I think I’m good.
– I’m hungry and it’s so tempting,
but I’m feeling so competitive right now.
I need to beat Jaxon. – I think I’m gonna pass
on this one because I’ve made it before.
– Looks extremely appetizing, but I’d want it piping hot
and straight out of the pasta tub. – I may not try this one,
’cause I feel like I know exactly what both things
taste like. I feel like everyone in
the Latin American community’s gonna be really angry at this.
– I’m sorry, Mom. – (Shifu) Now Po,
your next task– – Kung Fu Panda. – (Shifu) Retrieve the dumplings
at the top the bamboo. – Oh, oh.
– Dumplings! – (Po) The awesomeness
of my shimmying thighs. – This part still gets me. – (Shifu) Po.
– (Po) Oh, right. – Oh my God, so adorable.
– Stop getting the dumplings. – How come dumplings here
were always so much more appealing than dumplings
in real life? I love dumplings,
don’t get me wrong, but animated dumplings. – (Shifu) I love dumplings.
– Ah, I’m so screwed. – I love any Asian food
so yeah, bring it on. – (FBE) Inspired by Nickelodeon’s
Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness,
these delicous dumplings will get any warrior ready
for battle. They are so warm, savory,
and comforting. – May I?
– (FBE) Yes. – Oh my gosh.
– ♪ (chanting) ♪ And there’s steam! – I can’t let you be alone
in this one. It’s too good.
– I have to do it. Oh my gosh, cheers.
– Cheers. Dumpling cheers.
– Yours is about to fall. – Worth it.
– Mm-hm. I’m just hungry.
– Dumplings get me every time. – Just going all in.
Here we go. You ready for this? – So good.
– I’m feeling ready for battle. – Oh my God,
it smells so good. – What’s in it?
– I’m trying to guess. I think it’s pork.
Yeah, it’s so good. This one’s worth it.
– I think I’m good. – You know what?
I’ll take one for the team and for you, Po.
I’m gonna try this. I can see why Po likes them.
– I usually go to Dim Sum a lot, so I think I can hold off. – I have to hedge my bets,
’cause I can’t eat all four, so I have to assume that
the next one is gonna be better than this one.
– Exactly. And this is something
I can pass on because I can make these
at home. – Am I gonna try
Krabby Patties today? – No.
– You’re kidding me. – This is amazing.
I remember this song, every second of it. – ♪ Living in the sunlight
loving in the moonlight ♪ – (singing along) ♪ Having
a wonderful time ♪ – I love this music.
♪ Dah dah dah ♪ SpongeBob was my [bleep]. – This episode was iconic. – Ours better have
a smiley face in it. – Oh. – It’s just amazing.
I just wanted to go here. It was like the best In-N-Out
you could possibly imagine. – Okay, but how are you gonna
make it a Krabby Patty? If you’re telling me it’s
made out of fish or something, not with it. – (FBE) Here is the legendary
Krabby Patty, our most requested dish
from our subscribers. It is everything you would
want from a burger. Our chef even got
the secret formula from Mr. Krabs himself.
– Oh my gosh. – How would you not
try this burger? – It smells like a very
well cooked burger. – Oh yeah, that does smell good. So, SpongeBob.
I’m not mad at you, either. – Hold on.
– Oh my God, the pickles! I don’t even like pickles,
but I feel like it’s so classic to have the three pickles.
All right. – All right.
– Cheers. – To Krabby Patties.
Ya-gah-gah-gah. I thought it’d be wetter.
– Just a soggy burger? – Oh, it smells so good.
– It does smell good and I haven’t had lunch.
One, two, three. I think this is a ten.
– This is so freaking good. My childhood fantasy
has been lived. – Screw it.
I’m okay with losing this one. – Oh wow, wow.
He is really getting into that. – Worth it.
– I think I’m not gonna do it. I had spaghetti tacos
and he didn’t. – All right.
So we’re even. – I’m not gonna eat it.
– I’m kinda on the same page with Jaxon. – (FBE) Now it would be time
for the winning dish, but you guys both lost,
so you can not try it, but we’re still gonna show
it to you anyway. – What do you mean?
– Now I’m really sad. – (FBE) So Jaxon, you won.
You made it through this without eating,
so you get this dish all to yourself.
– Nice. – What? – (Mr. Krabs) I’m not impressed.
– (Spongebob) I made it with leftover ingredients.
– (Mr. Krabs) Now I’m impressed. – What is this?
– It’s another SpongeBob one. – I feel like it’s some slop.
– Health dog, if I remember. – (Squidward) I need to breathe in
and not smell grease. – Disagree. – Me.
– (Squidward) My miserably failed life.
– Me. – Stop. – (SpongeBob) And then I
just cook it like this. – What is this?
– (Mr. Krabs) Go on. – What?
The Krabby– The Krabby dog or something
like that? – (FBE) So, here is
the Crusty Dog, which was so popular,
Mr. Krabs almost stopped selling Krabby Patties.
It is quite delicious. – Oh my goodness.
– That is a lot of meat. – What do you think, Jaxon?
It’s all yours. – The bun is nice and fluffy.
Nice squish to the dog. – Gotta tell us what it tastes like.
– Hot, hot. – Hot.
Ooh, it’s steaming. – Tastes pretty good,
especially for a hot dog hamburger. – (FBE) Now as you know,
that is not the only punishment. Inspired by the Loud House,
here is a sauerkraut and peanut butter sandwich.
You must eat one bite for every food you ate.
– Really? – You’re not even gonna
cut the crusts off? Oh, it’s wet.
– Ew, ew, ew. – That’s gross.
– I need to swallow it before I taste it. – I didn’t swallow yet.
I can’t. – I’m not even chewing it.
– Okay. – Okay, I’m done, I’m done.
That was definitely worth it. I think I’m so happy
I tried some spaghetti tacos. – I’m glad I tried
the Krabby Patty. I don’t know how I’m gonna
get this taste out of my mouth. – Oh my God. – It’s not that bad.
– Not that bad? It’s disgusting. – [Bleep].
– Ah, my tongue touched it and I hated it!
I hated it. – Okay, whoo.
That is like nothing I’ve ever tasted before,
in a very bad way. – This might be worse
than bugs. This is a real food
people eat? – It was fun up until
this moment. – This is such dream fulfillment
mixed with nostalgia. It’s incredible.
– Yes. Just one crappy punishment,
but it’s fine. – I might throw up.
This smells horrid. Okay.
Chew, okay. Yeah, they don’t go–
peanut butter and sauerkraut, they don’t go together.
– Never had sauerkraut and I guess I never will. – Thanks for watching
Try Not to Eat Nickelodeon Food on the React Channel. – Subscribe for new shows
every week. – If you’re a big Nickelodeon fan,
then hit that Like button. – What kind of food should
we try next time? Let us know in the comments. – Bye. – Hey I’m Katie,
a React Channel producer. Thank you so much
for watching this Nickelodeon themed Try Not to Eat.
Be sure to follow us on Twitter @FBE
and come hang out with us and tell us what you thought
of the show. Bye.

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  2. "i bever had sauerkraut and i quess i never will" that face he made before he eats his crabbydog…priceless

  3. Honestly the Krusty Dog looked the least appetizing. Like, the losing dish doesn't look good either, but I legitimately would've been super disappointed with the prize because I'm generally not a fan of hot dogs. Would totally munch that Krabby Patty though.

  4. Imagine going to Olive Garden and you see on the menu that they have spaghetti tacos and the crust is like garlic bread or something

  5. Honestly I would've been like Jaxon. I wouldn't want to try the rugrats, I already have had spaghetti tacos, I have already had dumplings, and I wouldn't try the krabby patty (though it would've been tempting).

  6. It is a really great channel, but I do not understand what they say unfortunately because I do not understand and I hope that translated into Arabic

  7. If I was the "winner" of the challenge, I would have been disappointed since I hate hot dogs especially since I always wanted to eat krappy patty and the dumplings look so good.

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