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Trying 40 Of The Most Popular Dishes From The Cheesecake Factory Menu | Delish

Trying 40 Of The Most Popular Dishes From The Cheesecake Factory Menu | Delish

– I’m at The Cheesecake Factory. It’s their 40th birthday. (noisemaker blowing) – And I’m trying 40 of
their most insane dishes. (funky pop music) Let’s see how it goes. I decided to put out a little poll to my friends on Instagram to see if they think
that I could do it today. These six people who told me I can’t do it are all my most loved and
cherished people in my life. Says a lot. Little do they know, I used to do food eating
competitions in college, and I got first place in all of them. I’ve got one shot. Two forks. (bell dings) Whoa. I’m gonna have to move
this plate, I feel like. Okay. Alright. Okay, where do I start? Oh, just layers of cheese and love. It’s beautiful. This is an entire piece of chicken that has been made into
the shape of a pizza. Like you would have no idea
that this is a chicken parm. Holy cheese. Let me get one with the jalapeno. Very important. Yep, got all the colors going on here. Looks really, really fresh. – Mama’s here. Try not to mess up your makeup. I’m just gonna stick my hand on. Okay. I’m thinking these are tots. I’m gonna go in with the spicy one. Okay, it’s more than a tot. There’s like cheese and bacon. Finally, a vegetable. Something so healthy, you know? So, health, health, right? Mmm. (fast forward squeaking) – [Server] This is our Chicken Riesling. – Can I have a Riesling, like a Riesling? You can’t have Chicken
Riesling without the Riesling. Also, it’s like kind of 11
a.m., but it doesn’t matter. We’re gonna start with this
ridiculous looking burger that has bacon, and then
we have more meat on here. (fast forward squeaking) This feels really heavy in my hand. Okay, I need one more bite, sorry, guys. Like, I imagine if I was
really, really drunk, not that I’m drunk ever, but if I was, this would be something I would order. It’s time for the Riesling. I think it’s fair to say, at this point, we should take a look at my napkin. May I have a new napkin? (bell dings) Napkin two. I think you’re supposed to
like taste the Riesling, and then go in with the chicken. It’s like this whole
like wine tasting thing. You have to drink the
wine, then the chicken. We’re going to the SkinnyLicious part of the menu right here. Maybe I should try the skinny menu more. (sighs) One moment, it’s a stretch break time. (jazzy music) The trick is to stretch the stomach. I was born ready. Hey, sweet thang. Oh, they’re super, like, soft. Oh, it’s super sweet. This is really pretty, like this is really,
really (bleep) classy. Okay, so this is a Vegan Cobb Salad. The nine other meals I already
ate don’t count anymore, because I just ate like a vegan salad. (fast forward squeaking) It’s all just so beautiful. This little burger here,
it’s its 40th birthday, just like The Cheesecake Factory. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday ♪ We’ve got some Crispy Chicken here. It reminds me of the Chicken Parm Pizza we had a little bit earlier. Mmm. I’m feeling pretty optimistic right now. We got this. We got some chicken here. We got some vegetables on top of it. Let’s go in for it. Mmm. Oh, my god, this is mac and cheese shells. My body is telling me
to eat the entire thing. Yeah. Hell yeah. This, this is a work of art. I’m just really impressed by this. This is like sorcery here. We have an Everything Pizza. Some sausage, we got some peps, some onions, some olives, some pepperoni. It literally has everything on it that you would ever want. I can’t imagine what else
you would wanna put on it, unless you’re thinking everything
as in everything bagel, like you’re, oh, I almost dropped my wine. (solemn music) Any-who, we got some Avocado Eggrolls,
really excited about this one. Delish actually has their own recipe, not The Cheesecake Factory recipe. We have our own avocado eggroll one, and I’m in love with them, so hoping the same for this. Mm-hmm. Not halfway yet. (fast forward squeaking) I think we’re gonna
start with this burrito. (laughs) There’s so much in here. ‘Cause it’s so massive, you literally have to put
the guac and the beans and the sour cream on another plate. This is a Cinnamon Roll Pancake, and I think you can understand why. It looks like an actual cinnamon roll. It’s the cutest little thing. The trick to getting a good pancake pic, showing the top and moving around a lot, and then showing the sides. Buffalo fried chicken, in triangle form. It’s in dippable form, I get it. This is really, really good. We’ll do a napkin check. It’s looking cute. It’s not too messy yet. This thing is really, whoo,
it’s like a showstopper. It’s really pretty. Again, it’s like kind of one
of those date night foods that you’d order, in my head. Love salmon. Eat it any form. On top of a salad, you can’t go wrong. I’m going to napkin three. (bell dings) I am ready. (fast forward squeaking) This is like your
takeout dreams come true. Mmm. It’s that wine sauce again, and you know what goes
well with wine sauce? Wine. (breathes deeply) It’s super important to
continue breathing as you eat. If you don’t breathe,
you can’t eat, you know? May I have another? Thank you. This Huevos Racheros is like
one of my go-to for brunch. Mmm, mm-hmm. We’re gonna move over to these really, really cute steak tacos, like this clearly looks like
you’re supposed to share it, but guess what? We don’t share. No, we don’t. I’m sorry for what you’re about to see. Whoa. Oh, my god, okay. It’s one of those dishes where you’re like how do you touch it? How do you even go about it? Do I play Jenga? Stay. Stay. No, you don’t. I think I’ve actually
taken this thing apart now, and I’m just playing with my food, straight up playing with it, and I’m gonna get kicked out
of here if I keep doing this. My mom just Snapchat me and said, “Hope you brought Tums.” And I didn’t, which is such a rookie move. (fast forward squeaking) It’s like the lights are on
and no one is home right now in my face, like… Start with the Fettuccine Alfredo, ’cause you know, some cream sauce, at this point in the game, is
not gonna fill me up at all. You know what, this is like Italy’s greatest gift to America. Thank you. Sliding on over to the sliders. Cheers. They’re so cute. This is just like America,
like straight up America. We got Italy and we got America. It’s all happening right here. Soup, salad, sandwich, done. These shrimp are so fricking huge. If you buy me this, I
will love you forever. If I could sing, I would sing Miley Cyrus’ Best of Both Worlds, ’cause
you’ve got the chicken and the shrimp, but I’m
not gonna do that to you, because you don’t deserve that. This is like an arts and crafts project. If you wanna add some nice
brush strokes here, like this, like as so, great activity with the kids. I don’t have kids. Oh, it’s like a little baby that I’m eating. Winner winner, chicken dinner. (funky techno music) Let’s bring on the cheesecake. I think it’s fair to say that this is what we’ve all been waiting for. It’s The Cheesecake Factory, so we’re obviously eating
a bunch of cheesecake. Remember that kid from Matilda? – I’m going to be him right now. We’ve got red velvet, chocolate, the classic strawberry,
confetti birthday celebration, Oreo, and then all of the candies, and we got a margarita. ♪ It’s the final countdown ♪ So, we’re gonna start with the cheesecake that actually started it all,
like this is like the OG, the like just baby that started it all. Should I be a hand model? This is just like the cheesecake that everyone’s freaking out about, just the colors of it, it’s
just a birthday explosion. I’m gonna try to do this the classy way and do a smaller bite. You’re definitely gonna want
this at your birthday party. Whatever you can think of to celebrate, just have this at it. This is amazing. And if we can all just take a moment of silence for the thickness of this right here. Fair to say red velvet’s
one of my favorite flavors, so I’m really excited about this one. Mm-hmm. If you eat peanut butter out of the jar, this is going to be your best friend. It has Butterfinger and Reese’s in it. We have the most massive
Oreo I’ve ever seen, this little topper here
on this Oreo cheesecake. It’s an Oreo within an Oreo. It’s inception. (deep resonating tone) I need a moment. (breathes deeply) Some people train for marathons. Other people train for cheesecake. There are so many layers in this. Like it’s like cake, layer,
cake, layer of frosting, cake, frosting. Okay. (bell dings) (applause) Help. After 40 dishes, I thought I would be completely on the floor. I’m really proud of myself. I didn’t think I had it in me. And you know what? I proved all those haters wrong. Everyone who said that I
wouldn’t be able to do it, look at me now. (funky pop music)

100 comments on “Trying 40 Of The Most Popular Dishes From The Cheesecake Factory Menu | Delish

  1. People saying fettuccine Alfredo is American and not Italian are wrong. It was invented in Rome by Alfredo di Lelio. I went to the restaurant where they served the original and I have to admit though that it looked a lot healthier than what I saw in this video lol

  2. What is the purpose of trying everything if you aren’t commenting on anything? Is it good or bad…what? I heard more about the wine then anything else. What a waste of food.

  3. I feel like, I need to visit The Cheesecake Factory. I also feel, you need to take some leftovers home, and test out that whole, situation…🤨😳😍

  4. People are starving and idiots like this put up these videos and we wonder what is wrong with this world.

  5. OH MY!! Seeing you taste all of that food made me feel full too! lol, Wish we had a Cheesecake Factory here where I live… oh well………….. Glad you took the rest of the food home!!

  6. Does all that food go to waste after you try it or are you sharing with the crew members? I hope that all this food is not going to waste that's all I can think should do these videos with a group of friends. It's no big accomplishment to try all this food by yourself.

  7. As adorable as she is, please tell me that all this food is packed and distributed or taken home or something, and not just tossed. Because that would be a massive waste of food when she only takes a single bite out if everything

  8. Yes…one bite each for 40 items…..otherwise…it could be very weird…unless your super obese…..she appears normal sized 😏 lol

  9. I thought "The Cheescake Factory" was just in big bang theory
    Had no idea it was actually a chain

    Im not from the USA

  10. What happened to all the food that you didn't eat? Did you throw out 40 dishes full of food just for publicity?

  11. Hey Delish, hire me instead of little miss blonde valley girl over here. I would actually take real bites of everything and comment/critique the food. This girl needs to stop being overly dramatic like she's eaten a damn cow getting her million napkins out, which aren't even dirty btw. My 5 month old son could eat more than her and he hasn't even started solids yet.

  12. Why tf are the dishes so huge..?? It does no one any good. (Yes it’s nice to get value for your money, but they could just shrink the sizes and lower the prices)
    I feel like this helps explaining why obesity is more common in America than e.g Asia. Asian dish sizes are half of or third of this size.

  13. This is a misrepresentation of The Cheesecake Factory. Yes they are delicious, but the portion sizes are no where near what is being shown here. She has wayyyyyy more for that they normally give.

  14. I don't know what all the fuss is about in the comments or why there are nearly 4k dislikes. The title doesn't mean she literally planned to eat 40 full meals. She was sampling some of them for us to see, Dillwads.

    I am going tomorrow for my birthday and you have me taking notes. It all looks good and there are other things on the menu that I'm interested in, but here's what I liked best from the video.

    Appetizer: Factory Nachos, Sweetcorn Tamale Cakes, and Buffalo Blasts
    Dinner: Miso Salmon, Shrimp Scampi, Chicken Parm

    Dessert: Red Velvet, Confetti (of Course), Adam's Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple

    Thanks for the upload!

  15. Even if it was a bite or 2 do you have any idea just how unhealthy she just ate? I know she shitted like there was no tomorrow in the next few hrs or the next day bc all of that has an enormous amount of grease and cheese i would know bc i used to work there

  16. Ummm it’s not Italy and American it’s America and America Cause Alfred sauce is America not Italian

  17. I wish she would do a "top 5" recap or something. It's just a bite and then that's it. She doesn't even describe what she's eating. I get the entertainment of just seeing all the plates, but content wise, we need a little more. A wrap up or something.

  18. Umm…she just took a bite of everything. People take 40 bites of food at a buffet…nothing special. Naniiiiii?

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  23. Those portion sizes for one person could feed three hungry people, or even stretch to four not-so-hungry people. AND HAVE ROOM FOR LEFTOVERS!!!!! American portion sizes are crazy

    Also, dude! You're claiming to eat EVERYTHING and yet there are shots of you with leftover cheesecake on the table. Please just say that you are "tasting" instead of actually consuming all this food next time

  24. This chick is stupid and such a waste of money. No description of the food even if it is just 1 bite each, she also needs to chill out with her talking about random crap. 1 other than thing, if you're not going to eat the entire thing, don't out in the title of the video "eating 40 dishes." She needs to put trying everything

  25. So I guess “all” the cheesecakes that she sampled are the 6 that The Cheesecake Factory has to offer 🤦‍♀️

  26. The only foods I really like at the Cheesecake Factory are the apps and the cheesecake, the food food is just bleh. (Burgers are ok but yeah). Just go for the apps (anything with cheese or a salad so you’re not a total bloatball) and get cheesecake and drinks if you’re not driving.

  27. If she was only gonna take one bite of each dish they should have given her smaller portions because that's such a waste of food.

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