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Trying CRAZY TOPWATER LURE for Pike 💥 (Fishing Heavy Cover)

Trying CRAZY TOPWATER LURE for Pike 💥 (Fishing Heavy Cover)

good morning fellow pike anglers and welcome back to another spicy episode look what I have behind me I have an absolutely stunning looking small lake that I have never ever fished before I brought some topwater lures and some other juicy stuff and we’re also gonna try a completely new thing on my flow tube that we are assuming I’m gonna get into I’m all sweaty from walking all through the woods to get to the flakes but finally we’re here the Sun is rising it’s late summer I’ve actually heard some top water eats here by me we have some very very good looking brushes and Fries hanging out here it looks like we have some some weed out in the water some bait fish so let’s just get the platform rigged up and then we’re gonna see if we can catch some juicy pike or perch on some coolers so let’s do this so this is the gear I brought today some perch rod one Pike rod and our fins tackle all the normal stuff but before we get into the flow tube we’re gonna mount this bad boy this is the float plus at some of you might be familiar with I’ve never ever tried this before but it’s a trolling motor designed for flow tubes very light and you can just mount it underneath like this I’m gonna show you right away so you just do like this the good thing here is that the flat form actually has an already made mount for this underneath that looks like this so what we’re gonna do if then we’re just gonna slide this one on just like that attach it and boom there where it’s mounted and ready to go and now we have the rest of the stuff in this convenient tool box here waterproof and stuff and in here we have the battery and the control which we’re gonna control this problem water with so now I’m extremely pumped to see how this is gonna work do we dare to try oh we’re gonna have a lot of fun with this one I can tell you that I’ll put it into here and we’re gonna have it here ready to go all day there are some good attachments that it’s box but I think we can just put it like this should be good best feeling in the world as always I’m sure I could start from right here but I’m just gonna I just need to try this now we are on zero are we ready for hundred let’s try not paddling all right ah Wow we’re gonna have so much fun with this one yes as always and especially when fishing new waters like we’re doing today and we only use this deeper sonar which is a wireless sonar that sends the information to your phone we’re connected to the deeper app and now we can see here we have a 3.2 meters 24 degrees in the surface water that’s probably only yesterday you know the top layer of the water it starts drawing this map so after today we’re gonna have a good picture of the structure and stuff and put this one over here this is the rod that I think I’m gonna be using the most today this is my success shade the perch edition baitcasting perch rod with a Revo MDX HS wave casting wheel super sweet combo I’m gonna run this thing wire leader from darts I don’t know if I will be catching Pike or perch hopefully both so it is thin wire leader where you’re gonna be safe and now to the fun part have a look at this crazy little learn something like a frog style top water beetle that it’s called a super NATO beetle super cooler from an Italian company called mullux I met them in France sanitarium on Toronto they turned out to have some really really cool verse it goes like this on the surface it’s fully weed less we can throw them like all the way into these trees so I really really hope and think that we’re gonna have some cool action on this one today I’ve also brought some other cool stuff from this mullux company like this super cool twitch bait the finder jerked 110 this is gonna be awesome for you know covering water fast especially when the Sun comes up maybe and they’re not gonna be on the surface then you can hear it on the name this fine New York it’s gonna be often for covering water so I’ll put this one on my other rod same thing but spinning version with MHL mx-9 reel and all this we’re gonna cast this finder dirt so let’s make the first cast in this cool lake three two one let’s go oh did you see that first first cast who had a pike I think was a Pike attacking you right on top of the trees come on one more time facial fish out right on top of that tree there we go first Pike in this secret school lake smack that frog to cast in a row and like boom oh that was cool I would never have caught that Pike without this you know weedless top water well this tree going up all the way up under the surface almost and this one smashed it right on top of the tree bath style holy that’s what I call fast responsible water put your back and make another cast because that was fun oh guys smoked it so cool did you see that take I really hope you could see that on the GoPro because it smoked it right on top of this big tree going out there yeah I was sick I’ve never felt more like a bass angler I dunno well except that time when I fish for bass in Lake Okeechobee but so cool fishing to cast up over the structure I was reading this one super slow when the lower was right there Pike smoked it I mean the bad guys they’re all crazy about this structure thing because the bass are hiding there and of course other species do it as well Oh missed another one miss another one crap mister bite and hang it up one more cast in there so nice where you can cast it all the way up almost to the shore and likely doesn’t get stuck you fish it on top on all this Oh went for it might be perch okay let’s try this one now I have done some you know off-camera fishing with this one this year and it’s actually a really cool er completely suspending and when you twist it it goes very cool side to side american-style jerk bait it’s very fun actually when I might have small dicks guys I had never heard about the companies I thought they were like really small it turned out to be big brand they’re huge in the States working a lot with mike iaconelli he’s actually a part of the design of this ler Andover famous bass tournament angler and their awesome fish all they don’t second cast with a fine dirt oh it’s a baby pike look at this baby baby baby alright so the finder jerk is approved by baby pike I think this was maybe the fish that went for my top water ler that I mistakenly thought was it perks because so this size that’s oh man that was like smaller than my downsize baits for pike holy crap you went straight into this piece can’t see him you know that they’re a big Pike here or what you know there’s a big one around here right this is like the coolest fishing of them in a very long time sneaking around these logs you know and yes look at this color in the sunshine it looks awesome let’s hope that this song is not gonna kill the action too much but I’m afraid it’s gonna do that because my experience with summer fishing is that the hours before and right after sunrise are usually the best did you see that something big was up in the surface what is it should we just go there yes because we have the float tough let’s go there real quick so speeding up from zero let’s leave this one in the water there’s some float trust rolling we have around 4 meters here I saw this fish up in the surface somewhere out here so I’m gonna you know make it cast like a Sun feather like make one cast us here there there I’m not gonna spend too much time out there if we don’t catch this fish I’m gonna miss the top water action oh oh its perch it’s cool of her hunting one attacks alert and I we had a whole school following Wow but here we have this school approach but I was I was following the deer it’s cool baby baby perch something this one can you see them now there’s what was that didn’t look like a pike did I just see like a one and a half kilo perch oh holy look at this owner it’s packed down there so we’re back here by those nice trees hanging out in the water so we’re gonna do some more top water fishing I’m gonna put this one on like slow drifting speed like 25 perhaps so as you can see now we are drifting slowly along the shore like this and I can just make short casts and cover this water very efficiently if you’re drifting with a certain speed like now I’m drifting with 25 which is very good fishing speed then if I press here it stops and you know I can make high-precision casts if I see a fish or anything else and now if I have double press this bottom again it receives the speed that I had when I press the bottom so this is one of the ways that I think I’m gonna be using the fill trust the most then of course also when transporting over long distances this is gonna help a lot and the third is like if you’re fishing on a windy day when not using the flow of puffs you will have to compensate for the wind all the time with your fins and in the long run after a long day you might get quite tired in your legs now with the flow of trust you can just you know put a fill tube with the back against the wind dial this one up to whatever it takes to stay in position so this is kind of like a manual spot lock this corner looks really good we have some shade from those high trees which I think will be good now when the Sun is coming up usually when fishing in you know summertime or sunny days I like to search for those shady areas all the way up in the tree doesn’t matter like pop-pop [Music] oh thank you I started twitching this topwater ler and had a pike smashing it Wow guys this is just too cool all the way up in the tree doesn’t matter fully we’d left this is what I love about total tube fishing and fishing in general yes hitting a random lake to see what it hides trying some crazy ler having some fun with it if you haven’t tried float tube fishing for Pike or perch in a small lake like this you really should you will get addicted I can tell you that let’s do some stand-up fishing this video in there should be good I’m drifting slowly against the shore so I’m gonna put on this one just carefully just stop the drifting I can cast all the way in here [Music] this is the biggest Pike of the night biggest Pike on the day there we go this is a decent one hold on going to the we get up it there we go there we go what’s that cool or what sold to take and everything oh man I was hiding between all those weeds Holy Smoke that was the coolest take in a very long time went headfirst on this finder Derek no monster but oh there we go came off oh they’re standing up from the platform seeing exactly everything from the surface down to the bottom and I just smashed it headfirst and there was such an awesome fight inside the weed this lights Axelrod it shall reel is fine New York bit well let’s do that again soon we there’s some more stand-up fishing [Music] ha well who taught you food manners you can’t eat food bigger than yourself huh I mean look at this I actually think yeah the lair is also exactly the same length first perch other day there we go too bad it was only like 10 centimeters let’s just cast one out behind a full tube and have a sip of water and when we do we can have a look at this lab sure are well you can see it but we have 7.5 meters of water and it’s just getting deeper and deeper just look at this this is awesome trolling around a little bit while looking for good spots it’s fun I found out a way to steer with the fence if I leave my right finding water that’s their right and my left I can be staring like this ah awesome day on the water time for some more stand-up fishing with a beetle it’s very very good I’m sure they’re gonna be Pike somewhere around there must be in all this I mean sweet looking weed [Music] Oh didn’t see that take miss it again oh Mike was involved the surface I was not ready that was such a cool take holy moly well I guess the most important part when top water fishing is to take and that take was amazing doesn’t matter if we land it or not but man I was cool these takes are addictive and look at these cool spots I’m fishing this layer above this grass it’s like maybe 10 or 20 centimeters from the surface down to the grass so it’s like more or less impossible to fish with any other type of there but this one gets the oblong and so cool to be standing up from this platform I mean this is sick one of the things that I like most about this one so far is the fact that you can cast it almost you know all the way up to the shore if you want and just bounce it down back in the water and retrieve it slowly that’s waiting for that epic bite that’s something that we wouldn’t be able to do with a you know traditional popper something like that’s what Trevor looks all over the place same thing with that first Pike I caught in the morning on top of that tree you know I wouldn’t have been able to fish there with a more traditional topper sometimes that’s what dogs Oh flower photo photo right there we go yeah so it’s coming from a distance behind and when first carefully first and then BOOM smashed it’s awesome get over here oh there we go another top water Pike it’s funny you know we had that bite on the first cast of the morning and then I caught a pike on the second cast and since then I haven’t caught a single one on this I’ve only missed some really cool takes and some personal stuff but finally one more on the beetle and I keep rocking this one in this weed seems like they are here they’re feeding so gonna put this one back there we go very easy done hook and all right there we go this guys getting chewed some tooth marks yeah there we go hey guys this is so cool look what I have fun out well the wind pushing from this direction and I’m paddling this way and traditionally I would have to paddle like this and make the you know short caps to the left like this or like half backwards but instead now the float plus I have found out that I can be standing on my knees like this control the speed with this one I then used my frames back here as steering you know if I put down my left foot I’m turning left and my right foot and turning right and now all of a sudden I can drift like with my bow fishing you know in the right direction all of you float to bang this out there know what I’m talking about but this is so nice to be able to you know drift in the right direction like this and we can quickly cover this water nice and easily so now I’m turning left I’m turning right and this way I can’t control the direction which is completely crazy I’ve never seen or heard anyone doing this from the flow too so this is a good tip if you have a slope system and a nice and big you fill tube like this that you can be standing on your knees from this is game-changing all of a sudden it’s like fishing from a boat for real [Music] [Music] official-official he fights again I’m standing on my knees covering water against a wind that is like I said a game changer to not having to make those casts backwards hello the pike standing outside that tree waiting for a snack to come by and found this year well that was my first bike standing on my knees like this on this little jerk bait so much fun all right amigos that was it for today which I could fool around around this lake fish to pretty much all the edges you can see some overlay graphics from the deeper lake look what it looked like what we can see is that we had one side of the lake with deeper water and then the two ends were quite shallow and pretty much all the fish were caught close to structure but also close the deep water those super shallow areas didn’t produce much but yeah structure close the deep water was the trick of the day and as always the deeper helped us to find that so that’s super cool even though we only called small fish today it’s been one of the best trips of this year period because we had such cool action especially in the morning before the Sun rose too high that’s the tip of the day if you’re fishing during summer make sure to wake up early or stay up very late because doing those very warm sunny days the fishing tends to be not the best to sum up my experience with this float stuff that I tried for the first time I can say that you know there are things that are fun and helpful and nice you know and then there are things that are game-changers I would say that I’ve had free game changes before number one when I started floating fishing that opened up so many new possibilities the second one was the deeper all of a sudden I knew what I was doing you know I could create maps I could see what was down there you know that helps a lot GameChanger number three was this platform you know this flow team that we’ve been fishing today it simply takes a flow tube fishing to a whole new level you can bring so much more gear you have this or so you can stand up from and it’s just awesome and I think we have had a game-changer number four as well today when we try this one for the first time you know being able to mount the trolling motor on slow tubes this easily this lightweight that’s just amazing and to have this drift control when fishing to have the security you can go far no matter if the wind picks up or anything you’re gonna make it back home so highly recommended I will leave you a link here down below where you can get this all stuff and read more about it because it was a forum disapproved last but not least these two lists that we tried today are also pom disapproved man we have some fun actually especially this super NATO beetle super super cool stuff I will leave you links to them in the description down below as well that’s what’s it for today thank you so much for watching make sure to leave a comment if you’d like to see more videos like this one exploring new Lakes and stuff I love to make these so let me know if you watch maurice now it’s time to head back home for dinner and i’m till next time pipeline [Music]

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