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Trying SMALL RIVER for Pike 💥(Fishing From Shore – Good Tips!) | Team Galant

Trying SMALL RIVER for Pike 💥(Fishing From Shore – Good Tips!) | Team Galant

Hello fishermen! I hope you’re doing well because I am. Today we’ll be fishing pike in a small river during … this beautiful season. Smash the like button if you like shore fishing in small rivers … this type of fishing is both easy and fun. Could also be really effective. Had a bite in the drop. What a strike! Ready again to fish for a big pike. I’ll head home and cry. This river is connected to the sea, and these rivers can be really hot to fish at during Autumn … because the bait fish like these rivers – and the pike follows. The same theory works for lakes. I like to bring as little of things with me as possible when I fish these small rivers. I have a bag and a single rod with me. The rod is a light bait casting rod. Saxa Shade Generation 2 … with casting range from 30-90 grams. With this Abu Revo Beast. Very light … and when fishing from the shore, you tend to swap place often, therefor it’s forgiving to use light gear. Don’t stay at the same spot for too long. In the bag I have pliers, scale and other stuff. I also have my bait box with me. Let’s open the box up. These are the baits I prepared with. I’ll start out using a bigger bait, this Flatnose. Plenty of perch in this river so I thought this Transparent Perch … color was suitable. 10 gram lead head. My smaller bait is this Nettel Juvenile. The color motoroil has been great in this river – 7 gram jig head from SPRO. Let’s get these out and place the box in the bag. First cast for today. Hopefully some pike here. Plenty of leaves. Insane. I need to change bait, the Flatnose has a treble hook meanwhile this only has a jig skull. Let’s see if this works out even better. Retrieving it as an usual perch jig. There! Fish! First pike for today. A small fellow. Inhaled my lure. Fun! Fun fishing from the shore. Here it is, like 1.5 kg. Took on the Nettel Juvenile – good downsize lure. First fish up, a sign of fish even though this is not a monster. Also had a bite before but I lost it. Took quite close to me. Bye bye! Nettel Juvenile seems to deliver some pike. I fish it like a regular jig. Lovely swimming action. A really effective lure with it’s action. Let’s keep going and see if I can get one more pike. Been fishing as far up the river as I’m allowed to – so my plan is to fish the same spots again. I’ll swap bait from Nettel Juvenile to something bigger. I’ll use the Shark Shad for the same rotation. Time to see. Here it is. In the color Okoboji Perch. Works great, cool lure. I’m using a 10 gram jig skull. Plenty of logs in the river … so I won’t use to heavy skulls. As you can see, there are no leaves due to the current from the ocean pushing them away. Finally I can use treble hooks. Ready once again to fish for a nice pike. There! Fish! Feels not too big. Took in the drop. How am I going to land this fish? Bass-landing it. How dark, cool pike. Same size as the previous one. Unhooked. Time to go back. Bye bye! Make sure your bait is rigged properly. The hooks are razor sharp. I attached a pear weight, I want it to sink a bit deeper. Check so the leader is okay. The pike took in the drop so it seems to be a key for success. There! They seem to love this bait. I thought they wanted a smaller lure though. Been using the Juvenile for some time. Bigger baits seem to be better. Biggest for today. Stood on this log. Would be crazy if I caught a 10 kg pike at this spot. Yes! It has been quite a slow morning but it seems as if the activity has increased. Two pikes in 20 minutes. Not super big. There are big ones here though, time to release it. I thought down sizing was the key, but I was wrong. Trying to release it as carefully as possible. Bye bye! I’m in my car relaxing. Eating some cinnamon rolls. Some Swedish fika. I’ve fished far up the river, but my plan now is to fish way down. Could be hot since it’s close to the sea. Hopefully we’ll have some success. Been here for a while without any bites – but from previous experience of this river … I know some days are tougher than other. I’ll head back in a month. See you then. Today I’m at the river once again and with me I brought Edvin! We’ll try to find the right bait, method and spot. Some days are way better than other in this river, so we’ll make a quick session here … if we don’t have that much activity. This Nettel Juvenile worked decent last time.
– Good size for this small river … they perhaps want this smaller lure. Could be good – let’s try it out. About a month since I fished here before. Last time I caught some on the Shark Shad using a 10 gram flexhed. So that’s what I’ll stick with again. If your fishing shop would like to purchase these baits, like this Shark Shad, contact [email protected] We’re at the first spot. An area with some current and a back-water. The pike like these spots. While Edvin is making some casts, I’ll head for another spot so we can cover more area. Had one! Just felt a small nibble on the Shark Shad. It’s like 4-5 degrees celsius in the water … so they are quite slow and inactive. One contact in 15 minutes of fishing – promising! Would’ve been even better if I managed to hook it. No! Tobbe! Had a good one. What a strike! Lost it. Had an insane bite. On the bigger bait. Pike might like these bigger lures. Nice strike, was a decent pike – saw it when it struck my bait. Let’s keep fishing. Fish! Tobbe! Decent fish. I made a cast in the middle of the current. Thought I was stuck in the bottom. Feels decent. Bigger baits are great. Decent. Like 80 cm, quite fat. Took on the Fatnose. They like bigger baits, perhaps due to the big bait fish. Let’s release it. Fun! Let’s get one more. Fish! Holy! Nice one! Almost a meter fish! Nice Tobbe! These are the ones we want.
– Let’s land it. No!
– You lost it. Typical. I won’t cry because of it since we saw it’s size. Probably like 6-7 kg, 100-105 cm. Not a personal best and we would’ve had trouble landing it. So it’s not too bad. Was of course a lovely pike but that’s how it goes.
– I’ll go home and cry. Took on the Fatnose in the color Hotpike, retrieved the lure really slow. Let’s get one more.
– That’s how it goes sometimes. Better average size compared to the previous session. We at least managed to see it. If we brought a net with us we probably would’ve landed it. It is what it is. What’s your take on the session Edvin?
– Decent session … we’ve been fishing for like 3 hours effectively and we caught 1 pike, and plenty of bites. Better than expected.
– This river is not a place where you keep on hammering … so nice to do these quick sessions to see if there are some fish here. That’s all for today. Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos. Follow us at Instagram … make sure to smash the like button if you enjoy shore fishing. Take care fishermen! Bye!

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  1. I don't understand a single word your saying, but the content is so amazing.
    absolutely love every video you guys put out.
    Btw your one dude on the channel looks identical to Jacqueline phoenix. just look at him, and compare him to perch pro episode 1 at the beginning.

  2. God jul! Varför inte hoppa på tåget – som nu börjat rulla så sakteliga – och köra hullinglöst, kläm in hullingen! Funkar alldeles utmärkt fiska så! 🙂

  3. all I do is shore fishing living in UK near a small river its really the only way love it Merry Christmas guys ahve a good one

  4. Edvin, jag vet att du avskyr det meeeeen Lill-Snoken! Du är grymt underhållande! Skitfiske till dig! (och till Tobbe så klart)

  5. Малые реки это круто. Самая любимая ловля это на малых и микро речках.

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