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Tuna Alikaşifoğlu – EEE 212: Microprocessors Term Project – Authentication Required Parking Lot

Tuna Alikaşifoğlu – EEE 212: Microprocessors Term Project – Authentication Required Parking Lot

Hello there! My name is Tuna Alikaşifoğlu, and I’m studying
Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Bilkent University. This is my term project demonstration for
the course EEE 212: Microprocessors. For this course I was expected to design a
microcontroller-based system with NXP’s Freedom Board KL25Z. For this purpose, an authentication required
parking lot system has been created. In order to have a didactic project process
various sensors are used. You can find the component list in the description. So let’s begin. This is the parking lot model. There are already two cars inside. Let me introduce you the components. Entrance and the exit, overall control unit,
RFID card reader and LCD, overall powered by KL25Z, infrared distance sensor, servo
as gate, ultrasonic distance sensor, push button for registration. Since the user interaction is displayed on
the LCD, let me adjust the camera such that you can observe. Unauthorized card. System denies the card, and asks for a valid
card. Master card. System recognizes the card and grants access
to parking lot. It stays open for 3 seconds by default if
there are no cars. By scanning a valid card, user can get in
the parking lot in 3 seconds. If the user takes more than 3 seconds, and
still present in the gateway, gate stays open until car clears the gateway. After car’s transition, gate waits additional
1 second and closes. As you probably noticed, number of free spots
are presented to the user in the top right corner of the LCD. It says 0, so that means the parking lot is
full. Let me show you that is actually the case
by zooming out. If someone tries to get in the parking lot
when it is full, system won’t open the gates and asks them to come back later, since there
is no available parking spot. When someone exits, system recognizes this
act by infrared sensor and updates the number of available spots. Now Camaro can get in the parking lot. The system also allows simultaneous action. A car can get in at the same time a car goes
out. Notice that there is only one available spot
in the parking lot before the red Chevy exits. If yellow Camaro enters at the same time,
number of available spots must stay at 1. The system does not lose the track thanks
to interrupt-driven programming. It is also possible to authenticate any RFID
enabled card for this system, within the presence of the master card. By clicking the push button, system goes into
registration mode with this external interrupt. It gives 10 seconds for the master card read. After master card scan, it also gives additional
10 seconds for the new card. The new card is added to authentication list
if it is not already in. In failure of card scans, returns you home
screen. Now you can use your newly authorized card
to enter the parking lot. You can wait in the gateway, since the door
will not close until you clear the way. So that’s it. You can find the source code on GitHub, link
in the description. I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you for watching, see you in the next

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