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Tuna and Egg Fried Rice

hello viewers welcome back to RM
cookbook and today I’m going to show you how to make a very delicious tuna egg
fried rice with vegetables this is a very easy recipe and extremely delicious
so first of all you in order to do this recipe you need 1 carrot here you can
see that I have washed it and peeled it and you need to chop it up first in a
horizontal fashion because what we want to end up with is little cubes of carrot
the reason we want to do that is because if we keep the vegetable size when we
are cutting them into small cube size it’s very easy to fry them when we are
actually frying these vegetables later on because it’s essentially going to be
fried vegetables with egg and tuna and rice so we want to make the cooking time
shorter so keep the vegetable small but not too small because when it gets fried
it might get melted so next ingredient we need is a 1 cup of frozen green peas
you can see that I have actually taken it out and just leave it aside for now
we also need a 1 large size onion and just keep it in two halves one half will
be cooking with what we’ll be frying it with our tuna and egg and the other half
will be frying it with all the vegetables and rice so we need to
portion of chopped onions so here you can see that the onions are chopped up
into cube sized pieces again the size should be similar so that again is easy
to fry we need 1 can of tuna this is tuna in brine we all obviously need to
drain the brine out we also need 3 eggs so these are actually the main
ingredients of this of this recipe so first of all get a heavy bottomed frying
pan or a pot hot up heat up to that add your frying bit of oil and put onion
mixture fry the onion till it’s golden brown and to that mixture add some
turmeric powder turmeric powder actually helps to
take the bitterness of onion away so that’s the reason we put the turmeric
powder to that mixture add your drained tuna chunks and fry them up properly
here we need to make sure that the tuna chunks are fried with onion and turmeric
first of all don’t add any salt and pepper yet
we just need to fry the onions our onion and the tunas in a way so that the
children absorbs that whole onion juice which comes out as it gets fried now you
can see that I’m actually adding the salt and pepper I’m using red chili
powder and salt you can use black pepper and salt to your taste and just again
keep frying the mixture in a way so that the tuna actually gets completely
separated and gets fried with the onion in this mixture we are going to add now
3x and the way to add this X is just add this eggs one at a time and all you are
going to do is slightly break the egg apart and just let them be on the frying
pan so that they get fried bit like making an omelet the reason we are doing
it because we want to end up with big chunks of tuna onion and egg fried so
that when we are later on frying this mixture with rice and vegetables as we
are going to stir it this tuna chunks and eggs is going to be broken apart
into small pieces so keep these pieces the way you can see on the video and
once it’s cooked just take it away and in that frying pan once is emptied we
are now going to deal with the vegetables which we chopped up
previously so again add some while I’m actually
using extra virgin coconut oil 100% organic so this is supposed to be good
for you big purely because it has high melting point so it doesn’t oxidize so
quickly so there are no free radicals but anyway so begin with the remaining
of the onion fry it till the onions get golden brown and to that mixture you add
the chopped carrots and stop frying it fry till the
point you see that the vegetables are getting fried add some black pepper
there is no need for adding salt because we have already added salt to our tuna
mixture and add your 1 cup of frozen green peas and just fry this mixture
thoroughly as you can see I got the rice ready this is already cooked rice all
I’m going to do is put this rice into the vegetable mixture and fry it the one
thing about frying rice with vegetable mixture is you have to continuously keep
stirring it if you don’t stir it this rice is going to get stuck at the bottom
and it is just going to make a mess so obviously just have to keep stirring it
and just see that in the process the rice is getting mixed with the
vegetables and vegetables are getting thoroughly cooked the way you know that
you have actually cooked the vegetables enough because your green peas were
frozen but you know carrot and onion doesn’t take that much time but you will
see that your green peas wants to actually become fried you will see that
they become slightly shrunk and that basically indicates that all your
vegetables are completely and thoroughly fried and rice is also incorporated with
the vegetables and now all you have to do is add your tuna and egg fried which
you have prepared previously and again stir the whole mixture there in a way so
that this big lumps of tuna break apart and they should come to a size which
which essentially becomes not too big and yet not too small you see and as I’m
actually stirring the whole mixture you will see that that’s basically the size
we end up and the reason I’ve covered it up is purely because the steam from the
mixture will will further cook the whole thing and everything will actually
absorb the aroma of all the ingredient and this is basically your final product
where the tuna and egg fried rice is ready you can see the green peas are all
cooked in the way I was saying that you know
get shrunk you can see it’s no longer around because the skin of the green
piece has become slightly shrunk so that’s how you know that all your
vegetables are thoroughly cooked tuna is obviously we could previously with egg
rice is also fried it has beautiful smell and it’s extremely delicious I
hope you’ll give this recipe a try and if you like this recipe give us a like
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