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TUNA BANANA & BANANA CURRY Pizza – Presto Pizzazz Plus Gadget Test

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video and for their continued support. So today I’m going to be cooking up an
unusual combination pizza — it combines bananas…. and tuna fish — canned tuna fish. So I first learned about this via Twitter — Edinborough Live tweeted this. A fellow named Lewis Mitchell tweeted an image that he found on a menu that offered banana tuna pizza which sounds just like a strange
combination, but if you think of pineapple and ham, it’s not that
outlandish. Now many of you know I am not a huge fan of banana — just in general.
Just banana fruit. No. No thanks. Baked in things: yes. I’m all down with that. But
just a banana as a snack? No, not much. It’s a textural thing, I think, for me,
mostly. I know, people question that because they
said “Emmy you like squelchy, squishy things like natto, and slimy,” but
something about bananas I just….. I don’t know…but maybe with tuna fish it might
be good? Not sure. But this is an actual menu item — I looked it up —
a place called Westport Kismet sells it for about five pounds for a small pizza and
about eight pounds for a large pizza so if they have it on the menu why not try
making it myself? Now my oven is down — thank you all so much for your concern —
this has been an ongoing problem. We’ve tried to do it ourselves; we got someone
to come in; and he fixed it; and then it broke again. So I’m going to be getting a
new stove which is unfortunate because this is not an old stove. I don’t like
this designing for obsolescence. I’m not into it at all. I really want something
that’s gonna last me for a while. So, disappointed about that, but in the
meanwhile, I’m going to be using this to cook my pizza. This! Da-da! It’s a Pizzazz Plus. So, the way this works is there’s a heating element up above and down below. This pan rotates,
cooking your pizza as it goes underneath this heating unit. It sounds good, right? You can also cook other things: they’re saying that you can cook, you know, frozen Bagel Bites; you can cook, you know, pizza rolls and — what are
these? — Taquitos. So when I was researching the combination of banana and pizza,
Sweden kept coming up because apparently it’s a pretty common topping in Sweden
to have bananas on your pizza which I found so interesting because bananas did
not come to Europe until 1905; not until 1944 did they arrive to Sweden. Of course, because bananas are a tropical fruit. But there they have it with a very
interesting combination as well: with ham, peanuts, cheese, and sauce, and curry
powder. So we’re gonna make two pizzas today. We’re gonna make the Swedish curry
banana pizza and we’re going to make the tuna banana pizza all using the pizza
Pizzazz Plus. Okay, let’s open this. This was $54.99. Okay, ba-ba-ba….. Also, if you’re not subscribed already, this would be a good time to subscribe — and to follow me on
social media because when I’m finished with the Presto Pizzazz Plus, I’m gonna
be giving this away. So we have directions…. and we have Styrofoam. Okay, here’s the machine. Ooh! Dun-dah, dun-dah, dun-dah, dun-dah, dun-dah, dun, da-dah! Here’s the pan…. There’s a little point of pivot. So it’s
got a little bit of a nonstick coating on it — reminds me a little bit about
Chinese checker board. Here is the unit itself. It doesn’t look like it requires any
assembly — which I like. “Rotating pizza oven: the fast and easy way to bake fresh and frozen pizza. Great for convenience foods too.” So at the top, we’ve got a
timer, and then you’ve got a control for the lower, dual, and upper. So this is very
straightforward: all I have to do is wash this pan, place it on here, and we’re
pretty much ready to cook. All righty let’s go ahead and build our
tuna fish and banana pizza. Here are two balls of dough. So around here — I live in
Providence Rhode Island — you can find ready-made pizza dough really easily, and
it’s delicious — and cheap! It’s like $1.29/$1.99…. It’s usually near the cream cheese or the cheeses, and I buy it all the time because it’s so convenient. So all I’m doing is stretching the dough out. So one thing is that this is kind of
noisy. I’ve got some tomato sauce — this is actually made from tomatoes from our
garden. Next we’re gonna take take some mozzarella cheese….. sprinkle that around…. Did you ever see my balloon pizza video where I made a pizza that had a balloon pizza crust and
then pizza was inside it. It sounds wacky, but once you see the thumbnail, it makes sense. But I got so many comments saying “You did not put enough cheese!” Well, I don’t like a lot of cheese. I mean, you know, it’s my pizza, I can make it how I want. So, that’s enough cheese for me. Now I’m gonna
take a banana. So now I’m gonna slice some banana all over my pizza. Now we’re going to add some tuna. This is just a can of regular old tuna fish. We’re going to sprinkle that all over. So, on the back of a machine here it
gives you instructions on different types of pizza: frozen, rising crusts,
stuffed, regular crust, and fresh. So I’ve got a fresh pizza — it says to use the
dual option for 11 to 13 minutes. Hey, that’s not bad. It’s actually less than
the frozen crust. Plug this in…. Ooh! Immediately something goes on. Now we’re
gonna take our beautiful pizza and slide it into here. And balance it on this
little peg. So I’m gonna put it on dual heat — and says turn it past four. And, I’m
gonna do this for twelve minutes. Oh yes, I can feel it heating up. I’m not putting
my hand under the unit, just feeling it right here. It’s working! It’s kind of
great! I think for displaying purposes, I think this is pretty ingenious. All righty, so the timer says we have
about two minutes left, and so far things are working pretty well. My entire
kitchen smells like warm tuna fish which is no fault of the Pizzazz Plus but… Mm-hmm…. *Timer sounds* Oh! So there goes the timer — the cheese is
bubbling; it’s not quite golden yet; and my crust is kind of soft. When I look
underneath, it’s not golden at all. So give it another four minutes and see how this
goes. So that would be a total cooking time of sixteen minutes. (There’s no) actual off switch so
I’m just gonna unplug it — which is strange — you’d think there’d be like an off button, but there isn’t. It says specifically not to cut the pizza on this cooking surface, but that came off very easily, didn’t it? Put that back on. Nice! Also, the instructions
said to not to preheat the pan — just to put the pizza dough or the pizza right
on the cold pan. Now the top looks really good: it’s nice and golden and toasty. The
bottom — ooh! — it actually toasted it pretty nicely too!
As this was cooking, I was skeptical but it actually did brown up. Let’s cut it
and see how crispy the crust is. Hey…..! And there was a little bit of crunch to that!
Okay. This is certainly not an oven-fired, grilled pizza. It’s not going to get to
that temperature, but for an appliance that rotates? Mmyeah…. Itadakimasu! Oh my gosh, that’s hot! Hmm… That’s very curious: the combination of
banana and pizza sauce kind of changes the taste of the banana. It doesn’t taste
like banana so much anymore. The tuna doesn’t really change though — you definitely taste the tuna fish. It tastes like canned tuna fish; but that
combination with garlicky tomato sauce with the banana… Ha…. Okay, let’s try that
again. Hmm. It’s really not what I expected. I
expected the banana to be much sweeter, and much more distinctive — like, “oh I can
spot that banana flavor,” but I think if I were blindfolded I might not know that this was banana. The banana flavor is pretty subtle: it
just kind of melts into the tomato sauce; and while the tomato sauce tastes
“different,” I can’t really pinpoint exactly what that flavor is. Wow! It is a
little bit sweeter, and I definitely can spot the tuna fish. Damn, that’s clear as
day. Do I like this combination? Hmmm… I wouldn’t say I like it. I wouldn’t say
I’d dislike it either. I don’t think you’ll see me raising my hand saying I
want a banana-tuna pizza anytime soon, but it’s certainly not horrendous or
disgusting. It’s just different. Hm. Let’s go ahead and cook up our second banana pizza and this one’s gonna be with ham and curry. It’s a little bit thicker around the edge. So I’m gonna extend this by a little bit because I did notice that the pizza did shrink a bit as it was cooking. Red sauce; cheese…. Now I’m going to use some thinly sliced Virginia ham. Banana time! And then for a little bit more salty and
some crunch, I’m gonna add some peanuts — just some roasted peanuts. Now we’re gonna
place this on the machine….in the machine. that That part’s a little bit fiddly. I almost
forgot the curry powder! So while this is rotating, I’m gonna go ahead and dust that on. All righty, so I’ll be back in about sixteen minutes to see how this pizza turned out Okay, see you in a bit! I set this to seventeen minutes, and at fifteen I think this is done. Everything is starting to get really toasty up top so let’s go ahead
and taste this. Remove our pizza. I have to say this one smells incredible — my entire kitchen smells like curry. It smells delicious. And this one too has some
crispness to it. And it’s golden on the bottom, but it doesn’t quite reach the
edge — the goldenness. Let’s give this a taste. Oh it’s gonna be screaming hot. All right. Itadakimasu! Mmm. I definitely prefer this one to the tuna and banana flavor. I feel like the curry powder works really well with the tanginess of the sauce, and a
little bit of garlic in there, and the crunch of the peanuts are a kind of nice
surprise. They’re also roasted, so it kind of enhances the peanut flavor. The banana
is subtle: just a little bit sweet, but I don’t taste a really strong banana
flavor — granted, maybe if you used a riper banana — my banana was kind of just right
in the middle — if it was a little bit more speckled on the outside and had a
sweeter, stronger banana flavor maybe it would be more pronounced but I don’t
taste it nearly as strongly as I would have imagined. I’m gonna see if I can get some of the ham. Hmm. It’s such an interesting
combination of flavors. That bite definitely had some banana in it: it was sweeter. Got the pull of cheese, and then a strong smoky flavor from the ham. Wow, I’ve never had anything like this before. The bananas kind of change as you heat
them up: they taste a little bit more like plantains; they have a little kind
of starchy flavor to them; so interesting! I think this is actually a pizza I could
get behind. Hm. Peanut! Hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm. The peanuts are really good. Roasted nuts are infinitely better than non-roasted nuts. Roast your nuts, people. Roaster your nuts. So, final thoughts on the Presto Pizazz Plus: it said and did exactly what it said it
was going to do: it cooked a pizza while it rotated. It could have been a little bit
crisper for me; the heating element, I think, just
focuses more on the middle of the pizza rather than on the edges. So one little
drawback I do see with this machine is that it does take up a certain amount of
counter space. Although you can take off the pan and store that separately, so
that is something to consider as well. I think this is pretty kid-friendly, and I
think they would enjoy seeing the food rotate as it’s heating. Alrighty, so
there you have it: bananas on pizzas two ways. Let me know
down in the comments if you’ve had either of these before. Would you ever
have one of these? Let me know down below. And yeah, thank you guys so much for
watching and big thanks to for sponsoring this video. Click
the link down below to receive a special offer from and thanks
again so much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed that one; I hope you guys
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