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17 comments on “TUNA & Kale Salad | Bart van Olphen

  1. Awesome recipe . Keep up the good work. It's awesome to see the cuisine from around the globe! Greeting from Bulgaria 🙂

  2. I love how diverse your recipes and locations are.
    This looks pretty simple and the ingredients are easily available where I am (except maybe for kale). I've tried a combination of fish, grated coconut and chili before and I quite like it. I'll definitely try this one soon!

  3. It looks very much like the kale we have in Brazil…we call it "butter kale". The organic ones are darker. Great dish…I have all the ingredients…maybe I'll try it soon. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love Fishy Tales, Bart. I go to the recipe link, but I can't figure out a way to print it. I can not find any "Printer friendly" icon. Am I missing it somehow? P.S. Naveesa handles a knife just like my mother (from Ireland) could, and I've never seen anyone else do that! Mom could whittle a lap full of string beans in minutes to perfect juliennes. She would always know whenever I sliced some meat off of one of her Roasts, because of the little ridges I left in the meat, telling me, quite annoyed, to ask her to carve it for me. She could slice almost transparent slices, and no ridges!

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