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Tuna Lasagne

Tuna Lasagne

I think one of the most popular dishes
all round is lasagne. Now we’ve never done a YouTube lesson on lasagne so today’s the
day but instead of meat lasagne we’re going to do a tuna lasagne. Now one of
the big tricks of making a lasagne is to prepare the lasagne sheets first. Now
when you buy them in the packet they’re rock hard and they will absorb quite a
lot of liquid out of your lasagne, which tends to make the lasagne dry unless you
pretreat the the sheets. Now before I show you the pre-treating to work out
how many sheets you’re gonna need put the sheets down in your dish and you can
see this dish takes four sheets and I want to make three layers so four times
three is 12 so all in all for this lasagne we’re going to need 12 pasta
sheets and the riffled pasta sheets are the best ones to use because they allow
the sauce to distribute nice and evenly. Now what we’ve done with these sheets is
we’ve about 15-20 minutes ago we dipped them in lukewarm water just for a minute or
two and then you lay them out on baking paper and you can reuse this paper so
it’s not a waste of the paper but you can see what has happened to the sheets
now. They’ve become completely moist and pliable and you know it will give you it
will cut the baking time of the lasagne as well, which is a big plus but
now let me show you how to make this sauce. To make this tuna lasagne we’re
going to use the tuna in oil. You can use the one in water and then I suggest you
strain off the water and use the water in the white sauce so you get the flavour
and then you’ll obviously have to add a bit of canola oil to brown your onions
so just put your oil from the cans in there, don’t throw this oil away because
the flavour in this oil is absolutely amazing.
So add the onions to that oil and now you’re going to do
our usual trick browning the onions slowly and thoroughly because once again
the integrity of the dish is tied up with how well you cook the onions. There
is nothing worse than a tuna lasagne with raw onions. So spend a bit of time
on letting these onions smoor away. So while the onions are smooring away I’m
going to cover them lightly with a lid and let’s make the white sauce in the
meantime. To make the white sauce we put the milk into the saucepan, you can start
warming it up if you like, and then we measure four tablespoons of the White
Sauce Powder and the White Sauce Powder is now packed in a little tub like this.
Just mix it with the water to form a kind of a slurry. It’s a good idea to use a
whisk and whisk the white sauce mixture into the milk. If you don’t have a whisk
you can certainly use a wooden spoon but the whisk is really very very effective.
Now you can see our white sauce is now thickening and it’s lovely lovely and
smooth and there’s absolutely no lumps. Then you add a bit of butter for flavour
and for richness and then we add the cheese and just stir it together. Then we
can switch off the white sauce and then to stop it from forming a skin
on top take a piece of wet grease proof paper or baking paper and simply just
push it down on top of your sauce then you can let it stand for as long as you
like and it won’t form a skin. Now let’s go back to mr. tuna sauce and you can
see that the onions are now doing exactly what they should be doing.
There’s a slight browning at the edges and the onions have collapsed completely
and they are golden and transparent. Now at this stage we add the tuna, just break
it up roughly. I prefer to buy the the solid meat tuna rather than the flaked one.
Then we add our tomato sauce, Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce. Scrape the bottle
absolutely clean and it is really a good idea to recycle these bottles. Can add a
bit of lemon juice to it just let it reduce out a little bit. Now invariably
tomato needs a bit of sugar so you can add a bit of sugar to that and a bit of
Tomato Pesto just to intensify the tomato flavour, need about four
tablespoons, and the correct thing to use would be Lemon Pepper because the lemon
and the pepper complements the fish beautifully. Now just stir this together
until you get a nice sauce. Good, now let’s quickly assemble that lasagne.
Now we start the lasagne with a layer – it’s not necessary to butter this dish
because quite frankly there is oil in the sauce. Just roughly divide your sauce
into quarters and then the first quarter we dish into the dish and just spread it
at the bottom of the dish. Make sure you cover the bottom. Then we lay the pasta
sheets down and then we use the next quarter of sauce. Then we follow that,
thanks Janet, with one third of the cottage cheese, smooth one. Just blob it here and there. And we can – then we’re going to do our
white sauce. Just clean off the paper on the side of the pot. So spread the
cottage cheese roughly you don’t have to be too precise and now we put roughly
1/3 of this white sauce. See how gorgeous this looks and we spread the white sauce. Now we continue with the layering. A good
tip to remember is to keep a little bit more than a third for the top of the
dish so that you can get a nice thick layer of white sauce right on top of the
lasagne. Now we can just coat this nicely with the white sauce. There you are sweetheart, don’t you
look stunning, and now to give you that golden brown topping what we’ve got here
is a mixture of grated cheese, some soft white bread crumbs and a little bit of
melted butter or olive oil and you just sprinkle this on top and before you put
it in the oven it’s a good idea to just make absolutely sure that there’s no
bits of tomato on the dish otherwise it’ll burn in the oven. Okay sweetheart,
you look beautiful. Now if you want to freeze the lasagne, freeze it at this
stage and then you bake it just before you want it. Okay now there you are as
good as it gets, homemade, the whole bit. Now let me show you what it
looks like inside, can just cut it. There we are, we’ve got a beautiful well
flavoured lasagne certainly not dry and together with a salad you’ve really got
the kind of meal that mother makes.

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