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Tuna nigiri – how to make tuna nigiri sushi – japanese food recipe

Tuna nigiri – how to make tuna nigiri sushi – japanese food recipe

I am going to show you how to make Tuna Nigiri
today. To make Tuna Nigiri or Tuna Sashimi for that
matter the best fish is Blue-Fin Tuna. Now this fish has become so highly praised that
in recent times it’s just not been affordable to buy it to make your sushi. For example
in Tokyo just this January 2013 a fish was sold that weighed 221 kilos, that’s 489 pounds,
and it sold for a record-breaking $1.7-million, $1.76 actually. That’s one million seven hundred
sixty thousand dollars for a 489 pound fish and a lot of that fish you can’t even use,
for example bones and skin and head, and all that can’t be used in sushi. So the price
is just ridiculously high. Now it’s probably hard for you guys to get Blue-Fin Tuna so
there are other different varieties of tuna, among them Yellow-Fin, or…yeah, Yellow-Fin
is good. Anyway, the most important thing is to get
the freshest tuna you can. Do I need to freeze tuna for it be sushi-grade?
A lot of fish varieties when you eat them you have to freeze them to kill the bacteria
so they can be called sushi-grade fish, but tuna is in the exception variety where it’s
not required by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), because it’s a deep-sea fish and it only eats
other fish that are moving alive, so it’s pretty safe to eat. According to the FDA it
doesn’t have high levels of parasites or is a danger, so you can just eat this straight
fresh. Obviously the fresh fish is better, don’t let it rot that would be bad for you.
But according to what I’ve read its fine to eat, it’s the safest fish out of all the fish
there are. If you’re worried about parasites or something get tuna.
Akami and Otoro Maguro tuna? So here I have two varieties of tuna, one
is Akami, this is a leaner cut of the tuna. It’s more towards the inside, it has less
fat and it’s great for sushi and Nigiri, and sushi rolls, anything in general that has
sushi. Now here’s another cut which is Otoro which is the fattest part of the tuna, it’s
normally on the under-belly part and there is less of it inside the tuna fish, that’s
why the prices have just sky-rocketed in recent times. Now you can just see the fat inside
this fish, it’s beautiful and it just melts away inside your mouth when you eat this.
Now they are both great, that’s basically everything I have to say about this. Let’s
get to making some Nigiri. Slicing Tuna for Nigiri Sushi
To slice your tuna what you’ll need is a very sharp knife, now the one I have here is a
Miyabi, it’s a slicing Japanese style knife. You can also use a Yanagiba which is a specially
designed knife for Sashimi cuts. You’re going to have lose a bit of the fish.
This is excess, now this can be used for sushi rolls or whatever. Now you want to begin here
at this end and just drag your knife through and that is what you’re looking for, nice
thin slice. Now you just simply slice, now this cutting
action is called Sogizukuri which basically just means angled cut. Now Otoro is a much
more delicate fish to make sashimi out of because it’s so fatty and it will just fall
apart. So it’s very important to have an extremely sharp knife with this.
Just simply take your knife, put the heel there and just guide it through. The fattiness
inside this Otoro is just incredible, and the taste is just delicious.
How to make Nigiri Sushi To assemble your Nigiri Sushi what you’re
going to need is your fish which you just cut, some real wasabi, if you want to know
about this, click here now so it will take you to more information about this, and some
cooked sushi rice. Now if you don’t know how to make sushi rice then click here now and
it should take you to a recipe video of the cooked sushi rice.
Take about a quail’s egg size of rice and you just form it into an oblong shape with
your right hand, gently, now you place your tuna over your fingers, don’t place it over
your palm because it’s too warm and it will actually cook the fish a little. Now with
your index finger of your right hand you take a little bit of wasabi and you put it over
your fish. Put the rice over the tuna, press it down with your thumb, correct the edges
a little bit with your index finger and thumb and now just curl it up with a little bit
of down pressure with your index finger. Now turn it over, shape your sushi with your thumb
and your index finger, now bring it towards the center, not over your palm again and just
hold it and firmly press in the sides with your thumb, holding it in place with your
index finger and your cold hand. Now you turn it around, do the same for the other side
and there you go. One piece of Otoro sushi done, now you want
to add a little bit of soy sauce over it — beautiful. I will show it again but now with Akami Maguro
tuna You wet your hands so that the rice doesn’t
stick to them, take about a quail’s egg size of cooked sushi rice in your right hand and
you just form it into an oblong shape — there you go. Now, take your fish, place it over
your left hand on your fingers not on the palm because it’s too warm, and you add a
little bit of wasabi. Now you place your rice over it, depress it with your thumb and press
in the sides with your index finger and your thumb of the other hand. Now curl it over
your fingers, hold in using your index finger and then just flip over to the end of your
fingers. Now shape with your thumb and your index finger of your right hand and then move
it towards the center again. Now you curl it up and you hold it and you press in with
your thumb — see here, pressing in with the thumb. Now you turn it around and do the same
to the other side, and there you go — that’s Tuna Nigiri done.
So now you’ve done the Tuna Nigiri, you add a little bit of soy sauce over it and that’s
ready to eat. That was how to make Tuna Nigiri Sushi, now
if you want to know more about this knife then please click on it now and you’ll find
out everything there is to know about this. It’s a little bit pricy but it is just so
sharp from factory. I mean it is just unbelievable. You have never experienced a sharp knife until
you’ve held this one. I mean it will slice through anything like a hot knife through
butter, literally. I didn’t even understand the meaning of this until I held this beauty.
If you want to really make Tuna Nigiri, you better get this knife. You can without it,
but it’s just so much more better. I mean you can use other knives, I’ve got
some cheaper versions and some other ones, but this one came from factory sharpened.
A little bit more knife praising, and then next week’s voting option
Now it is a masterpiece built by Miyabi, it is just astonishing. I made sushi before this
thing, but with this knife it’s just, it makes your work easier and the cuts are cleaner
and nicer. Everything is just a little bit better, you know. It’s like having a carbon
fiber bicycle or having just a normal steel frame bicycle — yes the steel frame bicycle
does get the job done, but the carbon fiber one does it unlike the steel one, it feels
like you’re riding on air, and this, it feels like you’re cutting through air. You’re slicing
through the fish like it’s not even there, and I can’t praise this knife enough. I am
so glad that the guys at Miyabi gave me this knife, it’s great.
Should you buy this knife? If you can afford one you should get one,
but if you can’t afford one there are other options, like you can get just any other blade
and sharpen it by hand, but it will take you hours of agonizing work to get it to this
point, and you’ll probably destroy a couple knives before you understand how to sharpen
a knife with a wet stone or at least irreparably damage a knife, like I did once before.
Next week’s video !!! ??? I have always said that to make sushi you
need to have an extremely sharp knife, now with that in mind next week’s choice of videos
is, as you’ve seen me cutting some stuff with these knives here, Miyabi, they are amazingly
sharp or I show you how to sharpen a blade with a wet stone. Now you can sharpen just
any old kitchen knife with a wet stone but it won’t stay sharp as long as the Miyabi.
Okay, so to sum up just leave your comment below of either you want to see the wet stone
or cutting stuff with Miyabi knives. Okay, now I personally I don’t know which one I
will go for, it’s important to know how to sharpen knives with a wet stone, but then
it’s also fun to watch cutting stuff with a knife for testament. It will be fun, it’s
up to you. Leave your comment below and don’t forget
please share this video on Facebook, Twitter, whatever and vote up or down, leave some comments,
that’s always nice. And don’t forget to subscribe, here’s the subscription link. Subscribe now
to my channel and you’ll get to see much more sushi videos.

100 comments on “Tuna nigiri – how to make tuna nigiri sushi – japanese food recipe

  1. im in awe! but i hope someday you show us you doing the filleting of fish yourself..with those beautiful knives u have, i bet you will!

  2. actually your wrong, tuna was not a very popular fish in japan until the invention of soy sauce, the salty taste of soy sauce counteracts the heavy metallic taste of tuna making it more palatable.

  3. That 1,760,000$ fish was sold at such a high price because it was the first Bluefin of the season at the Tsukiji Market. It is a tradition in Japan that the first Bluefin of the year is sacred and has special meaning in their culture which is why it is always the most expensive fish sold each year.

  4. OH btw, the bones, skin, head, collars, every part of the Tuna CAN be and IS used. Please do some research before making videos sir. I enjoy your videos but you need to research more. A tuna is much like a cow, it has different cuts and parts of the animal but 100% can be used and eaten. The bones used for dashi and sauces. The head is roasted whole in a traditional Japanese way. The collars, grilled in a similar way to yakitori. The tail as great meat for raman. 100% of the fish is used

  5. Interesting didn't actually know that, i knew it was a statement by the guy that bought that blue fin tuna (i think he looked at it as more of an advertising campaign for his sushi restaurant chain considering the press attention).

  6. Yes but the value of the dashi stock and sauces made from the head and bones of a blue fin tuna that sells for 1,750,000 dollars is irrelevant (relatively speaking).
    plus if you pay close attention to detail in my video (as i know you like to do Joseph) you will note that i was talking about strictly using the fish for sashimi or sushi, i don't consider sauces derived from the bone of that fish as using it in sushi or sashimi , even if you decide to spay them over a sushi roll.

  7. gotcha. If your looking for a supplier to get tuna from look up catalinaop(dot)com they carry 100% sushi grade fish, best Uni I have ever used. Do carry O-Toro as well. Watch the Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Has great info you could use for your channel. Jiro is considered to be the best sushi chef and restaurant in the world.

  8. The head, collar, tail, etc all are used is what I am saying. Also traditional Japanese preparations do use dashi in different sashimi preparations. Keep learning man, your videos are great just keep up with the knowledge and they will become even better. Sorry if you took my comments in a bad way, just trying to share some knowledge so you will improve. Cheers

  9. i used to recommend CatalinaOffShoreProducts but i had to stop since their customer support was terrible and they never responded to emails that was just unacceptable.
    already watched Jiro dreams of sushi, but thanks for the suggestion.

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    its fin…. just lets limit it to once a week because it seems to be spiraling out of control.

  11. use dashi for different sashimi preparations? Well they do use dashi for the sashimi soy sauce, and every restaurants are different. This is a first time I ever heard People using Tuna Head, collar , and tail for sashim dash. For dashi, katsuo and gombu are the main ingredients and sometimes dried anchovies…I think someone who really needs studying is you. And this guy didn't mentioned anything about DAshi he was showing how to make a nigiri sushi.

  12. oh I can understand your pure love to your knives 😉
    Blades from Japan are the best if one can care properly for them. (sharpening and not hitting into hard objects…)

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  17. that little piece of toro that you ruin by basting soy on, it sells anywhere between $8 to $12. toro is super expensive cause there's only a few pieces that can be used from the belly after trimming.

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    the way how u slice the fish is already wrong… jeez this guy is a failure

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    I'd say go back to the profession, get used to the movements, then maybe come back and teach. And I don't mean like 1 or two years. You should at least have 10+ years experience to start teaching others about the delicate process of sushi. You can't start teaching people about sushi just because you add soy sauce on top of the fish like Jiro… There's just so much more involved…

    Anyway, if you truly respect the food and culture, you'd go back to the basics and practice. Please don't butcher our culture.

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    Your hand placement when cutting the fish is all wrong.

    Using to much force to mold rice and you can see that at 6:46, you want the sushi rice to literally break apart when you put it in your mouth, using to much force will crush the rice and make the rice clump together.

    Sushi is 80% rice / 20% fish

    It doesn't matter how expensive your knives are, there's no difference between a $100 knife and a $1000 knife if you don't know how to sharpen / properly maintain your knife. Yes there is a difference in material, but if you can't properly maintain it, it'll all go to shit.

    I don't wanna sound like an ass but you shouldn't be proud of expensive knifes, rather you should try to take a $100 knife and make it better than a $1000 knife, etc.

    Anyways I hope you try to excel and get better each day. Cheers

  23. I work at a sushi restaurant and I cut faster and my nigiri looks way better than that come to dragonfly sushi Gainesville Florida and learn from the best.

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