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Tuna Salad & Potato Salad on Toast

Tuna Salad & Potato Salad on Toast

[Intro music] Visit any tapas bar in northern Spain at lunchtime and you will see plates of bread slices mounted with mayonnaise based salads that look like 2 or 3 bites of open sandwiches. If you ever go to Spain, don’t miss the market of Barcelona. It is outstanding. Probably one of the best markets in the world. This is where I had a chance to taste this wonderful tapas. Very simple, yet delicious. To make the tuna salad on bread tapas, you will need canned tuna preferably in oil, lemon, hardboiled egg, tomato, bread, mayonnaise, anchovies, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper. Grate the hardboiled egg. Drain the tuna; make sure that you get yourself away from the can. In Spain, they use a lot of canned products. Tuna, anchovies, mackerels, sardines and so on. Always very good quality. Press hard to remove the oil. And add the tuna to the egg. Grate the lemon zest, about half of the lemon. So grate only the rind, don’t go deep into the skin, otherwise that will bring the bitterness to the salad. Prepare the tomato. Core the tomato. Do you know how to core a tomato, by the way? Place your thumb on the side of the blade, leaving about a centimetre; place the tip of the blade on the side of the core. Stab the tomato. That’s the only thing you are going to stab ever. Then turn around the core, and pick it up. Easy. Then cut the tomato in quarters. Remove the centre. Remove the seeds. Cut it in small sticks and little cubes. So cut about a quarter cup of diced tomato. And reserve the rest to garnish. Reserve this. Add the diced tomato to the tuna mixture and chop the anchovies. So the anchovies come from the Spain too. And beautiful, really nice, pretty salty. Reserve the rest to garnish if you like anchovies. If you don’t like anchovies, don’t put any. But guess what? I love anchovies. It’s very tasty. Make sure it is pretty fine. You want to taste it but you don’t want to find it almost. Clean the blade and keep chopping. Add the anchovies to the salad. Rub your mayonnaise because you know that you keep your mayonnaise always refrigerated. Add the mayonnaise to the salad. So one tablespoon, Tablespoon and a half for now. Season slightly. Put pinch of salt. Not too much because the anchovies will be salted. Pepper. Add a pinch of cayenne pepper. Just for the spiciness. If you like a kick, put more. A kick of spice, of course. Mix well. Make sure the salad is not too dry. Make it tiny bit more, mayonnaise. Taste. Hmm. Nice, lots of flavour. We taste the crispiness of the crunch of the tomato. Spread the tuna salad on a slice of bread. Good. Be generous. You may use white bread or whole wheat bread if you want. But any bread you like. It’s fine. Then cut the slices by half. Then put the tomato that we have reserved from earlier. So we will saw the flesh, watch your finger. Alright. Make a thin julienne. Decorate the slices. Here we go. Add a little bit of parsley, fresh one if you want. Parsley is full of iron, so it’s a good way to get all the nutritions. And plate. Tuna salad on bread tapas style. Bon appétit!

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