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hi guys my name is Mary jordan and
welcome to my kitchen on today’s episode of mary jos tamales
we’re going to be making some tuna salad i used about three large cans of
tuna and it was packed in olive oil now you could purchase tuna packed and
water or tuna packed in olive oil which ever one you get make sure that
you train the excess liquid off of it you don’t need that in your salad it’s going to be wet enough with the
mayonnaise that you use another little tip that I want to make sure share with
you is to make sure you put some lemon in your tuna either fresh lemon or a
couple of teaspoons of lemon prepared you know kind that take out of
refrigerator you know tuna it is good anytime of the year especially in the
summertime because you don’t have to turn on your stove or oven especially if
you don’t use eggs in your tuna like I do so come on let me show you how to make this
tuna and we’re going to get it done in no time flat i’m using eggs i have here little lemon
juice some chopped-up onion a little bit of relish black pepper some salt I have some season salt lemon pepper
and mayonnaise and all we’re going to do is mix everything in our Bowl take our
eggs put them in our bowl take our onion just mix everything together make
sure you give it a nice stir just making sure that you blend all the ingredients really well doesn’t that look delicious it looks really really good you know
I’ve been making this for my family for many years and not only does tuna tastes
really good what is a very good source of protein
for you now you want to make this your recipe add celery if you like take the
eggs out of you like is your choice now didn’t I tell you that that would be
a really quick dish to make you know you can have your tuna on bread you can make
a sandwich you can use crackers and eat it with or
you can serve it up the way that I prepared it on a bed of lettuce with
some tomatoes look how delicious that looks has my name written all over
anyway you decide to serve your tuna you’re gonna love you for it so make
for tuning it and don’t forget to comment and leave me a message to let me
know what you like to me and also don’t forget to subscribe and don’t get to
like see the next video bye-bye now

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