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Tuna Salad with Pico de Gallo

Tuna Salad with Pico de Gallo

(upbeat, lively music) – Today I have a quick
meal you can pull together in a flash. Tuna salad with pico de
gallo gives a spicy kick to your basic can of tuna. Now to start, we need two
six-and-a-half ounce cans or pouches of tuna packed in water. Canned tuna is something that
I always have in my pantry, because it adds protein and
healthy fats to any recipe. Now, I love albacore tuna,
but it’s a bit more expensive than chunk light tuna,
so I usually stock up on whatever kind is on sale. Now, for this recipe, we’re
using reduced salt tuna, but you can also drain
and rinse canned tuna to get rid of some of that sodium. Just dump the tuna in
a fine mesh strainer, and then rinse it for about 30 seconds. Now my tuna has already
been rinsed and drained, and now, I’m going to break it
up a little bit with a fork. Just like that. So it, get the big chunks out of the way. There we go, that looks good. Now, I’ll just set that aside, and now it’s time to get spicy. So, pico de gallo is a type
of salsa, usually made with tomatoes, onions, and jalapeno peppers. We’re going to use all of
those ingredients today, and a few extra goodies. So, to start, I have two medium tomatoes that I have already diced. Put those right here in my bowl. Now, when fresh tomatoes aren’t in season, I use a can of no-salt added,
diced tomatoes instead. Now, here’s where we add
the heat and the spice. Now I have one jalapeno
pepper, but if you want a milder flavor, just use half of it. If you like a little kick, then
you can use the whole thing. Personally, I like a
bit of heat in my food so I’ve decided to use the whole pepper. Now I have one small red onion
that has been finely chopped. I’m going to add that right in. And, I like the color and tang
of red onions in this recipe, but actually, you could use any
onion that you have on hand. Now next is the juice of one lemon. And then next, two tablespoons
of chopped, fresh cilantro. That’s a staple ingredient in pico. And we have one minced garlic clove. And a quarter teaspoon
of black pepper, so. Now I’m just going to give all
of that a nice little stir. (stirring, scraping) Get the lemon coating
all of these vegetables. (stirring, scraping) There we go. Now I often
make a little bit extra pico de gallo to use later on. It’ll keep in your refrigerator
for about three days. So now we want to add the
tuna to the pico de gallo. Right there, and, we will give all of that a really good mix. Just stir that up here. Bring in all of the onions, and
the cilantro, the jalapenos, mixing it all up together. And, it looks like we are ready to serve. All right. Now this recipe serves four,
so for each salad plate, you’re going to need two or
three pieces of romaine lettuce. So I’m just going to take a couple. That looks pretty good. And, I’ve already washed and
patted the lettuce leaves dry. So now one big scoop of
tuna, which is actually, three quarters of a cup to be exact. Like so, that’s about right. And then just add a few more veggies for color and extra nurtrition. I’m going to add tomato
slices and cucumber rounds to my plate. Make that look really nice. There you go. Two medium tomatoes and one large cucumber is enough for the four servings, and that should do it. Our tuna salad with pico
de gallo is ready to eat. If you’re bored with your
usual salad or tuna sandwich, this is definitely the
recipe to try out next. Enjoy. (lively, upbeat music)

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