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Tuna Steak! Pan Seared Blackfin Tuna Steak

What’s Going On Everybody . Welcome To Kajun Kravings. Today We Gunna Be Cooking Tuna…Blackfin Tuna I want To Thank Everybody Before We Get Started That Subbed To My Channel. We Hit 250 Subscribers yesterday So If You Watching This Video And Your New To My Channel Go Ahead And Hit That Subscribe Button And Um we”ll Have More Great Videos Coming Up Alright The First Thing We Need To Do Is Coat These With Olive Oil Its Not The Perfect Cut Tuna Steak But It Was Given To Me And I Cut It Up Myself About One Inch Thick This Is Blackfin Tuna Now We Gunna Season It With Salt And Pepper Like I Said What We Gunna Do Is Get The Pan Hot and Then We’ll Put The Tuna In The Pan Be Right Back Alright We Got The Pan Hot. We Gunna Go Ahead Put The Tuna In There Season Side Down Go Ahead And Season The Other Side While It’s In There That Was A Little Oil I Put At The Bottom Of The Pan Don’t Use Olive Oil Because It Doesn’t Take The Heat I’m Gunna Let It Cook About A Quarter Inch Up Then We’ll Flip It Over You Don’t Want It To Cook All The Way Through You Want To Leave it Pink In The Middle While It’s Cooking You Don’t Want To Mess With it Just Let it Sit In There And Do It’s Thing Cook it As Much As You Want But Try To Leave It Pink In The Middle If You Cook It All The Way Through it Will be Dry Let This Cook Down A Little Bit And Then We’ll Flip It Over Be Right Back Okay We’ll Go Ahead And Flip These Over They Have A Nice Crust On Them I Don’t Cook Much On This Side Cook The Top Coat The Top Side Of It That Way The Middle Will Stay Pink This Was Caught Last Weekend Down In Grand Isle, Louisiana That’s All We Need On The Other Side We Gunna Go Ahead And Take Them Out Alright We Gunna Go Ahead And Cut The Up. I Started Cutting This One You See How It Still Got A Little Pink In It Still Got A Little Pink. I didn’t Want To Leave To Much Of Pink Breaks Up Really Easy Gunna Go Ahead And Try That Man Thats Really Good! Real Moist On The Inside Not Dry At All That’s One Of The Ways You Can Cook Tuna So If You Like This Video Hit That Subscribe Button Leave Me A like Or Comment

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