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TUNA(Soorai) FISH Eating Challenge | DAD vs HYDERABAD SUBSCRIBER | Fun Overloaded Eating Challenge |

TUNA(Soorai) FISH Eating Challenge | DAD vs HYDERABAD SUBSCRIBER | Fun Overloaded Eating Challenge |

Hi Foodies! Welcome to Saapattu Raman today a subscriber murari from hyderabad came for fish challenge he came here from long distance Hydrabad to here 500 kilometre? 1200 km he don’t know tamil. he knows english and telugu how many km from Hyderabad to Tamilnadu? 1200 he came for us from 1200 km for him today fish challenge what’s the name of this fish in your language? for each 5 piece. and we are going on the timer. challenge is between us subscribers are most welcome to challenge with me. this is first step from us let’s start marinate for 30 minutes then fry it in oil ok start from old style 5…4…3…2…1… Start first we apply pepper powder wait, just a minute why it is black colour means it is over fry. this fish have only bone in centre 5 fishes is there, onion water and honey Let’s Start how much time it took to complete this fish that is the challenge today. eat slowly, he want to eat quickly there is no bone in fish. only in centre see the size of this fish i won’t eat slowly we don’t drink water in between but this fish contains more flesh so i take water. today murari came from andhra and participate eating challenge with me. i’m very happy for that you people to asked us why you challenge only with yours sons? do a challenge with subscribers like that. surprisely he came today and participated today’s challenge i’m very happy for that he participate with me. win or lose that is not a matter you people to call us before coming. we will do challenge in free time win or lose we will do challenge i spend my whole day with him and it was so nice he spoke well but he don’t know tamil that is the only draw back he knows english and telugu he will give speech now like this you also participate a challenge with me i’m very happy that i spend a time with him. first time i’m doing challenge with other guy apart from my sons i completed in 12 minutes he completed near by 3 fish in 14 minutes he is new to this challenge that’s why he can’t able to complete he gave tough fight when start his first fish from second he getting slow. in our state foods are less spicy compare to andhra. that’s why he cant able to eat any how today went very nice and challenge too Please like, comment, and share the videos don’t forget to subscribe our channel Saapattu Raman and click the bell button. until then bye from your’s Porchezhiyan and your’s murari byee….!!!!

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