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Turtle Aquarium Building and Setting Up Guide – DIY

Turtle Aquarium Building and Setting Up Guide – DIY

Hello there,
Do you keep turtles and like them as pets? And if your turtles are very young you must
give them extra care till they are at least 1 and a half year old. Keeping them in proper place is the best thing
you can do. Many turtle owners build different types of
turtle aquarium and ponds depending on their budget. Some of the best ideas for keeping turtles
is making an indoor pond like this one… Or if your turtle has grown bit large then
it is better to keep them in outdoor ponds like this… But for small turtles like mine that is less
than 2 years old a turtle aquarium is better to avoid predators attack. There are many ideas for turtle aquarium like
room corner turtle aquarium, room divider turtle aquarium or just a turtle aquarium
with top raised vivarium. You can get more ideas on and
if you are there you can follow me as well links to which is in the description. In this video I will give you a quick walkthrough
on how I build a turtle aquarium using glasses and simple aquarium decors, gravels and filter
system. And do take note that reptiles like turtle
gives off lot of waste and if you keep them in aquarium make sure you have a good filtration
system. If you don’t want to build turtle tank you
can purchase the completed turtle aquarium and start with setting up the turtle tank,
click the timestamp in video description to jump to the setting up section. For turtle aquarium you need a glass aquarium
like this one it can be smaller or bigger than this, it’s entirely on you to choose
the aquarium size. I recommend bigger aquariums are always better. Some glass piece for the Raised top enclosure
or vivarium Silicon water proof glue and gun
Turtle dock which I made from teak wood you can prefer the video popping in cards to check
the video where I made a turtle dock using wood pieces. Next you need Tapes and scissors and that’s
pretty much… Now I am building the turtle top enclosure
Starting from one of the side which has most surface area.. Build the aquarium upwards. First put tapes all around the sides and then
apply the silicon water proof glue on edges which has be to glued to other glass sheet. Since dried silicon don’t stick well with
fresh silicon glue you need to assemble all glass sides at once after the glue is poured
in. Follow this way as I complete attaching the
top enclosure sides.. You can now see that I have made the top enclosure
using the glass for the vivarium on the top of aquarium
Now I choose to make a glass top lid but you can make any opaque lid as well but you then
need to fix the lighting system inside it. For my case I made a transparent lid so I
will fix the light on the top of it. Now my top lid is also finished in similar
way.. For setting up the turtle tank you needs some
decors I made wood decors myself and check the cards popping above if you too like to
make wood decors like this one.. You see I have also glued it to surface of
tile to avoid floating in water. Get some vivarium decors like green plants,
rock decors etc. and of course the filter, bio filter always better for turtles. Now it’s time to set up the turtle aquarium.. Firstly I cleaned all sides of the aquarium
thoroughly and now it’s time to add the gravels I choose the white crystalline sand
gravels but you can choose hard and more bigger sized gravels. As I said you can refer for
more turtle aquarium ideas and the gravels you want to choose. Putting the sand like gravels directly into
the aquarium is not recommended as it could contain some solvents and can make the water
cloudy.. I washed the gravel thoroughly in water and
then collected here.. Now I am going to put it inside the aquarium
first after placing all the decors.. Arrange the gravel in slightly hilly manner
from left to right or from back to front .. aquarist always arrange the decors and gravels keeping
in mind the point of attraction that is more attractive colors closer to the left. But this is an turtle aquarium so attraction
is not much important than the arrangements. Now I have placed the stone decors and arranged
the gravels it’s time to add the filter. The filtration system is very essential to
keep the aquarium clean. If you are having bigger turtle aquarium then
I recommend the canister filter with UV lamp to get top notch cleaning in aquarium. Now it’s time to arrange the top enclosure
for making the vivarium Put all the decors in a way such that turtle
feels good after its swim and climbs up from aquarium water.. The turtle aquarium is almost finished now
it’s time to add the normal tap water and it should have pH between 6 and 8 and low
chlorine, nitrite and nitrate levels. Try Bio filter media to get good pH levels
as well as check the video popping in cards for bio filtration ideas. This the handy tools I bought for cleaning
aquariums and I am arranging the gravels using it you can buy it too I will drop a link,
its very cheap. Water is completely added and now the turtle
can be place in aquarium. There is no point of keeping multiple turtles
as turtles cannot breed until they are two years old or more. So if you have two five-inch turtles, for
example, your tank should hold a minimum of 75 gallons of water: 50 gallons for the 360
days old turtle, and another 25 gallons (half of 50) for the 180 days old turtle. Keeping multiple turtles may make the water
dirty and affect their health as well. Now just attach a lighting system and background
and the turtle aquarium would be fine to run on its own just feed the turtle timely and
monitor the water quality and that’s it. Your turtle would be much happier in such
aquarium. I hope you like this video give it a like
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or connect or follow me on social networks links to all this is in the video description. I will catch you guys later till then by and
take care and Thanks for Watching.

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