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Tyler Kapela: Born To Fish

Tyler Kapela: Born To Fish

My name is Tyler Kapela, and I was born to
fish. I caught fish all over the world. Fishing
is my life. When I was 9years old or so, Id fish every
little mud hole or pond, just to see if there was any kind of fish out there. I got a little
john boat and fished saltwater, thats when I realized: thats what I want to do, why not?
If I could make a living, this is my office, not a bad office.
Equipment in fishing is of the utmost importance because basically if you have a weak link
in the chain, thats it, you just blew your shot at the trophy fish, so it starts from
the rod, reels, the boat, all the way down to the smallest parts, everything has to be
perfect to get that trophy. Traditional knowledge; when youre going to
buy a reel, just go to the reel counter, flip the spool and make sure it doesnt make a noise,
but nowadays the highest quality bearings at Boca Bearings are ceramic and they make
a little bit of a humming sound. When I hear that, it is absolute music to my ears. One
great thing about ceramic bearings for a saltwater fisherman is that, not only are they strong
which is helpful; they dont corrode like other ball bearings.
With this opportunity to be the host of north American fisherman, a fishing show, ive been
able to travel all over the world. One of the first places I went, exotic places anyway,
was Quebec; we went to way northern Quebec, fish for atlantic salmon which is a very prestigious
fish to catch with a fly rod. Atlantic salmon are not easy to catch at all. They are very
finicky, sometimes you have to put the fly in front of them 15, 20, 30 times just to
make them mad to hit because theyre not actually eating when they are on this river. Finally,
made one mad enough to hit, a nice 15-pounder and it just went screaming off downstream,
jumping around everywhere. Really the first of any of the prestigious fish you can catch,
Ill never forget him. We went to Mozambique, Africa which is kind
of exotic destination if I dont say so myself. So Im out there in Mozambique chasing down
all these crazy exotic fish only to have a reel fail on me. Im half way across the world,
what are you going to do, you cant get another reel. And that just goes to show you, you
need to have quality equipment no matter where youre going fishing, to make sure when that
opportunity of a lifetime comes along, something doesnt fail. Ive gotten to fish incredible
places like Panama, where my dream fish is just one cast away. Boca Bearings has added
a whole new dimension to my game, and it has made me a much better angler. No matter where
I fish, all over the world, Im thankful for my roots, right here in central Florida.

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  1. Tyler Kapela, host of North American Fisherman show has fished all around the world, in places ranging from South Florida to Northern Canada, to Mozambique, Africa. In this video, he talks a bit about his outdoor adventures and of the importance of having high-quality and reliable equipment at all times, always being prepared to catch the fish of a lifetime. Mr. Kapela uses ceramic bearings from Boca Bearings to remain well-equipped and ready to catch his next trophy fish.

    Bearings used by Mr. Kapela:

    High Speed Oil:

    Spool Pin Pliers:

    Work Mat:

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