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Ultimate Beef Tacos – Tacos With Homemade Chipotle Sauce

Ultimate Beef Tacos – Tacos With Homemade Chipotle Sauce

what is up everybody this is Lyle no
hippie BBQ and what I’m be doing in this video is I am going to be making some
Chipotle flank steak tacos this recipe was kind of requested by another YouTube
channel by the name of simply keys world I’m gonna leave a link to her channel in
the iCard a book and description below if you run out her channel she has a lot
of different stuff makeup hair the occasional rack which is what I
appreciate from that because this is pretty funny anyway
run over there and check her out now she was gonna do this recipe using some fish
which is easily to adapt you just may not need to have fish marinate in this
mixture we’re about to make overnight anyway we’re gonna do what this is we
are going to come up with the marinade for this flank steak let it marinate for
about 30 hours yep time 24 will be fine and then we’ll get it out on the grill
we’re also going to be making a nice chipotle sauce to go over these beef tacos as
well but right now we’re just gonna work on the marinade so come on in take a
look at these ingredients so I am working with the two-pound flank steak I
have an onion quarter four cloves of garlic I’m just using the
cilantro stems for this steak marinade lime juice ground oregano ground cumin salt
pepper some olive oil and we have our chipotle peppers in a can you can find
all different variations of this at Walmart to get this marinade
whipped up really all that we’re gonna do is add all of our ingredients to a
blender or it could be something like what I have now we’re just gonna blend
it up now that we have that blended up pretty
good I am going to go ahead and add my olive oil to it now and this is just
going to be to thin it out just a little bit so I’m going to go with about a
quarter cup of olive oil right there and now that we have this blended up
it’s just going to go I have our flank steak in a ziplock bag we’re just going
to pour it over and we’re going to massage it make sure that you know the
entire flank steak is coated and then this is just gonna go in the
refrigerator for about 30 hours see you tomorrow
so we are about four hours away from cooking this Steak I want to get this
sauce made a little half time to cool down in the refrigerator before our steak
is done now we have some weather outside this is kind of a little crazy right now
so I’m not sure if we’re going to hit one of these smokers up or if we’re
going to finish it off in the oven nevertheless we got to get this sauce
made up I will be having the ingredients and amounts in the description below but
here’s what we’re working with we have some Kremlin some mayonnaise the same
chipotle peppers that we used in the marinade lime juice salt some Mexican
oregano some cilantro and that is pretty much it so what we’re going to do is add
all this to our you know use a blender use whatever you’d like we’re gonna
blend it up so there’s our mayonnaise peppers and this is gonna make more than
what I need for this one recipe but nothing like having plenty of this
leftover to use in other recipes if you don’t have crema go ahead and use sour
cream all right lime juice salt cilantro and I’m gonna go a little bit heavy on
this Mexican oregano I do like that leave a profile so what’s in my
description is going to be less than what I mean now we’re gonna do is blend this up it’s
gonna stay in the refrigerator chilling out until we get this meat done
I probably will put it in a squirt bottle because I like using those gives
a little bit better presentation on the top girls anyway I’ll see you back in
about 3-4 hours go ahead and get this meat cooked I’m gonna cook this to about
a medium and I have these coals searing hot right now we’re just gonna throw it
directly on the steak if I try to lift it now you’re gonna kind of feel it
tugging as soon as that steak releases from the grill is gonna be when you’re
gonna want to flip it flip it got some nice char on that right there
need to work on this in a little bit more I guess the meat was folded over a
little bit over there so we’ll get to that later let’s take a look at this
other side and that looks good now I still have this light part over here
what I’m gonna do is I’m just going to throw that edge over for a couple
minutes let that get charred up a bit I think I’m at the doneness that I want
now I’m gonna just take this off the grill throw it in a pan throw some foil
on it now let’s get started on these tortillas using those corn tortillas
that are made on-site at a store out here and what I’ve done off-camera was I
put a little oil on the pan and then cooked them on both sides and now what
I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put these in a little accessory called the taco rack
and they sent this to me about a year ago and I love this thing it’s just a
great way to present tacos so I’m going to throw these in our taco rack and I’m
gonna put them in our oven just for about 4 minutes at about 375 degrees
just to kind of crisp crisp them up a tad and when I’m done with that and
we’ll get slicing this meat and putting this taco together
dreams are run in this direction so we’re going to be cutting against the
grain now that we have this cut I’m gonna go ahead and just come down like
this I don’t want to have too big of chunks in this the reason I was going
for a medium on this is I really don’t like a lot of liquid leaking out of
these when we go to have our tacos anyway these shells should be done let’s
get putting these things together so these gloves come in handy when you’re
making things like tacos you can just go ahead and throw them in with your hands
and makes it a little bit easier and we’re just going with something simple I
have a pico de gallo made I have some guacamole
I’m not sure if I’m going to add any cuacamole to this or not I’ll let people
make up their mind if they want it as a matter of fact I am going to go ahead
and have some guacamole that’s gonna add that’s gonna kind of help my pico de
gallo stick onto these tacos not only one plane since I ran out of
guacamole now for our sauce and this sauce trust
me is awesome alright let’s go ahead and taste them so the time has come for me to get into
one of these tacos can’t wait now that is delicious now I will tell
you that meat did get cooked maybe a tad more than what I was hoping for but
still excellent and if you got nothing else from this video but the recipe for
this sauce you’re winning this sauce right here is good anyway
key I hope that helps you out like to thank everybody else for stopping by no
hippie BBQ Chipotle Steak Tacos Beef Taco Recipe

56 comments on “Ultimate Beef Tacos – Tacos With Homemade Chipotle Sauce

  1. I caught you sneaking a taste test of the marinade after you put in the olive oil. I would have done the same thing. Great recipe

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  3. Hah the weather is a little crazy, the wind here messes with smoking. That sauce and marinade look on point. Great job Lyle!

  4. Hello. Boy those were some great looking Steak Tacos. I totally believe that sauce is da bomb 👍. Gotta have some guacamole 👌 We love tacos 💗. Thanks 👍

  5. Lyle, you marinated your flank steak 30 hours, so I know it has amazing flavor. I initially thought you had over-charred it, but as you sliced it, wow, I was wrong. The meat was perfect for me! Watching you put together the chipotle cream sauce was the best time spent today! I have to make it!

  6. Oh man I can't look at food right now because we just ordered in at work, but I can't not watch a taco video as soo as I can lol

  7. Brotha that looks good. How was the heat level. Could it be kid friendly or should I bring it down a notch. My kids like a lil heat..

  8. So you know I am going to do these tacos except with fish this weekend thank you so much I appreciate it and thank you for the shout out

  9. I picked the wrong time to go vegan, but the kids who still eat meat would love this so much .. That is some serious marinating 🙂 That char omg yum.

  10. This sauce does look quite tasty. Do you think one of those cheap knock off high speed blenders would work as good as the NutriBullet. I have one of them and am afraid to make recipes like this because I don't think it would do the job.

  11. Oh my… every component looks scrumptious! Im the cook at a school – the students love anything taco-ish lol they would love these for sure!!

  12. This recipe looks delicious 😋! I don't have a grill. Can I cook the steak in the oven? If so, what temperature would I use and what length of time should I cook it for it to be well done? Thank you in advance 😊.

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