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Ultimate Labrador Salmon | Flowers River

Ultimate Labrador Salmon | Flowers River

Welcome everyone to the new fly Fisher
I’m your host Bill Spicer on this week’s show I’m the guest of Jim Burton and
flowers River Lodge and it’s late season Atlantic salmon the water is low it’s
clear and the wind is high we’ll talk about what you need to do to overcome
these obstacles it’s going to be another great one so stay with us we’ll be right
back on today’s show the new fly Fisher crew
is in the majestic mountains of northern Labrador on the flowers River this river
runs 50 miles inland from flowers Bay this stretch of wilderness is accessible
strictly by float plane and helicopter these remote waters provide beautiful
scenery great fishing and calming solitude if you’re coming for Atlantic
salmon you want to be into the lodge property between the middle of July to
the middle of August if you’re coming for some really good Atlantic salmon
fishing and some really good hearty car fishing and a fly out for some speckled
brook trout then you want to be into the lodge around the middle of August to the
middle of September got him yes sir perfect now I’m really
surprised whoa whee oh yes sir he’s not a bad fish these are bad won’t let me
come at leave last slack line now as you could see these fish run right at you
this is the reason why we have large arbor reels
well that was such a great take a very small fly that was just great very small
fly oh yeah and he got the energy he’s got lots energy so he must be a fresher
fish yes he must be yeah wonder Fisher ones yes sir all right yes too large I
have a real wonderful recovering line yes it is it much faster yeah because
these fish they do they run right at you most people know me as a steel hitter
but I certainly love these Atlantic salmon fish and fishing air to go
fishing isn’t it yeah the fishing is just unbelievable such a beautiful place
to be the province is unbelievable Labrador Newfoundland and this is a
little bigger fish he’s not bad he’s fighting pretty yeah
he still be considered broski say yes yeah so that means he’s if he’s a first
run fish yes and we got them they make it just great those close yeah now if I
could get you just a hold enough for me yes and there is a beautiful beautiful
grouse and the mail you can see by the old feel yeah just beautiful beautiful
fish it’s the thrill the thrill of it and away he goes
Atlantic salmon are no different than any other migratory fish in regards to
where they will hold in the river current seams are a prime area to look
for these fish a current seam is worth two currents of differing speeds meet
water deflecting around a rock will cause these current seams and offer
ideal holding places for fish the rock can be fully submerged and still offer
this protection now as you can see I’ve run into a real
windy situation here and this can happen a lot in Labrador Newfoundland
do yourself a favor if you plan a trip here take the time to go and take a few
fly casting lessons go on Federation of fly fishers website and find a certified
instructor in your area and do yourself a favor they’re very inexpensive take a
few lessons you’ll be able to deal with all this wind without the frustration
now I started off higher up where the camera just was and I’m having a real
difficult time with this wind so I have to change positions but I have to change
position smartly now we have a rock right here and I know there’s fish on
the other side because I took one there now I want to place the rock between me
and the fish but also stay far enough away now this gives me a different angle
I can control my fly and as you’ve seen with that last fish it produced a fish
for me now this rock is protecting me from the fish as far as them see me they
can’t see me because the rocks there so this is a good position I don’t want to
get any closer because the water is clear and Atlantic salmon are not
notoriously spooked Oh
alright dandy it’s a dandy Annette yeah yeah they quite great yes I believe
that’s his job it’s a jerk he’s got a red belly kinda yeah red dip yeah a dandy char lovely white the fighters
this I really do believe this is my first chart so oh yeah
never cut an artist charts are America ball boy that was just completely
unexpected whoa hello ah let’s get him over here
the real kicker I don’t think he’s quite ready yet
oh that’s the smile Sam is it yeah the small grills hey hey but he’s unusually
spotted that’s just yeah but although he’s been in the river for quite a while
okay so that’s a door else yeah yeah I thought at first it was a char yeah
very nicely show through the camera only not nice and I’ll let you release him
but no look at the whole Brady this has been through for a while they don’t know
yeah it was a job to tell what okay well let’s release it let’s not keep it up
too long and out in the water I’ll just keep them there yeah we go the next morning I was asked if I would
be interested in trying for some of Labradors famous Arctic charm
I eagerly agreed and after a short pleasant flight
we touched down and I could not believe my eyes and there we go
that one I got that’s a good one yes sir man oh man they don’t leap like
the Atlantic salmon but my goodness they’re beautiful they are strong like
you wouldn’t believe yeah I’m gonna use my net I’ll take it
down into shallow water and I’ll use my net but youyou can see that these are
absolutely gorgeous fish yeah yeah and we’re taking them with beat heads now
the art of char here they call it regulated waters well where we are
regulated so I don’t have to stay with the no wait on my my leader rule and
there we go and slice out and not extremely large my
my goodness strong strong fish now daren’t a lovely
next pink beautiful fish and this water is extremely cold and
away you go oh right now that’s the first one the
first one there’s a school of probably 200 fish there and all I’m doing I put a
an indicator on and it was spooking the fish because the water so clear so I had
to take the indicator off and go right to the bottom and all I’m doing is
watching the end of my line if the end of my line stops I set the hook well our family has been in the opening
business for 40 years in Labrador and I’m privileged to be walking in the
footsteps of my dad we’ve been modifying every year we do something a little
different at the lodge if it’s not fixing the premises or bringing in new
fiberglass boats too this year we’ve really graduated as stewards to the
environment to bring in the solar power anywhere from five hundred gallons of
diesel in a season we will now consume eleven to twelve gallons of diesel so
each year you’re doing something a little different that adds to the life
and success of the business a lot of the guests this year have been commenting
the regular guests that come back and forth that they don’t hear that noisy
generator now in the evening they get to hear the peace and quiet of the river
and nature as best that’s a good noon yeah you’re actually
you you actually put a little action on the nymphs dragon at the bottom yeah
like it’s moving yeah I gave you a little bit of life to it yeah and your
line actually shoot out when he hit yeah yeah and putting that little weight on
that down that line like you said billable 18 inches up that’s okay
yeah well that’s a really deep hole so it’s just a bead head itself won’t get
down there efficiently and I don’t just look them scatter yeah that’s a
beautiful looking fish and these I think this is this is a fish – yeah there’s
trouble on the migrate and they are so strong from the from the Arctic Ocean I
mean it’s just just look at that isn’t that pretty
yeah they fight similar to a big brook trout to me yeah yeah well you know it
from the trope family yeah it’s a it’s a very pretty looking fish this yeah here
yeah and they get more crimson as a as the month goes on yeah yeah you know
what better action to come over here with a nice five piece five wait yeah
rod and it’s it’s just so I mean it’s you know what that’s that’s a look at a
rod Bend together I mean this guy means business isn’t that something
yeah there’s some some huge fish now this would be one of the smaller ones
alright and with the water so clear you can see them all yeah yeah a beautiful
fish yes the lovely fish one can be very careful when we handle the fish not to
touch the gills yes but just look at that isn’t that beautiful look at the
colors on the bottom yeah it’s just starting to turn right and they get
really bright orange just like a bag of oranges yes it’s just just look at that
is just awesome and less there we go yes excellent rate
job great job excellent thank you for letting that fish yeah no problem
wonderful job well I think is your turn yeah okay
I’ll give it a shot absolutely it’s a fun place to fish built we’ve got
the lace sandy shoreline it’s very now you you must take your your customers
that are beginners and people that that can’t move as well as others you bring
them here yeah you know you’re right we bring a lot of people over to Charlie
Caen and it’s it’s every bit eight eight miles east of the lodge it’s only a five
minute flight in the beaver and we get an opportunity to fish over some some
wonderful large already turn yeah of course sometimes we get the sea trout
mixed in too which makes it kind of fun yeah but yeah it’s a short walk as you
can see behind me the beaver so we haven’t got fryer to walk yeah and we’re
right here in the stream where we have an abundance of already turn man and
this isn’t even a lot of fish here tell me you’ve had many right yep you’ve had
many bigger runs in this yeah this is this is an unusual year we had a lot of
high water initially so we’re just sort of scratching our heads wondering where
all the arctic char are but this is a this is a small run this is not a huge
run we normally see this brook fairly full of Rd chart
look it hurts a huge fish in there yeah this is a good fish
this good fish yes bigger fish then what we’ve been
gettin we’ve been getting like these three and four founders this one is
definitely up around six or seven we got a lot of fish around us one of the other
guests is out near the end point there and he’s getting fish so this is
incredible spot Jim has here there we go this is a very very nice fishing you get
my white glove out beautiful very very now look at that people this is what
coming to flowers River Lodge is all about
nice looking char like so look at all brightly coloured it is I’m gonna keep
him in the water for a minute make sure he gets a drink very excited all he
wants to go and away he goes oh yeah the day continued on with many more
arctic shark caught and released but it was time to head back to a good meal and
plan the next day’s fishing we feel that and our family has been of course in the
opening business for 40 years and second only to our fishing is our food and of
course when you have a beautiful airplane like that the Abilene beaver
that we go back and forth to the lodge every couple three days then we bring in
fresh supplies tomatoes lettuce but we certainly we certainly consider our food
a pillar to the life and success of the lodge when fishing Atlantic salmon your choice
of reel is critical I’ve been pushing large arbors for the simple fact as with
Atlantic salmon they run directly at you a lot of times and you must have the
ability to pick up the line quickly a smooth drag smooth drag is critical
because these Atlantic salmon are hard fighters and they can go 20 30 and even
40 pounds so they can really tax your reel now your lines simply floating
lines that’s all they allow you to do with Atlantic salmon is a floating line
no weight on your leader or your fly either that’s regulations but floating
lines are all only what you need I would recommend bringing a longer bellied
floating line that you can cast farther because the flower’s river behind me is
quite a large river and sometimes you have to cast great distances this is called long beach’s this cot
columns right Kelvin’s wrong okay and the reason why we’re here is because
normally there’s fish that live here overnight and usually you can see them
in the early morning it’s wetter at the Sun is bright but while happened
throughout the night the Bears been there and they’re pushed off into the
deep and do the fireside so I have to make a few longer casts oh count them
down it’s not too big yeah that’s a jump danik yes sir this is good I like this kind of fishing
dry fly fishing now that was like just a sip that wasn’t
unusual no that was a casual takers yeah he was just kind of lazily doing it
beautiful yes that’s great action and good with
the the larger bird reels keeping up with him when he runs to you okay I’m
gonna back up a bit get him in some shallower water oh yeah oh that he let
go oh well yeah what can you say yeah that
was that was intense I’ve been casting up I’ve been casting
down and the important thing on this was controlling the drift I didn’t want any
drag and what I mean by drag is you get a little weight behind the fly you don’t
want that you want it is the same as if you threw a marshmallow in in the water
the same way it floats that’s what you want with your fly I’m going to dry off
the fly and we’re gonna try that again the most effective Atlantic salmon flies
on this trip were Green Bombers brown bombers orange bombers Green Highlanders
and blue charms the flies that were used for the arctic
char were bead head copper johns and bead head Prince nymphs there are two
types of Rhys forms that you will see the first Rhys form indicates a fish
that is moving through the run and is unlikely to be taken this is when the
fish jumps clearly under the water and lands with a large splash the second
Rhys form is subtle you only see a bulge on the surface or possibly a fin exposed
this is the rise form that will likely produce a fish for you got her got him yes sir
when he’s running right at me Oh Oh lots of work for that fish I could see him
coming up and coming up and coming up yeah this might be a big fish he’s
staying down yeah sir vehicle could be a good one yeah it’s a good fish yeah it’s
a real good fish this is a good very very good fish he’s probably gonna come
up one more time oh-ho yeah
Oh big fish big fish this is too big for my net yes sir
could you look at the Hat hole that is incredible
magnificent 20 pound Atlantic salmon oh what a fight what hey fight he’s
starting to kick hmm rubbing the belly gets the air
bubbles out of the yeah and inside it helps with their ballast yeah this one’s
getting ready come on darling wonderful ha well great what can I say
what can I say but that was absolutely fantastic ha ha that has been a
highlight of my fishing career 25 Atlantic salmon
while I hope you enjoyed today’s show for more information on this show and
others in our series visit us on the web at the new fly fisher comm from all of
us here at the new fly fisher thanks for joining us tight lines and we’ll see you
next week hi I’m mark Melman if you enjoyed this
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  1. Any day fishing is a good day. In LABRADOR, Canada a great fishing the rivers is where it's at. Awesome video and thanks for sharing.

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