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Unbelievable Underwater Creatures

Unbelievable Underwater Creatures

The deeper you go,
the weirder sea life gets. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Over 70% of the earth is… – …covered in water.
– True! And there’s just so much to explore:
so much that is unknown about this vast water world. And very few people,
other than Kevin Costner, know much… – …about it. (laughing)
– (laughing) – Yeah, little elbow.
– And we’re gonna find out… – For the Kevin Costner.
– …just how much you and you… …know about the water world —
not the movie, but the oceans and all the sea life in there — as we play
“Is It a Fish, or Is It Fish-ctional?” – Ooh, fish-ka-nal. I got it.
– Oh, no, no no. – Fish-ch-inal.
– (both making similar sounds) – Yes. That means it would not be real.
– All right. So all you’ve gotta do is — I’m gonna say
the name of a fish. – Yep.
– And the names of these fish are crazy:… – …the real ones and the fake ones.
– (high voice) Oh! You have to guess which ones are real,
which ones are fake. If you get… – …six right, you get a deep sea prize!
– Oh, Rhett. I will not be guessing… …because (laughing) I took my fish oil
pill this morning. – Oh.
– And every time I burp, it tastes… – …like the answer.
– Wow. – You take fish oil, too. Don’t act like…
– I do, but I get the non-burp version. – All right. Ooh!
– Starting with stoplight loosejaw. – Stoplight loose jaw: fish or fish-ctional?
– Sounds like… …two bad guys from… Ninja Turtles
move, which I’m not gonna see… – …or didn’t see.
– Mm. Mm. – (crew offscreen laughing)
– Or. Either or. I may have seen it and forgotten.
Uh, but I’m going with — yeah, man. Stoplight, because deep sea creatures have
lights and it looks like a stoplight. Those fish pills are working, Link!
You’re right! (correct ding) This is a real fish. Look at this thing,
and look at the vi-jee-oh of this thing… – (Link) Eugh!
– …opening its mouth. (Rhett) This guy’s just taking it.
Now, this is not in the ocean, Link. – (Rhett) This is in a lab.
– (Link) Oh, that guy’s not… – …holding his breath?
– (Rhett) That guy is a scientist. – (laughing)
– And he is just (laughing) pulling the… Why do… Scientists don’t play with
fish like that. That’s no scientist. – Well, this guy does.
– That’s an intern. That’s Poseidon.
That’s Poseidon [himself]. “I’ve broken into the lab and started
messing with the weird-looking stoplight.” – That was Poseidon, actually, Link.
– Oh! – Yes. That’s what he looks like.
– (laughing) Okay. – How about this one?
– Poseidon. The all-American… Oh, lemme tell ya
a little somethin’ about that stoplight… …loosejaw besides the loosejaw.
It does have lights. It has a red light… …and a green light. The green light is
for prey to come in, and they lure it… …in and it eats it. And the red light is
for mating. – (crew offscreen laughing)
– (laughing) Okay. Okay. – All-American trash-fish.
– Red-light special. All-American trash-fish: fish or
fish-ction? (Southern accent) “Man, that right there
is an all-American trash-fish.” I think that’s just a euphemism for a
fish I’m trowing back from the front of my bass boat because it’s not a bass.
False. You’re right, Link. (correct)
It’s fish-ction. It’s not a fish, but it is the name of the new band I’ve started
on the side. We’re a Phish cover band. – (laughing)
– And we play a very trashy version… – …of all the Phish songs.
– Name one Phish song. It’s actually not a band. It’s me doing
karaoke. This Friday. You wanna come? – (laughing) No!
– (laughing) I’m gonna get real trashy… …and I’m gonna sing a lot of
Phish songs. – Name one. Name one. Do you know one?
– You’re all invited. – I don’t know one Phish song.
– Let’s press on then. – You’re doing great, by the way
– Thank you, man. Terrible-claw lobster. Terrible-claw
lobster: fish or fish-ction? Man, they’re fish-naming boat
with that one. Bucket? Is it a bucket that you scrape the bottom
of, or a boat? You can scrape either one. Depends on
what mood you’re in. The terrible-claw lobster is in the bottom
of the boat that you’re scraping. Yeah! “That’s a terrible-looking claw on
that lobster.” “I’m not very creative, but I’m naming it.”
Yes. True. – Wow, Link! (correct ding) You’re so good
at this! You should’ve been… – …a marine biologist!
– (Link) Look at that terrible claw! (Rhett) Yeah, Link. For an extra point,
can you guess which one is the terrible claw? – (crew offscreen laughing)
– (Link) The one that looks like an… – …alligator’s mouth? That’s crazy!
– You’re right, but I’m not gonna give… …you an extra point, because that just
too easy. Actually, Red Lobster was about to add this to the menu when they realized
it was a translucent white lobster. That’s not quite as catchy. “Let’s go to
The Translucent White Lobster and… – …get some cheddar biscuits!”
– (laughing) Oh! Oh. – Yeah. I’m glad they made that decision.
– (crew offscreen laughing) Sarcastic fringehead.
Sarcastic fringehead. How, I mean, a fringehead: yes.
Sarcastic? No! – Fish or fish-ction? Fish or fish-ction?
– Dude, how is a deep sea fish sarca–… – No, you made this up.
– (forced laughter) – You sad person.
– I didn’t. It’s real, Link! – (incorrect buzzer)
– It’s real. Look at that thing! – (Rhett) Look how sarcastic that head is!
– Are you kidding me? No, and watch. Watch two of them
in action, fighting. (Rhett) Look at this. Look at how they
open their mouths towards each other. – (Link) You sure they’re fighting?
– (crew offscreen laughing) – They could be making out.
– I think they’re just making sarcastic… …remarks (with a wide open mouth)
directly into each other’s mouths. But that’s what they do. They just do that
to intimidate each other and… – …other fish. It’s completely pointless.
– That’s cool. It’s like my hair. It serves no purpose
except for show. (laughing) I’m glad you’ve finally
come to grips with that. No function whatsoever.
It’s totally sarcastic fringehead. Bean smuggler. Bean smuggler.
Is this a fish or is it fish-ction? (clears throat) Anything bean-related
is highly likely to have been made up… – …by you. If it was a bean and wood…
– Ahh! …smuggler, it would definitely have been
made up by you. – (crew offscreen laughing)
– (high voice) Okay, okay. I see where… – …you’re going with that.
– Uh, so yeah. You made this up, man. – You’re a bean fiend.
– You’re right, Link! (correct ding) – It’s fish-ction! It’s not a fish.
– (laughing) You’re so sad. It’s actually an Italian man in a Speedo
who just came out of some really… – …cold water. (laughing)
– (Link and crew offscreen laughing) – Boil it for safety.
– “There’s the bean smuggler.” – (crew offscreen laughing)
– “Overt…” – Overt? Covert? Avert.
– Overt. “Avert your eyes. COVERT your eyes.
Spy on him.” – “Spy on the bean smuggler.”
– ‘ Grr, I’m looking at the… …well, no, I’m not. I promise I’m
not looking at it.” – Ah. Okay. Okay.
– Have I won already? I feel amazing. No, you haven’t. You’ve gotten
four, though. You’re doing great. – Eugh.
– Purple Plymouth prowler. – Purple Plymough prowler.
– I’m not gonna say it. – Fish or fish-ction?
– I’m not gonna try to say it! (whispering) Purple Plymouth prowler. (nervous chuckling) A prowler is that sad… car that Plymouth
made. And I’ve seen a purple one. – Really?
– (laughing) See, I’m all over you… – …on this one, man!
– How did you know that?! You’re about to show me a picture
of a purple Plymouth Prowler! – Yes, Link! (correct ding)
– (claps) False! I knew it! – I got your goat!
(long, uncomfortable snort) I’m eatin’ your lunch! Grr!
(laughing nervously) There are moments where you really
frighten me… – (laughing)
– …and I question why you’re… …my best friend. That was one of them. – You’re right, Link. It is a car.
– Purple Plymouth Prowler. (Rhett) And I wanted to show it to you
because I thought it would be a… – …good look for you. You can go…
– (Link) I’ve thought about getting one… – (Rhett) …into fields and attract…
– (Link) …of these. …ladies in leopard-print dresses if you
get one of these. I know that’s what… – …you’re into.
– Purple Priscillas are always prowling… – …around my purple Plymouth Prowler.
– You’re right, Link. It’s a car. It debuted in 1997. It’s not currently being
made. Apparently it’s not real popular. – Yeah. (stammering) Have you seen it?
– Pink see-through fantasia. – Pink see-through fantasia.
– Please also be a car! I wanna see this as a car. No, this
is real, man. I loved her in American Idol. She was so amazing back then.
So you’re saying she’s a singer… – …or she’s a fish?
– Both! Fish. You’re right, Link! (correct ding)
It’s a real fish. Look at this thing. (Rhett) It’s pink. And you can see through
right into that beautiful intestinal tract. (Link) Oh my goodness. It’s like a human
intestine inside of a jellyfish. – (Rhett) Well, that’s exactly what it is!
– What?! – It’s manufactured by scientists.
– What? No, that’s just a real jellyfish with a
beautiful intestine. It also happens… …to be the name of a little number I got
by wife from Victoria’s Secret for our… – …fifteenth-year anniversary.
– Picture? – (crew offscreen laughing)
– She said, “Will you get me one of… …those pink see-through fantasias?”
I was like, “Well, I already got one.” – (laughing)
– “I’ve been holding onto it.” – So no picture.
– No picture. No, of course not. But what about the gold lace nudibranch?
Oh, hold on, Link. You’ve actually… – …already gotten six, but you know what?
– Boom! For extra credit, I just want you to
experience the gold leaf nudibranch. – Gold LACE nudibranch.
– Oh, yeah. Sorry. – The gold lace nudibranch.
– Please, it’s real? And it’s not a car… …or something your wife wore.
Show it to me. It is real, Link! And I’m very excited to
tell you about this, because it is… …basically just a
hermaphrodite sea slug… – (clears throat) Aren’t we all.
– …that has a pronged penis that… …grows back every time it gets ripped
out while mating. – I question whether or not that’s worth it.
– (crew offscreen laughing) – It’s worth it. Okay, so what do I win?
– Link… And it better not be one of those that you
ripped off of that guy. Link, you win a very special
deep sea prize… – ♪ (brass fanfare) ♪
– …that Alex and Mike found. – Found?!
– (crew offscreen laughing) – Like, what? Under Alex’s bed?
– I think they caught it. Didn’t you guys catch it?
They caught it, man. – Okay. If you take it off the hook…
– On this little rod. – …I’ll hold it.
– Congratulations. It’s just gonna… – …lay down. Lay down.
– Don’t put it on my side. Thanks for liking, commenting,
and subscribing. – You know what time it is.
– Hi, I’m Melissa. – Hey, I’m Becca.
– We’re from Washington state… – … and I’m playing Pinocchio…
– And I’m playing Peter Pan. – …in Shrek The Musical JR.
– (both) And it’s time to spin… – …The Wheel of Mythicality!
– Check out this Saturday’s episode of… …Good Mythical Crew where you can see
just how Mike and Alex acquired this fish. Hmm. Good Mythical Crew, every Saturday
morning. Right now, click through to Good Mythical More where we’re gonna
play a video game! It’s called Stickbold. It is a dodgeball within the world of
video games. (Rhett) “Eulogy for someone who died
turning jeans into jorts.” He was an amazing man with many
ingenuitive ideas. He loved… he loved calves. And I don’t
mean baby cows. I mean the the actual… bottom parts of people’s legs.
He loved them so much that… Oh yeah. That he made… mm.
Jeans into jorts. He’d just come up — one time he
just — Fred. His name was Fred. – Fred.
– He just came up to me and I was… – …wearing some jeans, and…
– Snip, snip… – …before I knew it he snip…
– …snipped them right off. …snip, snip. He says, “I just wanted to
see your calves and most of your thigh.” – And that’s when he died.
– Yes, because I took the… …I didn’t — I thought it was somebody
robbing me. – Took the scissors?
– And I just took the scissors and… …I stabbed him right in his face.
But it was just manslaughter and I’m currently on trial, but because
we were good friends, I’m here doing his eulogy. It all makes sense in
the world that we’ve created. – So here’s to Fred. He died…
– (both) …doing what he loved:… …turning jeans into jorts. [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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