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Unboxing San Martin Diver / Seiko Tuna Clone (Sub Eng, Kor)

Unboxing San Martin Diver / Seiko Tuna Clone (Sub Eng, Kor)

Hello Everyone! Welcome to unboxing of San Martin.
SN003-G2-J It’s basically a Seiko Tuna or Baby Tuna…
(More about that nato strop later) Package was delivered in a well packaged cardboard box. Watch box was also well protected in bubble wrap. Here is the unwrapped box. First impression is just okay…
There were many smudges and finger prints on the box. There were also some scuff marks on the box I thought the box had some kind of locking mechanism.
It just refused to open. I had to pry it open by using my pocket knife.
It was little scary. Here it is! Come here you!
(I was being super careful…) I will talk about it more in the review.
But I am super impressed with this watch. First impression is that this is a heavy watch. Very nicely engraved back of the watch.
(I still have the protective tape on it BTW) Here is close up of the face of the watch. Detail on the dial, hands, bezel are all excellent. Very nicely machined shroud of the watch.
Brushed surface details are excellent as well. This version of the rubber watch band is supposed to fencing just like the Seiko counterpart. It was slightly more expensive than their other rubber watch band. I wouldn’t know because there is no way to compare. Some kind of branding tag… Watch band kinda felt like someone wore it before.
I don’t care because that’s the first thing I replaced. Instruction booklet. It had multiple languages including Chinese and English. Warranty card. Here is comparing the size with my 38mm Hamilton Khaki mechanical watch. I was pleasantly surprised that this 48mm watch doesn’t seem too big on my small wrist. Another surprising thing was that the the face lens of the watch was slightly domed. It’s also a sapphire glass btw.
Not like the Seiko’s “Hardlex Crystal.” Which is just a mineral based clear glass.
And it’s not scratch resistant. Alright! Let’s peel off the protective tape. Ah….. Here it is. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Dive bezel has 60 clicks.
I wish it was 120 clicks. It’s a bit hard to turn too.
But it should loosen up over time. I will see you guys soon with more in depth review of the watch. Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE
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7 comments on “Unboxing San Martin Diver / Seiko Tuna Clone (Sub Eng, Kor)

  1. Hi James, wonderful! I can see your efforts in this, we San Martin watches appreciate it so much! Looking forward to your review video!

  2. Great watch. I had the Heimdallr version until someone decided to steal it! And i made effort to specially import it to my country! Enjoy, in some cases a better watch than the Seiko version.

  3. Very glad to see it up close and personal, as I ordered one of these but in a bronze case. Can't wait to get it into my hands.

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