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Underwater Visibility Test of Braided Fishing Lines

Underwater Visibility Test of Braided Fishing Lines

Previously we did a test on monofilament lines Testing which one was the hardest to see underwater I put several different types of lines floro, mono and different colors, and we compared them all next to each other at different angles Well, I got some requests saying hey, can you do this with braids lines? I was like yeah sure so that’s what we’re doing today. I took my little custom line comparison rig Tied several different colors of braid and we went underwater in some couple different conditions and tested them out. So the lines we had on there were a dark green, an orange, a red, a yellow, a blue, and a white And then we had a couple fluorocarbon lines on there just for comparison our first test was underwater in the Florida Keys where it’s nice, pretty clear water mostly blue, and we took it down and did a couple different angles Looking at it underwater the least visible line to me was the white line actually Whether we were holding it straight up straight across or even straight down The white was really hard to see I mean when you think about it most fish are white underneath Because when fish look up to the sky, this guy is generally white So the white was pretty tough to see. It was even tough to see looking straight across where the background was more blue And just looking straight out into the ocean. The next best to me was probably the blue It was a little easier to see But it was still you know blended in fairly well. Probably the easiest line to see was the dark green followed by the red Which makes sense I mean you’re in a nice clear environment and the dark green just really stands out Then we did the test in a pond and the pond is definitely a lot darker body of water its clarity wasn’t too bad But I mean definitely looking at it. It’s not pretty blue water. It’s black, brown water First we did it kind of in shallow where you get some of the grass beds in the background and Looking at this the green No surprise there Actually did really well It’s really dark line And it just blended in right with the surroundings. Even when we took this rig further out into the pond It was just a dark brown background, that green still blended and well So if you’re a bass fisherman or maybe fish in the river with the brackish kind of dirty water like to go the St. John’s then that green would be the line to go with. It was funny even some of the times The way the light hit it, the monofilament and fluoro lines on the rig Stood out more than that dark green They kind of have a shine to them and that dark green braid And maybe it was the dull color so didn’t reflect anything and I was pretty impressed with how hard it was to see So we took another angle with this video We took the lines above the water and compared them to see which is the easiest to see. You may not care you know, what your line looks like in the water, you may buy your line based off of how well you can see it from the surface So from looking at it from the top to me the easiest line to see was probably the yellow or the red. Those stood out pretty good. Although really all of these lines, you know with an ocean background or something like that for trolling, they’re all pretty easy to see. I mean the whites probably the hardest, but it’s not that much of a struggle Now keep in mind a fish will bite whatever line. I mean I have a 50 with moss-green braid on it because that’s how it came with what I bought it and I’ve been trolling this for wahoo for years, and I’ve been catching a lot of fish on it, okay, so even though this is the easiest line to see to me, you still catch fish on it, okay. You’re not going to buy a line and just be like oh, man the fish aren’t going to bite my line because it’s such in such color But personally next time I spoil them up. I’m gonna go with the blue or the white lines I just like the look of them, and I think they’re hard to see for fish And I’ll be able to see them out of the water just fine So look at these lines yourself Compare them. You know get an idea and make your decision hope this video helps I hope you guys got a good kind of look and gave you a new perspective on how these lines look underwater Thanks for watching, and we’ll see y’all next time

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  1. This is interesting. Only if there was a way to mimic the biological make of a fishes eye an as they see it.

  2. I've been an avid fisherman since the 50's and am convinced that line visibility matters most when the fish aren't feeding and/or the natural food source is high. I think fish see all lines but the less visible lines register a lower caution signal in the fish's brain. The more visible the line, the bigger the lure and/or bait can seem to the fish. Fish are able to determine the size of the potential prey. A fish that isn't very hungry could back-off from a bait simply because the line confuses him a bit as to the actual size of the prey. Since eating isn't a matter of life or death, he backs off. A lure or bait with lots of action (that's easier to evaluate as to size) is more likely to provoke and spontaneous strike than a confusing lure or bait. Just my thoughts. Great video.

  3. hey bro YOU presented a quality video me watching in INDIA & I have a similar video but with no technology being used…KEEP PRODUCING VIDEOS AS YOU GO ON…GREAT JOB.

  4. Why do People worry about fish seeing the line. When there a big hook hanging off the lure. They have no trouble biting that .lol

  5. Nice vid- you are a good presenter. If you ever get the urge to do another one could you compare the various types/colours of flouro? That seems to be the big debate amongst experienced anglers. Thank you.

  6. Unless you can ask a fish this is a meaningless waste of time. All scientific evidence to date suggests that most fish see into the ultraviolet range, how much of other wavelengths we do not know. Visibility probably has more to do with reflectivity and flouresence. For many decades Green string was all you could get and it caught fish, it still catches fish.

  7. When a fish is focused on eatin a plug or bait believe me he aint payin attn to what color line you have on.all bullshit.if hes not in the mood to eat or hesitant or chasin out of curiosity maybe,but if it makes the decision nothin will change its mind.

  8. Cool experiment but just cause we can't see it don't mean a fish can't see it also the green in ocean water might be visible to use but to a fish it might be invisible we will never know

  9. Jonathan (below ) has the key question. Your video is good, and interesting, BUT, it seems predicated on the assumption that the visual acuity of the fish, is the same as the human. I for one, have no idea if they are the same, or totally different. But if you don't know, then the results can't mean much.

  10. Do u fish for humans? Are u sure fish sees the SAME as humans? Are u sure all species of fish see exactly the same?

  11. this was well done, but, this is simply how the lines look to the human eye. fish don't see the same way we do. so really, this video is for fisherman to buy lines that THEY don't see as well in the water. fish see UV. you would be "shocked" at how some lines glow in uv light. my jaw dropped. a line I thought was extremely invisible(it was to my vision), glows like it is lit right up when hit with a uv light. and I assumed that would have to be very bad. BUT, I looked at my rod that I had just been using on a weekend trip, and that was the line I was using for the leader on it. and I caught loads of fish and one of my biggest in that lake. so now, I started to consider that maybe THAT is what helped ATTRACT the fish, was the glowing line. it may have brought them in, then they bit the lure trailing on it. it definitely didn't spook or scare them, that's for sure. the biggest thing I have learned about fishing, is that we usually don't know all that much about what the darn fish are doing. one day a certain lure is a fish magnet, they won't leave it alone. the very next day, same light conditions etc, and that lure doesn't even get a look. we are always told that we need to be careful that the fish can't see our line, well, my line glows like a beacon, and the fish seem to attract to it.

  12. It has very little to do with what colors a human sees at/ near the surface. Depending on wavelength, light waves are increasingly absorbed and scattered with depth. Red, orange, yellow are nearly gone by 10 ft down. Violet, green, gray, and blue go much deeper. But fish see colors differently, and scientists still do not know exactly what they see (but evidence suggests more sensitivity to UV spectrum). Buying line based upon what YOU see in unfiltered white light makes little sense, especially if you're fishing deep. And you are not a fish.

  13. I use neon yellow with a drk greencamo leader or steel leader in most of my trolling stuffs as I do it at night with UV lights to help attract bugs to the waterline and can keep eyes on my kit without needing bright lights to kill my vision under moon/star light. In the daytime I use the drk green/camo and a steel leader to make swapping lures faster as I at best only carry 3 rods and one is just for crappy with light line and fly jigs.

  14. You know I have no idea what fish see and I have no idea if they see all colors, but this has to be one of the best, smartest and affordable videos I have ever seen. Well made video RH! I really appreciate your efforts. Thank you.

  15. #1. We don't know what a fish sees.
    #2.the fish is focused on the bait..hopefully tied onto flourocarbon which is invisible

  16. What about black ?

    I was in a saltwater canal , it seem dark , but the white fireline stood out A LOT , and I notice the fish really didn't bite the bait either , but when night time I switch over to a black line and they strike the bait , because the line was way harder to see at night and in the dark water

  17. Thanks! Ponds are dark or stained from tannins (like tea) from decaying leaves. I use 15 or 20 lb dull dark green braid with no leader and catch more bass than anyone at my favorite lake. It seems to camouflage really well in the tea colored water, algae, and weeds. Plus I have a theory that thin braid cutting through the water is felt and heard less and thicker mono/fluoro in the same lb test by a fishes lateral line. Fish use their lateral lines and hearing since sound travels better in water than in air. Thin line is always better, so braid is all I use now. It is so strong that I never have fish break off and I can free lures with thin wire hooks by pulling (line wrapped 6 times around a dowel to prevent packing the spool). With jigs I can tell exactly what the bottom is made of and can detect subtle bites due to the low stretch and high sensitivity of braid.

  18. Whatever these know-it-alls comment is irrelevant to me. It was very nice to see what these different types and colors of line looked like in both clear AND dark water. Not just your average throw together video and I for one applaud you for making it. What do the fish see? Don't know. But at least now I know what it looks like. Thanks and good fishing to you my friend!!

  19. If fish will avoid your bait because they can see the line will they avoid it because of the array of treble hooks hanging off it's belly?

  20. What do you mean diffrent angles ? The line is round and thin. And if your not a real Captain don't put that in your name

  21. But fish dont know what fishing line is… and most times those bright colored braids are just so the person fishing can see it

  22. I would like to see what fish see when they are feeding up with sun and with clouds. I am curious about the best color for a frog, my theory is that blue would be best.

  23. Ocean fish don't care about line visibility or not, the bait has look a food it can eat, most fishermen of the world use monofilament line, there's just a lot of money to be made , that's why novices obsess over braid this flouro that,

  24. Fish in the ocean will take anything. Doesnt matter how thick your line is or what colour.
    If they are not shy about biting your lure with a hook hanging off it they will not care about your line.

  25. I've fished in super clear salt water with green braid, and it gave me no problems…. I actually caught decent size fish. 🎣🐟 🐟 🐟 🎣

  26. Up here on the Susky river in PA I pick black or silver it matchs all the tires or beer cans in the water.

  27. helpful yes but if stealth is the key , i doubt fish are looking at fishing line when there instincts are survival such as always scanning for bait and predators also i would guess hooks would be equally if not more important .

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  29. Dumbest conclusions ever in history !!! (Because is not a science approach )
    So, now fish "sees" colors as a human…holy google!!
    This is Hollywood science.

  30. That was a great test I really appreciate it that brought things into perspective we hear a lot about it but with the comparison that you did it was spot-on.

  31. Berdasarkan pengalaman saya, ikan tak peduli pun dengan apa colour untuk line anda.bunyi pada lines dalam air yang mudah membuatkan ikan takut untuk mendekati umpan.maaf yer.. Ini hanyalah pandangan saya. Salam dari malaysia. Anda yang terbaik. Pls translate from malay to english. Tq

  32. I don't care what color the main line is,neither do the fish,my mono leaders are at least twice the length of the rod,salt or fresh water.

  33. I got nervous about the green until you brought it to freshwater. I mainly do bass fishing so this was a weight lifted.

  34. Cool test. I'm using yellow and from your tests it seems ok for my situation in FL. However I might change to white in the future.

  35. You get bites on that yellow line? Im a beginner and i cant keep track of my invisiline off the surf.
    Anyway Great video 🤙🏽

  36. Great informative video! Ive learned so much.
    But for the real question, What's the name of that background music playing during the video?

  37. I use pink 50lb godline from fishingsir good line for a low price I recommend it for who
    Fish heavy cover

  38. Dude red spectrum is gone after 15 ft . You dont fish in the ocean in 3 ft of water all the time. I have been 25 ft down blue sticks out like a sore thumb . Red is almost invisible.

  39. During the summer we will be hosting live videos on Thursday nights on our YouTube page at 7:45 EST to discuss fishing reports and what's biting in your area as well as tips and tricks to help you for the upcoming weekend of fishing.

  40. fish eye not like human eye, ugggg … me just caveman biologist, me no no'ting … 😊 and music make me want punch monkeys ugggg

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