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I’m sure you guys will remember my little baby Pearl Stingray that’s down here in my holding tank. And you guys will also remember the 375 gallon rainbow fish tank. That rainbow fish tank and the Pearl Stingray are about to cross paths, unexpectedly. you see, the Pearl’s supposed to go in the 2000 gallon aquarium with the other freshwater stingrays. But she’s just too small to go in the 2000 gallon aquarium. You see, she could be out competed for food with the other larger rays or they simply just might kill her. She might look big in here, but compared to the other guys. She’s just a tiny, baby. Maybe being about 4 inches across where the other ones are about double that. Don’t make fun of her fat belly, she’s sensitive about it! So even though she’s growing and doing really well, she’s just not growing fast enough. You see, I want to be able to enjoy her out in the gallery and I want you guys to as wel. And currently she’s the only fish down here in this holding tank inside of my house, and we just don’t come in here to film her a lot, or we just don’t see her and I don’t get to interact with her as much and it’s just not fair to her. I want her to enjoy the gallery just as much as the rest of the fish out there, and that’s just not fair is it!! So she just can’t go in the 2000 gallon aquarium just yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring her out here somewhere. Unfortunately, there’s no more room to build more tanks… yet! I’m working on it! But… we do have an entire racking system we could potentially put her in one of these tanks couldn’t we? Like, why not put her in here with these Malawi cichlids right? Well they’re probably going to bite her eyes out thinking its food hidden in the sand or something plus there’s not really a lot of space down there for her. What about the Tanganyika tank? Well technically these guys are small enough to for her to get along with but she’s probably going to snack on a few plus there’s not a lot of room on the floor in here either. What about the Uaru tank? Same story, these guys are really small and there’s not enough room on the bottom although she’s not a big ray, technically she could get along in here. Just she’s gonna eat everything in there. What about up top? Our beloved Frank! By the way, this is just random wood tossed in there this isn’t finished. But I got to show you it because we got to talk about this tank. You see, Frank would definitely kill her! The angelfish tank? Actually, this isn’t a bad idea. She look amazing in here, especially with these Platinum Angels, but the downside is, again there’s not a ton of room in the tank. What about the Discus? Well the Discus tank is the most practical decision and has the most room in it, but there’s a bunch of tiny little fish in here now that you guys don’t know about, that she’ll eat. You see, freshwater rays are an ambush predator per se, more of an opportunistic fish that scours the bottom of river systems going through the sand looking for little morsels of food, eating worms, snails, you name it. They’ll even jump on small fish and munch on those as well. You can’t blame them! They basically will eat anything that will fit in their mouth Even the little guys. Now, I’ve had freshwater stingrays in with tiny little fish before thinking it could work, and I ended up with none of them within a week. The Ray looked nice and fat but I was out about 40 Cardinal tetras. This was years ago, though, so that leaves us with the 375 gallon Rainbow fish tank, but we have another problem in here, in fact 2 problems! ONE: There wasn’t enough room in the tank for the ray to kind of comfortably swim around. Basically, she would have only had the front portion of it, which is almost as big as the tank she’s in now, but you guys know we’ve got to have a little bit more room for them. Let them explore the tank and enjoy themselves. With that said though, I was using ADA aqua soil and it was in the back. If she dug through that, this thing would have looked like chocolate milk, continuously! Plus the fact that aqua soils like that, continuously release ammonia for a short period of time and you know the organic content in the tank is going to be quite high which is great for plants, bad for fish like Stingrays. I mean the Rainbow fish, they’re pretty hardy, but when it comes to rays, things like that would easily kill her. So we had to come up with a plan. I thought, well I don’t like the tank the way it is anyway. It was my first scape, my first attempt at setting it up, I just went with the type of thing. You know, it’s one thing to spend a ton of time on one tank scaping, it tweaking, that sort of thing, but I got a hundreds and hundreds of gallons of tanks to do! I can’t focus too long on one. Of course we could circle back and make them pretty but you know I kind of just set it up and went with it. With that said, I wanted to change it right from the beginning. I thought, what if I just took all of the wood, kind of placed it more towards the middle creating almost like an island effect, covered in moss. I think that would look pretty good. With that said, number one most practical thing for me to do was to remove all of the aqua soil and all of that Valiseria that was in the back of it. You guys will remember that we you know kind of planted in there and I wanted the rock that the wood to look like it was coming out of the the plants there and it looked really good. We can’t deny that could have given the Val a little bit more time to grow in but bottom line is I thought, let me make a change. Let’s grow the Ray out in here. Let’s enjoy her out in the gallery and when she moves, we’ll circle back and attack this tank head-on, and we’ll make some incredible changes to it. That all sounds really simple and easy to do but if you’ve ever tried to take out you know I think I had about 30 pounds of aqua soil in the tank. If you’ve ever tried to do with that, it’s an absolute Disaster! Here’s what I did. Once I took out all the rocks, I started scooping out all of the soil and in the meantime I started doing a big water change. I was gonna drain the tank to have only a few inches of water in it so that we fill it back up, it’s nice and clean. So as I’m starting to remove all of the soil from the tank. It’s creating an absolute mess! You know, nothing I could do about it decided to keep going with it. I got all of it out filled the tank back up and it was really late. I went to bed, fish were fine and everything looked good. It was very cloudy, but it’s still, it’s gonna get by. I woke up the next morning and the entire tank was coated in this fine brown dust! Everywhere! The entire bottom of the sand, all of the plants, all of the wood in this dust from that aqua soil looked absolutely horrible. But unfortunately, I’ve been traveling a little bit lately and haven’t had a tremendous amount of time to kind of focus on this and clean it up, but I think what I’m going to do now is, I’m going to clean up the sand. I’m going to make sure all of the moss is cleaned up. Get this tank looking really presentable, and then we’ll add in the Ray, probably in a few days or so. What if she eats one of these rainbows? Well ,the rainbows don’t spend a lot of time near the bottom of the tank. They are an open water swimmer. They spend their time from the top up and having the Ray in there is going to be fine. She’s actually too small to eat these guys, and if she does well. There’s about 230 of them, we can spare a couple. It is unlikely that she’ll eat any though because they are pretty quick. However, one thing that I do want to note, is that, as soon as I adjusted all of the wood, got it into place again, I noticed a big change in the fish!
Before, they would spend all their time at the front of the tank because that’s where I was feeding and I kind of said I wanted them to be out in the open as well. Well that was a big mistake because now they just stay there and the rest of the tank, the other 90% of it is empty and void of fish. So over the past few days I’ve been feeding in the center, wanting them to come eat here. Which is great because now they are swimming in and around the wood constantly, and it looks absolutely amazing! So yeah, I think the tank looks pretty great as is. I will admit that I’m pretty excited to move her in here and have her out here with me all of the time. Grow her out get her ready for the 2000 and uh I know many people are actually asking me questions are there any more fish going in the 2000? Absolutely! You know, everything out here is not going to happen in one day or one week. This is gonna take months to complete and get the tanks perfect to where I want to be. If you can only imagine setting up say a 100 gallon aquarium, you know, you know how long that can potentially take and I’m setting up 4000 gallons alone! So, give me time! We’re gonna make this place pretty awesome, and if you enjoyed these types of videos, you want to see more on my aquarium gallery, and not subscribed to my channel yet, make sure you do so you don’t miss any of them! Also, you can do me a favor give this video a thumbs up. I’d love to see how many people are sticking around to the ends of my videos and are my biggest supporters! I certainly appreciate it. I’ll be seeing you guys in the comment section

100 comments on “UNEXPECTED AQUARIUM MAKEOVER…. For a new fish

  1. Hey Joey, love what you're doing in your gallery, that school of rainbows looks awesome. Question though. If you're setting it up as a showcase of education on various styles of aquarium, you gonna give Brackish tanks any love? I'd love to see some monos or waspfish, puffers, gobies, any number of the lovable but rarely seen species in there somewhere. It's so hard to find reliable info online for brackish tank keeping, it'd be awesome if you brought brackish water to the half million people you've got the eyes of!! Still though, love what you've got so far!

  2. hey joey
    i want a tank for some years now but now i am finally going to get one. but i don't know what fish to put in them.
    can you recomend any fish that are great for beginners but look awsome. i am planning to get a 31 by 15 by 15 inch tank.

  3. Just putting this out there, but I'd love to see a video on caring of flowerhorn fish. Everyone loves Frank, and because of him I would love to get my own flowerhorn, wouldn' be surprised if others feel the same. <3 Love from Ottawa

  4. Loved the video; I always stick to the end of each video. I am curious as to how the ray will get fed. I do see how the rainbows are aggressive eaters. Will you be using a hose of some kind or placing the food on the bottom directly for her? Other than that, I am totally loving your videos. You have actually convinced my hubby to get into the hobby with me. 😁

  5. Hooked up to the aquarium gallery since March and its October Now. Gallery was supposed to complete in 2 months. No complaints though.

  6. Anybody know of an online community, forum, Facebook group or whatever, where people can post questions specifically about this stuff? Seems like there would be multiple, but I'm having no luck finding even one.

  7. I'm just watching the fish move with his hands. All I can think is "Fish bender". If you get the joke, you're awesome. If not. You're still awesome!

  8. Thank you for what you do for the hobby. You have inspired me to build some of my own equipment. I've have been keeping fish (fresh and salt) for probably 30 years and still learning and you restarted my interest in fresh water again. Love your fish room. Setting up a African cichlid tank soon

  9. You are my inspiration!
    I have set up a 75 gallon with Malawi peacocks and now planing on a tetra tank like your uaru tank.😁
    Greetings from germany.

  10. Dude please don't risk the rainbow fish. They should be happy as they are now and not constantly moving around and away from the ray being afraid of it. You cant risk the wellbeing of your fish. Huge fan. But isn't the object of the hobby to see them happy in captivity. Sometimes i feel like you're so into going big that you lose sight of these things. Please joey, dont please…..!

  11. At the risk of sounding like "I.m your number 1fan" it's 13 more sleeps…I.m bringing you welsh cakes in return for an autograph and selfie lol

  12. I haven't seen your videos in a few weeks. All of the tanks look soo beautiful Joey! you really have an eye for pretty things lolol 😉 :** Good job!

  13. Hey!!!! I really hope you see this comment as I was wondering if you've ever thought about building a bio active vivarium

  14. I like that the woodwork and the moss but there are way too many rainbows in there. it just detracts from the aquascape due to it looking so frantic in there all the time.

  15. The last time I rescape a tank , took me 2-3 hours , ONLY to go back and RESCAPE it again , over and over and after 6-7 hours , it look close to what it originally was 😅

  16. Hello, I’m having a rubberlip pleco Issue. I found him on his side twice tonight and thought he was dead. When I try to get him he turns around and swims off. Do you have any ideas?

  17. Hey man i have an arowana for about a month now and he or she still gets a bit scared when it comes to feeding and even getring near the tank.

  18. You need some other species in that rainbow tank. They're going to keep clustering on one side, so I think you should just add 2 or 3 more schooling species that will occupy different parts of the tank.

  19. I'd like to see how you feed 230 fish LOL. (PS will you ever revise your ebook? It seems like you revisit and improve upon your original builds)

  20. Isn't that right in front of your work desk? You're going to spend so much time enjoying that little guy, that when you do finally do sit down to work at your desk (if that ever happens) you're not going to get a thing done. That's actually a good thing, because you deserve a chance to enjoy you fish as much (actually more) than we do.

    Do what you love and love what you do.

  21. I started new aquarium shop in India. My fishes are dying daily. Changing 25 % water daily. Using anti chlorine, but can't save them.

  22. I need some advice please. I'm getting a 60 gallon tank very soon. Does anyone have any stocking suggestions. I want large fish but also a community with different species. Any ideas help. Thank you!

  23. Love your videos! I do have a question. I am setting up my 120 gallon tank after being inspired by your videos. My tank is a rimless tank and the table I want to put it on has a tile center and there are a couple of corners that are raised slightly otherwise it is completely level. I was going to put a piece of plywood on first and then a piece of foam. Any advise is GREATLY appreciated!

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