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UNGLAUBLICH! Angeln auf (fast) ausgestorbene Fischart??

Fall 2019 | Berlin Since a couple of weeks we have a new guide working in our fly fishing school and today I am going to fish with him privately for the first time Nice to finally meet you… I am curious what we will catch today We are now heading to North Brandenburg to one of my favourite fishing spots for trout PLUS there are wild salmon and ocean running browns living there No way? Since the early 1990’s there is a repopulation program for salmon and anadromous trout which is basically realised through lots of voluntary work But there are not only salmon and trout in this river but lots of other different species to catch There are also pike, perch, asp, and so on… Fishing there is like playing lottery: you never know what fish will take your fly! Ok, man I m already quite excited! Beautiful. Yepp. But Simon: Are there really salmon in this small river? No. This is just a small tributary – not the main river And I would say we first try it here for some trout with a dry fly SET THE HOOK !! Today is my first day fishing with Simon in this area We initially just wanted to do a couple of casts in this small creek but it turned out to be quite fishy here! I just lost a good trout over here And a local just showed up and told us that there is a BIG FISH standing upstream of this bridge So we gave it a shot: I was telling Simon from the bridge how the fish is reacting to his fly And just a couple of fool casts later Simon managed to hook it… It turned out to be a monster trout for this small creek And look at this spot: casting here is not very easy Lots of branches all around to get stuck on… What a great start for our day! 5 minutes earlier… “Did you just see that?” “No. What was it?” “There is a monster beaver over here!!” Unbelievable! Check out this big creature… “Unbelievable!” What a big beaver! Did you hooked it? It was definitely going for it Super cast! Yes, my boy! Chris, is this true?? Unbelievable! Thanks a lot man. I guess I wouldn’t have caught it without your help. Unbelievable. Check out the setting where we just caught that fish Chris was standing on the bridge – giving me instructions That was great team work. Crazy fish After that fish we left our little tributary So we were heading downstream to our main river to try our luck for asp… or even an ocean running brown trout Congratulation Chris This fish pulled your rod off the hand??! Grats! It’s a little bit weird: Normally I almost exclusively fish with dry flies And I guess all my endorphines are coined to that style of fishing “Missguided endorphines?!” Or maybe exactly the right way?!! My name is Christian – or Chris I was born and raised in Western Germany Later I also studied in that area Besides my guiding activity I work in sustainable economy In our fly fishing school I primarily offer guidings in the Brandenburg area Especially dry fly fishing is my main point of interest For all who don’t know what dry fly fishing is… You are fishing with a dry fly to imitate a living or dead insect on the water surface If a fish sees a dry fly it will take it from the surface And to be honest: I rather like to catch a very small fish on a dry fly than a big fish with another technique Dry fly fishing is just my favourite style Or 1 fish on a dry fly is better than 10 fish with a Nymph fly… But when we arrived at the estuary by the end of the day… Chris was confronted with a big challenge by his dry fly god The water here is just teeming with hunting asps Now I get him to betray his dry fly god with a streamer fly… Chris – son of a gun! But with a streamer?!? Chris! Unbelievable! Congrats What a beautiful asp! But now your dry fly god is weeping… Well. At least it was no trout: So I guess exceptions are allowed here… If you see them hunting like that – if have to admit that streamer fishing is also quite fun! And if you look at this spot, I guess that dry fly fishing is not very successful here So I guess catching an asp on a streamer is legit And even though we did not catch an ocean running brown trout this time… we still support this reintroduction program – and hopefully catch one next time 😉 Support you local salmonid projects! …and go fly fishing !

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