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UPS + Honolulu Fish Company

UPS + Honolulu Fish Company

Honolulu Fish Company is a nation-wide
distributor of fresh fish from Hawaii. We distribute to restaurants, hotels, resorts all across the country. Our customers are our artists, they’re chefs, they need their ingredients. Unique thing about us is that we can unload fish in the morning and we can deliver it overnight. We can unload fish in Hawaii and deliver it to New York City the next day. So the fish enters into our process, the information that immediately goes to the sales team, they begin to selling it to chefs. From
there, we render a whole fish, Head on, tails everything rendered from whole to a chef ready portion and at that point that chef-ready filet goes into a
special packaging process. One pound fish is matched up with three pounds of gel ice. We developed a holographic paper and made a box out of it. The outer holographic shield actually has a function, it bounces away 95% of the radiated heat
and on the inside of the box we have styrofoam, but we put another layer of
mentalized plastic inside the styrofoam. We locking the cold in and bouncing
the heat out. Our UPS relationship is very, very important to us. We’re in Hawaii – we can buy the fish in the boat, we can pack it, we can process
it, but we needed a partner that can do the delivery part to our customers and
give our customers the confidence that it can be delivered. So with UPS, we can
actually get fish from Hawaii to a restaurant faster than a human being
can get there. So we unload fish from a boat on Monday
morning…it’ll be on the dinner table Tuesday night at a restaurant in the
furthest part of United States in New York City, in Florida, we can have fish at
the customer’s table Tuesday night. Bistro 1860 in Louisville, Kentucky used
Honolulu Fish Company quite a bit; I’ve got several there dishes on my menu. Reasons I use Honolulu Fish Company is because we tell our customers you know
this fish just came out of the water and a lot of them, they don’t understand that
and then a lot of them, they’ll say UPS right? And I’m like yeah that’s right! So,
the customers are pretty aware of the fact that UPS is main reason why Louisville itself is a great seafood, well food town in
general. But particularly, Honolulu Fish, they bring in the best of the best. We
really taste the freshness and quality of it. Bonjour. Bon Appetite.

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