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Using *all the bleach* at the New House 😱| ALL DAY DIRTIEST NEW HOUSE CLEAN WITH ME!

Using *all the bleach* at the New House 😱| ALL DAY DIRTIEST NEW HOUSE CLEAN WITH ME!

(mellow music) – Okay, friends, I just filmed just filmed a empty house tour now that things are painted, so that video should
be up before this one. This is my third vlog in
the “Moving Vlog” series, and today is Saturday. We have officially owned
this house for five days. The contractors have one more thing they’re coming back this afternoon to do, but now they’re out of it. We were joking, like, our
contractor’s been in our house more than we’ve been in our house, which is wonderful because he got a lot of stuff done for us, and that is a huge blessing, so now they did totally, like, the house is cleaner
now that they painted than it was when we bought it. They Shop-Vac-ed and
cleaned their way out, but there’s dust and there was mouse poop
on the counter over there, and there’s just a it needs a good Mama cleaning, so that’s what I’m going
to be working on today, and then I was also
thinking through my list of what I need to tackle next. I was gonna start the
project, the huge project, and I mentioned this in my last video, of getting our clothes organized. I also know for us to live here, like, if tomorrow night’s
our first night here, the bathrooms need to be functional, and the kitchen needs setup. Hey, Biscuits, you exploring? Hey, hey, hey, come on, come
on, come on, come on, come on. I know. They’ve been, they spent
the night in the basement, and they’ve been exploring the outside. Where are we? What is happening? Okay, and I’ve just gotten,
it’s a beautiful day. It’s in the 50s. Lots of sunshine. I’ve left the French doors open for kids to run in and out and such. (gentle music) ‘Kay, and how things go lots of my cleaning stuff is packed up, but I have a bottle of
that cleaner with bleach, found a pack of baby wipes. I don’t have any rags available right now, so that’s how I’m cleaning
this stove top here is what we’re gonna get to next. (gentle music) Yeah, I could steam mop it, but I thought to get
the first layer of dust from painting, and
construction, and stuff, I would just Swiffer it. Okay, well, it’s not as
clean as it needs to be. Think I used seven of these. Not as cruddy as it was. Can see this linoleum’s in the
kitchen and the laundry room. I was thinking about it on
my drive over here today that what we might do, we’re
not replacing floors yet. The hardwood floors in this family room and
the bedrooms are beautiful. The bathroom floors, hallway, living room, and Zion’s room all and and the kitchen, and the laundry room, half the house, half
the upstairs here need will need updated flooring, but, I mean, it can be clean and adequate for a while like that. Was thinking what I might do, since I’m just learning these things, is that I’ll pick a floor that will match, that we put in all those areas so so we could have someone come in and do hardwood throughout. I mean, that’s an option, or I
may go to Lowe’s, go to Home, go to one of those stores. I really liked the tile floors
we had in our last house. I might pick something like that. In that house they had hardwood in the dining
room and the master bedroom, and then that tile
throughout the downstairs, and then upstairs was different. All that to say just
thinking about floors. This is the kinda stuff you’re gonna hear about spaghetti sauce and
flooring now on my channel. Thinking about floors. I may pick out something to do all these other rooms the same, and that way it’ll either be, let’s say, the tile or the hardwood, and I think that’ll look nice. Thanks for listening. Gotta change out my Swiffer mop now. Another thing I was just
standing here thinking. You know, whenever I move into a house I, like, stand. I clean, I think, I talk to it. Since there’s less counter space which, again, when you hear
me talk about my kitchen, I’m not complaining. I think it’s so pretty. I’m just gonna, like, dollhouse
it up, as my mom would say, but one of the things I was thinking about is I’m gonna look for the right table, and I gotta get gotta get a little, like,
flat switch plate for there. Wires hanging out, yeah. I wanna find ‘kay I’m
gonna flip the camera and talkin’ hand’ll show you what I’m even gonna try to talk about, so right now it’s just my
row of computer bag, purse, trash bag, old shoes I’ve
been living out of all week. I wanna find the right table for there, and I could have, like, coffee bar, but it wouldn’t be exclusively coffee bar ’cause I’m the only
one that drinks coffee, but just, like, a kitchen table. Actually, I just remembered my friend Ashley got a wonderful one that she uses for coffee
and for family serving. It’s chrome, and she got it at
the restaurant supply store. Remind me of that later, but I’d like to get something
like that for there. I could have my coffee maker on it. I could also have, I was
thinking about getting a caddy with our silverware in it and our napkins. Might even have some cups
there and some water. That’s always accessible. Not exactly sure, but I’m thinking of
getting something for there to help give me, you know,
extend the counter space here. I’m thinking that right there in that hole is where the big new
microwave is gonna go. That microwave is coming out. ‘Course stove, stove top getting replaced, but I’m thinking in that
space with that microwave I could just put my big several big pots up there,
I’m thinking, maybe. Let me know what you
think I should do there. The reason is I don’t think my
new microwave will fit there, but it’s still usable space, and then I’m trying to think, like, okay, I’m using my slow cooker,
using my instant pot. I guess that might be my corner over there where I might have a slow
cooker going for the day. Do I have an outlet there? Now, I do appreciate, even
though this is an older home, they do have good outlets. Yeah, thinking through, I guess I could have my
instant pot over there ’cause the vent hood is
there and it could plug in. So many new things to figure out, so I’ve been in here cleaning and talking, and actually I’ve got my laptop out. I haven’t done any work in over a week. People are wondering where
in the universe I went, so I’m also getting some things uploaded and some comments answered, e-mails done, so Emilia’s in, and what
did you say you wanna do? – [Emilia] Clean the bathroom– – She’s gonna let her
Swiffer the bathroom, so that’ll be fun. Good job, so my window’s dirty here. I’m at the front door, but new views to look at besides all our stuff sitting there. That’s outdoor stuff. I’m not even worrying about
that stuff this coming week. I’m only focusing on
the inside of the house. The kids, we have this
wonderful paved circle driveway, so we have so many hopes and dreams, so of course they’ve been
doing go-karts and bikes, and of course they can
do roller skates now, and we can get those
little RipStik scooters. Just a whole lotta fun. Now, I’m gonna get some
countertop quotes and stuff, but I did get this countertop paint. Oh, I just saw more
stuff in these cabinets. Have not cleaned out the cabinets. That’s part of our cleaning
we’re gonna do today. Anyway, got this countertop paint. I used it at our farmhouse, and they had, like, a blue
that I did it in, a light blue. Whenever we’re going to sell that house, I painted the cabinets white
and I painted the countertop. Anyway, with this new kitchen I can really see and picture stainless steel appliances and such. I can see, like, the
white quartz countertops, and so I’ve got at least two
estimates coming in next week. One, I have to, like, go
to the little meeting. The other person’s coming to my house. Anyway, so much going on, and I also have to get
a whole new HVAC system, so again, the to-do list
is big, and deep, and wide, so in the meantime I got
this countertop paint because I was thinking this
would be better than nothing in the meantime. I picked this light ash color, and I’m sorry, I may have
shown this in the last video, but oh well, you just get to see it again, but at least I feel like today, now that these countertops are clean, I feel like they’re not that bad, like I can function with
them for a little bit, but definitely on my
list here coming up is, I’ll probably just do
a video all about it. We will get these countertops
painted in the meantime. I think one of these things of paint, if you’re interested in
painting your countertops, I think it was like $19, and they’ve got 12 colors,
these days, to choose from, and of course in the
picture it looks fantastic, so I just thought might be worth a try, and hey, if I mess up, that’s okay ’cause we’re gonna do something
else anyway here shortly, so Emilia’s gonna mop the
kitchen and the laundry room. Have to remember what all
my rooms are called now. I’m going to bleach these bathrooms. Who knows the history here? (ponderous music) ‘Kay, so I’m gonna let this
bathroom soak for a moment and go spray down the other one. Again, I’m using what cleaning stuff I could get my hands on. It’ll be cleaner than when I started. Hey, someone left a razor here. Ooh, stink bug. Sorry, stink bug. That towel bar looks a little funky. Now, I’m desperate right
now for cleaning rags, so in lieu of just using toilet paper I did have Gabriel go down. He found a towel and he
found a old T-shirt for me so it’s what we’re gonna be using, so this toilet, I mean, it’s funky. It’s got a lot of rusty,
scaly stuff in the bowl. I mean, it may not be
a 60-year-old toilet, but it’s probably not
20 years young either, so let’s say two days
new toilets are coming, but I still wanted to make it clean. My goodness, when I
put the cleaning stuff, they had a bottle of The
Works toilet bowl cleaner sitting in the cabinet, and it’s wild. It boils. Like, when I put this on the
funk in this toilet, it boils. (ponderous music) ‘Kay, so I know it doesn’t
look any different, but it smells clean. Still rocking the blue tile. All fresh. We’re back in this
bathroom I sprayed earlier, and I got distracted doing other things, and now I need to spray it again ’cause it’s pretty much all dry. (frantic music) (ponderous music) Looks like they liked the same same shade of light rose tile. The tile is in good shape, and
the caulking looks good too, so I don’t know how to tell. Tell me how old you think these tiles are. I think that, like, this vanity here in this
bathroom looks original, but they must have had maybe a mid-’80s or even early ’90s update with this bathroom tile, maybe. It’s definitely, doesn’t
remind me of ’60s tile. Found my little pad to my steam mop. Mm-hmm. Had iced coffee delivered to me. Liam now is having the joy of he’s opening up that new vacuum
that I got few weeks ago. I got that and I did a
hall video when I did it. Are they back in the bedroom, honey? Oh, there’s Benjamin right there. Hey, Benjamin, are you
exploring your new house? He’s been saying, “New house, new house,” so somehow outside kids,
plenty of sunshine, are inside, but I’m going to be
getting them back outside ’cause I gotta scrub
these cabinets some more. Good job, Liam. Now, that’s a pretty
vacuum, too, isn’t it? Whoo, it’s a refurbished
Shark sum’n-sum’n. Kids are playing with the boxes. You guys having a fun time with those boxes?
– No, not now. – Not fun? No fun? Yes fun. I feel like bleach is the way to go for a house that hadn’t
been lived in for 10 years and mouse evidence. Feel like it’s definitely definitely a bleaching situation, and I am out of the bleach
I was using upstairs. I’ve come down here to hunt and peck. I did find my box with
my cleaners earlier, and there’s some other
random bathroom things. Saw this toilet paper. We’ll wanna know where that is. Yeah, okay, baby wipes,
tissues, making mental notes. Lots of clothes. Okay, we’ll be getting to that. I noticed this morning, you know, we’ve all had different parts we’ve been involved in with this move, and I’ve been working the whole time. Everybody’s been working the whole time. I was not involved in any
part of this box bringing in, and stacking, and organizing, and I’ll show you how they did this, and I just appreciate it ’cause it was easy for
me to come down here. I found the stack that said bathroom, and I found my box that said
bathroom cleaning supplies. All of these are various pantry boxes and kitchen boxes. I think this whole wall
here is our dining room, and all our games and books Mom’s office. There’s our Christmas trees. Mom’s room shoes. Yeah, yeah, it’s a lot. A girl’s room. Lots of girl’s room stuff. Anyway, this was the hall bathroom stuff I got in this morning, and then jackpot I just found my cleaning
stuff I had in the kitchen. Says kitchen, coffee pot, cleaners, yay, so basically this was, like,
high priority box here. Okay, so got our cleaner here. Start seeing what’s in these drawers. Oh, all the old knobs and hardware, okay. Wonder what that would have been. They use it to hold different little bags. Lots of little things in here. See what else we got. Okay. Okay. It’s great ’cause we need
these for the basement, and then see what’s in these cabinets. These wire, that’s interesting, and no, I have not, like, psychoanalyzed all the
parts of this kitchen. Cool, that must have
been a big deal, nice, and then we have some leftover cracker. Hmm, okay. Another one wire rack
that comes out, very nice. Then, under the sink, I’m
waiting to find the Shop-Vac. There’s just all kids of
little crusty chunks in there that, if I could Shop-Vac it
first, that would be great. That looks helpful. Look, maybe dry little towels, and then here. See if I can get it. There we go. We go. These must have been, like,
the best 1963 cabinets. Then yes. that’s interesting, isn’t it? Okay, high up I won’t
be able to reach that. Some more supplies left
way up yonder there. Been also working on uploading
a video for my membership and watching it before I publish, so these are good.
(vacuum roaring) They just need, sorry
about the vacuum going. Liam is vacuuming Zion’s room in there. Good job, Liam. I’m thinking this might
be where we keep the cups just ’cause the refrigerator
will be right here. It’s a nice height. I think most kids can reach that, and then those cabinets, like I said, we decided to take those out so we put a bigger fridge in here. Over here, another set, and then this I thought was really neat. I also, in every video, like to show the pushbutton on the stove. This, oh, and this is hanging
’cause my contractor had we had this out the other day measuring the hole for the
stove, but (croaks) wide open. These come all the way out. In’ that helpful? ‘Kay, if I put all my spices in there, and then up here. I see those tools up there. Ooh, all kinds of interesting
things to clean up there. I do think this hole
here will be a good space to put my pots. I’m liking that idea more and more, and then we can really see
in the light this time of day I need to Windex these windows, yes. That was some good vacuuming, Liam. – [Liam] Oh, look what it does. – Yeah, look at that. It collects it all. Isn’t that cool? ‘Kay, I’m gonna go gonna go inspect these carpets. Oh, looks good. Good job. (ponderous music) This is going down in my
interesting things you find when you are cleaning out a house that is 60-some years old. I just found a little bottle of Nitrostat. It’s nitroglycerin tablets
that would go under the tongue, and the expiration date is 1/88. So glad that I’m the one who found this. It was the only thing pushed
in the corner of the cabinet. Exciting. (gentle music) ‘Nother little Easter egg I just found. I just love these. Not quite as good as nitroglycerin. Can’t go wrong there. I just found it under the cabinet light. Look here. I was here cleaning and scrubbing. I saw this spider web here,
and I thought lookin’. Look, huh, who knew? Look at that, Emilia. – [Emilia] What’s a the Easter egg? – A Easter egg just
means a little surprise. Okay, so guys, we are gonna go get some
dinner here real soon. I’m almost done with these cabinets. Get your shoes on. Get back out in that sunshine. You can see a whole lotta sunshine. Oh, did you make yourself
a headband, Emilia? – [Emilia] (laughs) Yeah. – I love it. Okay, get outside and play some. We worked into our moving budget just eating on the go all week. I had this grand plan that
I was gonna do a video. Of course I was gonna do a
video, and I was gonna show, like, just all the meals I
was doing in the hotel room, and slow cooker meals in the
hotel room, and all of that, but no, we’ve just been passing out there maybe 11 p.m. or midnight. Moving, moving is, a it’s a move, man. It’s a move, so all day every day for the last, hmm. Sunday this all geared up for us. Today’s Saturday, so yeah. Mama hasn’t cooked a thing. Okay, so now, as I told the kids, we’re gonna go eat once
Mama’s done with this kitchen. Think I’m gonna go ahead and
take that small microwave out. There’s, like, an inch of dust there. Get it out of there. Clean that out because
I’m hoping by tomorrow, although tomorrow’s a
busy day with church, and we still have to do one more load to get animals and stuff
at the other house, but next up I need to
get my kitchen set up with my stuff in it, so anyway, it’s all work in progress. Oh, it’s not even plugged in. I was worried I was gonna pull. Whoo, watch me drop a
microwave on my head. Nothing to see here. All right, that must be
the outlet plug back there. I won’t need that anyway, but I’m thinking it must have had the wire racks in here at some point ’cause it’s got the little notches. Very, very cool. I don’t know. Don’t know where my little stepladder is. I mean, it’s downstairs somewhere, but haven’t fully looked for it yet. Been using this little chair that we apparently bought with the house. One thing that I need to tell Travis. There’s what to wash my rag out. That’s not it, though. One thing I need to tell him is as I’ve been here today working, I don’t think we have hot water. I let one of the showers run
on what I thought was hot. I’ve tried to let the sink run on hot. It’s just ice-cold, so new water heater could
be in our future this week, but it also, maybe, hot
water can be, you know what? I wonder ’cause when we bought the house, the well pump was turned off, so I’m wondering if the water heater can be turned off so it’s not just sitting there with a big tank full of hot water. I don’t know. Maybe that’s a thing, but I
will ask him about that tonight. My kids are almost melting down. Been a long day. We’ve been working
hard, been playing hard, so thankful for this
beautiful weather, though, so I’m going to drive them up the road to pick up some dinner. Then we’ll come back and I’m gonna work on the other
half of this kitchen there, hoping to get those cabinets
cleaned out tonight, and then we’ll see. Then I might, maybe I’ll
start unloading some things. Hmm, we’ll just see how far we get ’cause I haven’t done any work all week, so I also need to have
some Mama work time. Yeah, we shall see. Okay, so last night was our last night in this two-room hotel. We will be spending our first night at the new house tonight. Right now, Travis and the kids
took their first load down. Still a lot they gotta come back for. I always worry about my
hotel keys not working, and we’re so far from the office. I said, “Benjamin and I
are gonna stay in here.” We will be the door openers
until you all come back, and then we’ll help with the
final load, right Benjamin? Benjamin’s been having a
great team eating peanuts. We’ve got a jam-packed day. Let’s see, last night, when I left off, I did not go back and do any
more cleaning at the house. We got dinner and then I had
to come back to the hotel and do work stuff, so from our seven days in the hotel we got three bags of laundry. Of course I was hopeful. Oh, I’ll do laundry. I’ll do slow cooker meals in the room. I just thought I would continue
all my mom household stuff, and we have just been, you know, we’ve been working
15, 16-hour days, pretty much, this whole past week, so there you go. New washer and dryer’s coming tomorrow. I’ll see this laundry here shortly. Oh, bright sun, so my
neck has been hurting. I’m sure it’s because I almost dropped that
microwave on my head yesterday. ‘S gonna show you our view out this hotel. Seasonal pool. We live at the Shenandoah Valley. There’s some of our mountains. ‘S the van gettin’ all loaded up, so today we have a deep and wide list. Travis is gonna go over to the old house. They’re now designated
old house, new house, and go over to the old
house and get a Ramcharger, right, Trav? Gonna get his Ramcharger,
actually my Ramcharger, and then get that over here, and then, when he gets back from that, we’re gonna, then, all go over. I’m gonna pay the lady
who’s doing the deep clean on the way out, and we’re gonna get our dogs and bring them over to the new house. As I’ve said, we’re going back
and forth all day every day, and then we’ll be working at
the new house this evening. Jaden is coming over this evening, and him and Zion are gonna help us. We have a we just have a huge heavy king bed, so they’re gonna help their
Mom and Dad get that up and put together. Gabriel, Liam, and Emilia, I got them air mattresses
with the automatic pump. I don’t know if I’ve said this. I’ve probably said this 10 times. Excuse me. We gave the bunk beds, the two sets of bunk beds
in our boys’ room away, and we got rid of Emilia’s bed. We brought Zion’s mattress
and Naomi’s mattress, so they’re gonna be sleeping on those. Zion’s sleeping on his in his room. Naomi’s sleeping on hers. Gabriel and Liam, Emilia each have their own
twin air mattress temporarily. Daniel still has his PAW Patrol bed, and then I got a Pack ‘n’
Play for Benjamin which I, of course he could get right out of, but I just say, “No, go to bed.” He listens, so all that
to say our plan is, in a week or two we’ll
be doing a big IKEA trip, and I wanna go get new IKEA beds and such, but in the meantime we have plenty to do with what we already own, and so I just want something
for everyone to sleep on while we’re unpacking,
and getting organized, and going through the whole process, so this evening we’re gonna
be getting that together. You’ll see in the boys’ room there’s this old mattress
that the previous people left, and then there’s just old curtains and various odds and ends on there, so we’re gonna get all that out so that we can get it set up
as a makeshift bedroom tonight, and I’m also wanna start working on getting odds and ends they
left in that living room out to our pile. That red velvet chair they left was great. I plan to dye that again, but we’ll probably move that
to the basement for now. Just I wanna have room, and
I wanna be able to clean, and see things, and think
about the stuff that we need. We’re at the house now where
kids are doing air mattresses. Liam’s in there working on those. Yeah, you get the little trash, honey, and put it in those boxes. Naomi’s doing Emilia’s. Then out here we’ve been busy. ‘Course Gabriel has been you been DJing, haven’t you? (laughs) And then, out here, for now, hey, Benjamin, it’s just
like at the old house. We got our chairs set up. Now, whenever we do have
new countertops put in did you hit your head? Just like the olden days. When I have the countertops put in, I will have a proper overhang
done with those chairs. We got just the camping table up here. Got Benjamin’s seat. Got our other chairs. Gonna bring our ladder-back chairs. (Benjamin babbling) What? Yeah, well you can get down. You wanna get down and
run around a little bit? Whoo, okay, and we found the Shop-Vac. I’ve been Shop-Vac-ing out all kinds of interesting
things from this fridge. I’m going to ‘course I sprayed it down
with bleach yesterday. Just bleach it. Cover it all with bleach. (laughs) I got it Shop-Vac-ed out. Gotta bleach it out again. I’m gonna wash these bins out
with hot soapy water as well. I’m gonna go ahead and plug this in, and we will use it for a few days. With my little refrigerator saga I actually have to go
tomorrow to order or buy. Hopefully they can deliver it quick, but anyway, gonna be a few
days, so we’re gonna use this. I’ll test it out. Anyway, if the thing works,
which I think it will, it just needed cleaned out, it will just become one of
my new garage refrigerators, and Zion has been working on his room. Very basic setup. Got his piano there. At least has his mattress
there, so makin’ progress. Got his big, big man-shoes. Then in here, I had these pieces from, it’s cut from where
they did the backsplash, but I think I’m gonna get
a few more sheets of these. You just put it on with glue,
and then I’m gonna put it, hold up, Benjamin, I’m gonna put it right here
’cause there’s no cabinets here. It’s just flat, of course. This blue-gray is beautiful, but even when I sit there
it’s gonna scuff it, so I think I’m gonna do that whole side in that same pressed metal. Okay, so now, see, I spilled some water
on the floor. (giggles) Shop-Vac, you know, wet-vac. I could just use that to sweep it up. Gonna move the refrigerator. I don’t think it’ll be as dramatic as when I moved the microwave yesterday ’cause I’ve moved this
refrigerator a few times. Gonna plug it in, get it
ready, see how it does. Then we’re gonna clean under the sink. I cleaned out all the cabinets on this
side of the kitchen yesterday except for under the sink. It’s quite a doozy under there, and we still have to get
the rest of those cabinets, so and I’m wearing the
same clothes yet again. I mean, you know. Pull it together. Move it a lot. Move it to the left. More of our little bouncy friends. This is country livin’ at its finest, so I’ll show you under these cabinets, there we go, just all kinds, yeah, there is all kinds
of grubbiness under here, and so I don’t even know what it all is, but we’re gonna Shop-Vac it up. Okay, so thank goodness for the Shop-Vac. Got under there. Cleaned up. I don’t really have anything right now to line the bottom of those cabinets, so we have these bags that
the air mattresses came in, and I’m gonna put those
down at the bottom. Better than nothing. There were paper towels down there. I will get some little liners. I know you can use plastic place mats and different things, cabinet liners. Anyhoo, gonna use these
as my make-do for now. There you go. I can see this is actually actually better than it was, so I’m going to just lay this down here. Example. There you go. There’s the soap, just
like it was meant to be. Certainly better than it was. We have a garbage disposal, not
that I work well with those, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to turn that on yet. My light switch up there is for the light. Then look at this little knob. Huh, so many, so many fascinating little
things to find here. When I was briefly able to
talk to Travis yesterday, was able to tell him, like, what was I even
trying to tell the man? We both have lists to share
every time we see each other ’cause we’re working between two houses. Anyway, I mentioned to him
I had tried all the faucets, and showers, and everything, and all I was looking for before was to make sure that they worked, but I couldn’t get any
hot water yesterday, and I said, “Does it make sense “that if a house sat empty for this long “that they would turn the
hot water heater off?” and he said, “That does
sound like something “that people would do, “so it’s very possible,” he said, “that the hot water heater
is just turned off.” It’s also very possible that
we need a new hot water heater, so we shall see. We, uh, yeah, we, we shall see
what our next adventure is. ‘Kay, so I feel like
(drum machine thumping) making some progress getting the cabinets cleared out. Now I’m gonna go into the basement. That organ’s real popular. Go to the basement. Gabriel, we’re gonna look for bags of covers and pillows and
such for the beds tonight. (gentle music) So we are actually back. You can see we got that was
just a couch from our bedroom, and we brought it up here. Thought we would put it
there for the time being. I was thinking we would
still use it in our bedroom, but for now it’s someplace else to sit, so we went back to the old house today, and we forgot the dogs. We brought them back. They are in the basement
in their crates now. We walked them all around, and they’ve been fed, and all of that, but now we want them to get
just used to the smells, and see that we’re here,
our things are here, and to be calm, and all those good things, so put some water bottles
in the refrigerator before we left. Now I’m gonna work on just putting away some
odds and ends, food-wise, that we’ve been carrying
around to the hotel and such. All right, so I’ve got the
food that we had brought put away a little bit,
not how it’s gonna stay, but I’ll show you up here
just got some paper plates, canned goods, some of the
little microwave soups. We utilized, during this past
week, what I planned to do. Now, this house, last
house had a pantry closet. This house, I mean, it certainly, there are closets in that front hallway I could use as a pantry, and now that I’m thinking out
loud here I could do that. What I had planned to do because in the hallway there’s
three big closets, okay? What I had planned to do,
since this garage is connected, I was just gonna have my wall of my freezers and refrigerators, and then have, like,
two big utility shelves, and have my pantry
storage right out there. We shall see. Wait, forgot, was gonna give you this
little refrigerator tour. This is all that’s in here right now. Got a little yogurt bank. Cute little baby refrigerator. Yes, freezer’s cold too. That’s good, so I’ll get lots
of good use out of this one, so again, I’m trying to, like, keep some control over the
things being brought in until I can process ’em. This is all the stuff that we lived out of for the past seven days in the hotel, so I can probably go ahead. We got jackets here. I can get those hung up. The white bags, we got
three bags of laundry. I know there’s some laundry,
too, in one of these, and then the other one is bathroom items, which is perfect ’cause that’s,
like, our most essentials, and I can unload those into
one of the bathrooms now, and with this little sunshine picture, I’ve had this since our first
house a bazillion years ago. ‘S thinking of hanging it
here, here on this wall. Just think that’ll look
nice with the white, but for now I’m setting it up here. That’s cute. The deck is smaller here, so all of our little things
from the deck fit right on here. This will be painted as
well here in a few months when I have the exterior done, so in the meantime I’m going to haul this
laundry back to the basement. Travis and kids are outside working, working on moving around
things like that lawn equipment and other things going on out there. Yeah, just need to get
this, like, out of sight, out of sight right now. Okay, that’s a shoe bag. How did that even end up here? Who knows? (stuff scuffing) Okay, so down the hall with no light, so this was the closet. I thought, “Well, I mean, “I could use this as pantry
storage if I needed to,” but I wasn’t planning on that, and then that one’s a good coat closet. Might be the coat closet. Already put my boots in there. Again, I think we’re gonna do a lot of the in-and-out
through the garage, but just have to live here a
little bit and see what works, and this one is a nice big closet too if the kids can open the doors gently, so hmm, where to hang jackets? I think I’m gonna operate
out of the smaller one. Good start for the time being. It’s not big enough for all
of our coats and jackets, but I’m not there yet. I can at least pick ’em up, put ’em in this bigger
closet when that time comes. Still, whenever I see the refrigerators, freezers, pantry area, and then we have a dryer that’s kind of on the other side of that that’s in the way that needs to go, then I can think through having, like, a jacket and shoe and, like, even a hall tree type setup in the garage where I think, like I said, we might end up our
daily running in and out. Just I think that’s where
that all might take place. I don’t know. Since this’ll be our first
night in the new house, it’s gonna take several
weeks to get to know it and know what’s gonna work, so now, now I’m gonna hang
coat hangers in my closet for the first time, and this is how we, let’s see here, (clanking
drowns out speech). Okay, so we did bundles like this of coat hangers. Tomorrow I’m hoping to start
going through those clothes. Just realized I have not
wiped down these shelves, and they are pretty dusty, but I am glad the painters at
least painted in here for me. See what kinda drawers. Oh, I’m so excited. Those are good, but
we’ll wipe them out too. Nice sturdy drawers. We have a growing pile
of things over here, and I think we’re going
to put our bed here. Good morning, friends. Gearing up in here already. First cup of coffee at the new house. We slept here last night. It was like we’ve always been here. In other exciting news, we are bringing up
baskets of clean laundry from the basement. We just moved entire, whole baskets. We also just found the silverware. I reached in to get my coffee
cups out and found that. We found our batteries,
so we’re doing well here. Well, happy new week, friends. Yay, I found my way
out of that yellow hat. I really do think it will be go in my
thrift store donation bag, or burn it, or pitch it. We shall see, but I’m out of it. I think I wore it for a week solid. The last couple days I just gobbed, like, deep conditioner
on my hair under the hat, and I thought, “As long
as I’m wearing this thing, “my hair might as well have “some extra conditioning treatments. We have a whole lot of
things happening today, a whole lot of things
happening for the week. The new appliances are on the way. The Internet guy is on
his way to hook that up. The organ is being played. Travis, and Liam, and Zion have gone to get more stuff
of Travis’s over here. We did go over yesterday, met the lady who’s cleaning out the house, brought the dogs over. I think I mentioned that. Today I also have to head back to Lowe’s, pick out that different
refrigerator, order the wall oven. I was looking at IKEA stuff
at, like, 1:30 in the morning ’cause the hot water’s working, so I got a shower last
night or early this morning. Anyway, was looking at IKEA stuff. It says it would only be $129 for me to just order what we
need and have it delivered. That’s the delivery charge. I’m just wondering if that’s the same as,
like, the shipping cost. Are those two different things? I’m gonna find out. That was my 1:30-in-the-morning
investigation. I was like, “Well, I don’t
wanna take a whole day “to go to IKEA and then
load all that stuff, “and unload it, and get it
here, and you’re just all of it. “What if they just brought it to my door?” Last time I had tried to do that, I thought the shipping ended up being, like, half the cost of the stuff. We’ll see what I do with that one. Be sure to be on the lookout
for yet another moving video. I know I’m getting tons
of moving videos out because there’s different
stuff happening every day. Today is also the day, though, we are done with our week of eating out all day every day it seemed. We’re done with that, so today I also have
to start feeding people out of this kitchen, so because of that there will
also be some grocery hauls and cooking videos coming back up too. Thank you for watching
this journey with us. It’s lots of fun. Last night Travis and I, we had our oldest son and his wife over, and they were helping us with stuff, and we had ordered Domino’s pizza, and we were so excited that it could be delivered to our door. It was amazing. Anyway, it’s like, “Oh,
we haven’t had that in, “oh, 16 years or so “that we’ve been able to just, “like, order pizza, have
it delivered to the door.” What universe is this? But I looked at Travis, and I said, “We haven’t
even spent a night here “and I already feel at home already,” and I think, and he said something poetic. What was that thing
poetic that Travis said? It was like, “This is the home
we always should have had.” It’s just super-super-functional. In the season of having, you know, one kid, two kid, three
kids, eight kids, seven kids, but now we have a daughter-in-law, so we’ve gone up a number, so, you know, just as our family grows, this home is super-flexible. So excited. Chickens are coming today. Hat is off. Okay, that’s how I end a vlog. Thanks so much for watching. I’ll talk to you in those comments below. Bye-bye, and also, in an upcoming video, today, this is clean laundry. Clean all of these
baskets of clean laundry. We are gonna start processing our clothes. Yay! Getting them put where they go. (gentle music)

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