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Using Fish Skins to Treat Bears Burned in California Wildfire

Using Fish Skins to Treat Bears Burned in California Wildfire

I don’t think all the animals with the severe
burns that we’ve seen here could make it on their own. If you look at the literature, treating wild
animals that have experienced this degree of burns just hasn’t been done, at least
it hasn’t been written up and shared with other people. The bear, I will tell you, is probably the
one that really inspired me to look into the tilapia bandages because her wounds were so
extensive and her pain was so severe. She was the one that made me say “I need
to do something else. What else can I do?” and I will make this
work for her. Nothing is more rewarding than when you take
an animal that won’t walk because she’s so painful, and we try a new therapy and put
those bandages, the tilapia skin on her feet and right after we got done and she woke up,
she stood up for the first time and was able to walk. What I’m looking for is this is all that’s
left of her normal path and so this was all basically just granulation tissue, so what
she’s developing, all of this is now scar tissue which is developing which is a great
improvement. People always say “Well that’s a while
animal, you can’t do that” or “you can’t make that” and I say “you know what, where
there’s a will, there’s a way” and medicine is always something where you have to push
yourself. Your patients inspire you, your clients inspire
you, you have to push yourself to think outside the box and the tilapia skin, in my opinion,
is one of those things that, you know people said to me “What? That doesn’t make sense, you can’t do
that” and when someone says you can’t, I always think to myself oh, I will and Ill
make it happen because I’m just passionate about these animals and about helping them
and allowing them to heal.

26 comments on “Using Fish Skins to Treat Bears Burned in California Wildfire

  1. Hi, TIME Magazine here. We would like to include your video in our story about the bears injured during the Thomas Fire. Did you take this video? If so, do you give TIME permission to use this video on all platforms with appropriate credit please? Many thanks! Sandra Ifraimova

  2. Thank you for helping this bear and all the other animals you've helped 🙂
    I hope she can released back into the wild soon….oh wow! I just watched the second video! Amazing! What an uplifting story, and again, thank you so much!!

  3. You did not come up with this treatment, this was done in Brazil several years ago to treat burn victims. At least attribute credit to where you stole your ideas from that you tried to pass off as your own in this video. At least your doing some good by helping these animals, but that still doesn't negate the fact that you did not attribute credit to the individuals who came up with this procedure.

  4. I am very happy that you use a technique developed here in Brazi: "lBrazillian doctors are taking an experimental approach to treating burns: using tilapia skin." <3 And much happier that the animals have recovered quickly … Thanks for testing doctor Peyton

  5. Thank you so much for all your effort to save these beautiful bears!! I am a bear lover and love to photograph the black bears in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

  6. I agree plz give some credit to the Brazilian doctor who came up with it u are a good person tho for protecting and helping this poor hurt animals bears so on

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