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Using small Fish to Catch BIG FISH! Live-Line Tutorial!

Using small Fish to Catch BIG FISH! Live-Line Tutorial!

What’s going on guys? Today I’m going to show you how to catch a small fish and use that small fish to catch a big fish It’s called live lining. I’m gonna show you how to do it today Basically what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna drop this down just sit and wait for a fish So this is the first part this is the first step is to catch the bait What you’re gonna need is a small sinker light line and a high-low rig You’re gonna need to tie a high low rig with a small hook This is a perfect setup for a little bait fish now little bait fish get eaten by big fish and that’s our objective today is to start by catching the small fish and end up with a big fish and I’m here with Erin, my girlfriend, my love and what are you using? You’re using the– oh using the same setup as I just talked about so we’re just gonna drop it into the water Sit and wait [Erin:] Ooh, I got a bite instantly [Erin:] Oh my gosh… [Brendon:] Is it biting it? [Erin:] Like, instantly, [Brendon:] There we go. That’s a nice one.
[Erin:] Ooh! [Brendon:] What it–? whoa! oh my god bring it up , bring it up
[Erin:] Oh… my….gosh [Erin] Woah! [Brendon:] Holy crap
[Erin laughing] [Erin] It’s on the side.
[Brendon:] Holy crap! Erin, that is a WoW and let me tell you guys this is not beginner’s luck because she does this time and time again Good job, Erin. This is too big for bait. But this is this is a really good size eating fish.
[Erin] Yeah I will not eat this because it comes from this water and I don’t I don’t trust this water But that is a nice-sized perch. Give me your hand compare it to your hand size Wow Nice, Erin. Good job. This is this is way too big for bait. So it’s time to let this guy go You got one? Oh, it’s on
[Erin] Ummm…. It’s not? [Erin] Yeah, it is, it is. Ooh…
[Brendon:] It’s on, it’s on. Nice. Perfect That’s the perfect size right there Except let’s go for some spot I want to catch some spot That’s a good size though, this will be engulfed pretty easily [Brendon:] Nice, Erin [Brendon:] Great bait size. [Brendon:] Bite sized perch [Brendon:] Time to put these baits to the test Going to open water, going to some deeper spots right now Hopefully, that’s where some- some rock fish are stacked Where’s my dad… Wur ma de You have a live one on? [Senko Dad:] No, no… Dead? I’m putting a live [Senko Dad] There’s no spot, I’d rather have–!! Oh! I got him! [Brendon:] Nice!!! You got him, Dad? Nice. Dad. what do you think it is? Rockfish? [Dad yelling]
[Brendon:] is it? Nice, Dad. On a little piece of cut bait? [Senko Dad] Yeah That’s a nice one Nice catch, Dad.
[Senko Dad] Thank you [Erin] So Brendon cut up one of those perch for me So that… I can put out some cut bait I’m going to start with a small piece just to try it, because I don’t…. I’ve never tried this before… [Brendon screams] Ahh!!
[Erin:] Brendon? [grunts] [screams] Aaaahh!! [Erin] Brendon? Bite? You got a bite? Oh, she’s on, she’s on one! That is a huge perch!! On a cut piece of perch! [Senko Dad and Erin exclaiming] Ohh! Aww! [laughing]
[Erin] That was big… That was a nice one, Erin! That was dinner, you lost it.
[Erin] That was disgusting dinner. [Brendon:] This is another small one smm—shhhh–Shoot! It’s gone! [Erin:] You lost it? [Brendon:] Yeah… [Erin] Sad…. All right, I’ll go for a bigger one then So hook it right above the shoulder Just like that Make sure it’s still lively. Yep. It’s very lively [Erin] Very lively… And then we’re gonna cast it out! ~Gently~ cast it out [Erin] Loft it. [Brendon:] Loooft it
[Erin] Loft it. [Brendon:] loft it
[Erin] i loft it! And then let it– give us some line to swim out and what you got to do is watch your line Watch where this fish is swimming if it’s swimming very erratically there might be something chasing it. Oh, oh, oh, oh! I’m gonna let it swallow it. I’ll let it swallow it. So when it’s when it’s running like that, let it swallow it [Erin] You on? Yep, I’m on That’s a rock that’s a rock look it’s moving back and forth on the surface [Erin] Oh
[Brendon] Ooh! On the whole fish! It ate the whole fish! Oh, no, there it is… I want my fish back… There we go. Look at that small fish to big fish Cool this is still a small schoolie. I want a bigger one You know a fish is biting it when your line is starting to move out or move in really quickly What you got to do is do not set the hook right away Give it a second to actually engulf the fish so that it’s in its mouth. A lot of times It’ll hit it and it’ll short strike it and the hook is not fully in its mouth If you set the hook, you’ll lose the fish. So what you got to do is have patience and wait for it to swallow it Control that adrenaline and keep in mind, you’ve gotta- You’ve got to wait a few seconds before you set the hook All right guys, see, it’s a pretty simple method but it definitely requires practice to master So I want you guys–I want to challenge you guys go out, catch some bait Hook the whole bait, live line it, see what you catch. It’s really fun This is one of my favorite methods to catch fish is to catch the live bait hook it up. Throw it out I just think it’s gonna be more successful than a lure a lure will definitely work But don’t you think a big fish will prefer a real fish over a lure? That’s just my opinion let me know your opinion down below anyways guys I’m out of here. If you guys want more help we offer a lot of help at We’ve got a lot of cool stuff on there We’ve written a few PDFs all located on these PDFs are tutorials whether it be pier fishing, surf fishing, jetty fishing how to tie knots all sorts of different stuff Senko skipper is your source For any kind of beginner fisherman or anyone who wants to learn how to fish so check it out. See you guys

100 comments on “Using small Fish to Catch BIG FISH! Live-Line Tutorial!

  1. Senko Skipper, where were you all fishing? You stated that you couldn't eat the white perch your wife caught because of the water it came out of.

  2. This is one of my favorite ways to fish. Baitrunners are perfect for live lining. I usually do a five count depending on how big the bait is. A slow count, not a quick one that is actually 2 seconds ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  3. I've always use white perch for live lining for rock but I've always cut off the perchs dorsal fin ( their defense is when a bigger fish wants to eat them they stick up their dorsal fin that is very prickly and stops the bigger fish from biting down on them ) so I cut the dorsal fin off with a pair of scissors , that's how I catch the bigger smarter rock. Larry

  4. Can I tell you I fished that place many of moons ( it use to be a old Walmart there ) and I experienced the best rockfishing and blue fishing of my life .. I mean literally in that exact location, so it feel great to see someone fishing in that location ๐Ÿ˜ƒ thanks for the amazing vids

  5. You should put Erin in front of the camera more often. She's pretty good at catching those fish.

    P.S.: I purchased all of the PDF's he was selling and found that they are jam packed with information. I consider it to be a very wise investment and a great addition to my "fishing bag of tricks" Keep the video's coming, I've learned a lot about saltwater fishing from you guys.

  6. Best video everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  7. So confused Iโ€™m from England and that is not what we call a perch? Perch are normally green fish with stripes?

  8. I go out behind my house in the bay and catch little Snapper blues and use those for live bait. I have caught big doormat Flounder with them. It is a lot of fun!

  9. We catch a lot of those white perch in the fresh water lakes of central NC… great for the family fry ๐Ÿ˜‹ and bait ๐ŸŽฃ thanks for sharing ๐Ÿค™

  10. Mario Rodriguez Ontario ca yes!!! I love these videos thank you senko skipper thanks we enjoy watching you guys thanks Erin for being in the video thanks for everything you do !! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  11. That's how we fish big pikes (gรคdda) in Sweden. Under the litel fish back bone, spine. We use them 3 hooks. Sorry for bad English.. Thank u for good vedios!

  12. Tambien me gusta pescar con carnada viva y tambien pesco con mi padre me gusta tu programa …..vas a diferentes sitios gracias

  13. Give it the 10sec count before you set that hook. On light set drag, you can let it pull for 10sec too. Though on light set drag you will want to set the hook too soon. Always give it the 10 count.

  14. You guys have kayaks! If you ever make it down my way (not that I would ever expect it; there's not really a whole lot to attract people lol) I'd definitely offer to show you a great secluded river, with lots of great fishing! And yes: You can eat them! It's decently clean water.

    HO-LEE- FLIP! Your dad and I have the exact same model kayak!

  15. You should try launching from Ft Armistead , itโ€™s not far from where you are, Key bridge and lots of structures to fish

  16. Tanago hook with a tiny bit of bread is how I've been catching my bait lately. I have to say I really enjoy catching the smallest fish possible and then using that tiny little fish as bait for a monster small mouth bass or red-eye

  17. Iโ€™ve never tried live lining because I thought that I would be putting the bait fish through more stress and pain than I need to to catch a fish.

  18. How I get my best fluke every year, the Lil snappers hit the docks and shallows catch a few and just wait, 1st time I tried live lining a snapper the sinker didn't even hit bottom from a pier and caught a 5lbs fluke. Depending on the fish if bottom feeder want it on the bottom instead of running on top with every other snapper

  19. Hey huge fan, i live in the dmv. Can you start saying what fishing spots you filmed on? Need more fishing locations lol thanks!

  20. Take it from someone who has flipped a yak….wear your life vests please….saved my life…I love your vids..keep 'em coming…

  21. Erin I really enjoy watching your videos. I like the fishing techniques you teach. You and your dad and girl friend are great. From the last Southern US beach on the southern border. Imperial Beach CA.

  22. Most definetly. I kind of carry this to extreme. 45cm live bait. Landing metre plus Samsonfish (Amberjack cousin). Landing metre plus Spanish Mackerel (King Mackerel in the U.S.).

    Regularly use 30cm plus Australian Herring. Very successful.

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