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VALENTINE’s Day Fishing

VALENTINE’s Day Fishing

Ivo, I have a strike!!!! Bravo Dessy Dessy, what a strike! How you feel it? It’s was good? Oooo…. Yes Mother……. Thank’s Alex You was the person that wish me that! I just close the phone I start without trust with this lure Realy? Yes Silikon Eel with second hook on the tail Om, take the fishing net I am not sure where is the fish We are still far away. Shkarov if I catch your fish – SORRY That is not the same fish. Fish must be close How many line you have? Still have 12 m Fish is close I’ll stay here Put the anchor in trolling motor Fish pull a drag with the strike! Keep tight! Be ready! I see the leader. Just a moument. Okey It’s a Amberjack Bravo Dessy! Pull it Fish is small I’m ashamed but it’s a first! Bravo It’s was nice Show the fis on camera Give me the rod I open the spool Take it and keep it tight and show it on camera If this was a bigger fish …….. will be hard for me! Now you understand That was a a slight hint Now I understand I can’t take it Go back Ok, look the camera How you can catch Amberjack with silikone lure I searching for Gruppers I make “cardio” early (speed jigging for jack’s) But now…. Be careful what you wish and what you don’t want Because usually “don’t wanted” happen first I not want Jack But , look…. I have Jack It’s not big We will release it. If you want. Yes, I want to release it! We will catch a big one! Keep the fish Keep it! Dessy Keep tight! Ok No No Stay on place! Stay… Stay, seat…..!!! Take it stronger Wait…. You see what happend Dessy start a fishing “half” day I say a “half” because a bad weather is coming and we will have only a few hours for fishing in the afternoon But today is a nice holiday St. Valentine’s day and specialy for that Dessy start the fishing and how she say early “made” one greeting message for all lady’s lady anglers say it now I wish to all of you to be loved and forgive to his man’s when they go for fishing because fishing it’s verry amusing Right…. we should not be jealous respect their hobby And I wish…. You can go to manicurists and hairdressers And I wish to all man’s, serios anglers Marry “Trifon Zarezan” (bulgarian holiday of wine)

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