Claire Corlett

Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More

Value Creation in the Icelandic Fishing Industry

The Icelandic fishing industry is important to the Icelandic nation and the country’s economy. Over the last two decades or so a significant increase has been seen in the value of exported Icelandic Seafood yet at the same time the overall quantity of caught fish has stayed relatively unchanged. Changes of this magnitude do not occur due to one factor only those of us who are investigating why these changes occur are quite convinced that increased commitment in recent years to research and development in the fishing industry is a major player in cooperation with the fishing industries, governments and universities. our researchers have looked into different processes. handling, chilling, packaging and transport of fish and a valuable know-how has been established a know-how that results in the highest quality of fish and fish products from Iceland. This development has been stimulated with an increasing focus on research and development supported by the Icelandic research fund rannís, AVS, an R&D fund of Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture in Iceland, Nordic Innovation and many more key factors. This is one of many examples of how the Icelandic Government, Icelandic industry and Icelandic academia work together for a greater good.

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