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Value of the Liberal Arts at St. John Fisher College

[music] St. John Fisher was really the launchpad for
my career. You’re going to learn the skills that you
need in your day-to-day life in your career and you’re going to have a lot of fun along
the way as well. At St. John Fisher College, faculty helps
students develop a strong foundation in the liberal arts, which prepares them for lifelong
learning and an ever-changing work environment no matter what field they choose. I came out of St. John Fisher with a BS in
accounting and went into public accounting at Coopers & Lybrand which is now PricewaterhouseCoopers. From there I decided to go into the staffing
industry and was in human resource and staffing for 17 years, and a few years ago I joined
a two partners in a wealth management practice at SageRutty. Without having the diversity in coursework
and the diversity and experiences that I had here, I would not be able to have done what
I’ve done from a career perspective. If you don’t have everybody on the same
team you’re not going to succeed so teamwork is critical, we all know it. I did play softball here at Fisher. It’s not just in the business place or in
the classroom, but also on the field that you need to need to really be able to work well with
others. Getting involved with student government,
spring event, a lot of just activities where you’re working in a team environment. Through my four years of always having projects
to work on for different classes and stuff, it was always a team mentality, working with
other individuals to complete projects. Something as simplistic as sending an email
and having it be polished and professional, all the way up to doing detailed proposals
for clients. I took speech classes here that I wondered
whether I would ever use, and now I use it all the time. We had great teachers in the communication
arena that were tied to the accounting program because that’s what we do. We make presentations, we communicate with
clients, we communicate with potential clients. To be able to write, to proofread, to present
and pull together presentations, it’s a great skill set to have. That’s probably one of the biggest skills
that I didn’t come into college having, and that was to be able to analyze information
and put together a briefing and be able to explain it to somebody in a concise fashion
where they say, “Yeah, I get it.” The teachers, the faculty, the way the classes
are structured, they’re setup so that you learn the critical thinking skills so that
when you’re taking the tests, when you’re out in your career, where you’re in any environment,
you can apply the skills that you need. New possibilities, new financing arrangements,
new budgets, and to be able to analyze those and to be able to look forward and also looking
back, I think those analytical skills are absolutely critical. That was ingrained in us here, you know, do
the right thing, work hard. Teach me goodness, discipline, and knowledge. The company that I work for, we are a values-based
company, so they’re not the same words but it’s the same sentiment, it’s the same
foundation underneath of being to be able to make the world a better place doing the
right thing. And nowadays with technology you’re either
being recorded or filmed, so you better be on your game, and if ethics is at the top
of everything, you can’t go wrong. Professors would call you out on things if
you didn’t do the right thing so it made you accountable. The one thing that you really can only experience
when you get here is that focus on the goodness, discipline, and knowledge. We want good technicians but we want them
to understand psychology, we want them to have good communications skills, and it
all goes back to the fact that in our business it’s all about people. Putting everything together is what helps
Fisher graduates perform well in their careers. The writing and the public speaking and the
business ethics really make you the full professional. Fisher gave me everything I needed personally
and professionally to succeed in life and I truly value that. [music]

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