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Vegan Food Taste Test

Vegan Food Taste Test

100 comments on “Vegan Food Taste Test

  1. Been vegan for a decade. Trust & believe, you need to revisit this, because wonders & marvels have happened since then. Also, let actual vegans pick the products you blind test, because we don’t love everything, either. And some of these were actually good at the time of filming, but you obviously weren’t provided with them, lol. I love that you do these though. I truly enjoy you guys.

  2. Thing is, vegan food is so processed! If you're gonna go vegan, go raw! I'm not a vegan but my sister is and she's nuts lol

  3. One of my fondest memories from GMM was watching this drinking coffee and eating a concha while playing minecraft. Mannnnn

  4. Actually the vegan product market has really improved in the last couple years so I think they should revisit this taste test.

  5. 9:32 The Power of Gas Propels You …. The Power of Gas Propels You ….The Power of Gas Propels You ….The Power of Gas Propels You ….The Power of Gas Propels You ….

  6. Please do this again now that vegan and vegetarian options have improved and you have Josh. I think it would be much harder 🙂

  7. Real should have let someone else choose the items/ cook them. I could have had them fooled every single step.

    Pretty amusing episode though lol, that donkey lippin' hahaha

  8. They need to redo this with new vegan foods! If they had violife cheese they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference

  9. Do what you want but I only get one life, I'm eating meat because I die and whatever animal I'm going to eat will die too.

  10. I just clicked on this not knowing it was from 4 years ago and I saw the old intro and links haircut then I checked to see when it was posted, it all makes sense now

    And why does rhett look the same. Link looks so different

  11. "You can do a bad chicken so easily"
    Yep, just ask Tyson these days. I am convinced that their chicken patties are made from cardboard and air.

  12. Vegans: We hate meat! Hate anything from an animal.
    Also Vegans: Can..can…we hack a way to have a burger? Or other meats we fantasize having? Even though it sucks?

  13. I'm sorry.
    But what kind of human being are you if you don't like tomatoes on a hamburger or sandwich? Don't even get me started on having no pickles on either.

  14. I'm rewatching old GMM.
    & I love finding the origin of jokes.. like DONKEY LIPPIN'!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 YES ♡ lmao

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