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Vegan Substitute for Fish Sauce Recipe – Easy & Quick

Vegan Substitute for Fish Sauce Recipe – Easy & Quick

Hi guys, today I’m gonna show you how to make vegan fish sauce. My easy recipe is a great fish sauce substitute for people who want to make Thai food. If you want to learn how to make more authentic Thai recipes click the subscribe button and the little bell to get a note of new recipe videos from me. Today I’m gonna make vegan fish sauce recipe because I found out that it’s very difficult to buy vegan fish sauce from the store. Many Thai recipes have fish sauce in it so if you are vegan or vegetarian it’s a good thing for you to have this fish sauce recipe on hand. It’s very to make this vegan fish sauce recipe. It’ll take only 15 mins for preparations. But that doesn’t include the simmering and standing(resting) overnight. So, are you ready? Shall we make it? Let me tell you about the ingredients for vegan fish sauce recipe. The same type that you use for sushi. Chop the garlic up. First, I’m gonna roast the garlic and onion to get fragrant from them. Smells so nice. Once I get that smell, I will add water – about 1 litre. Then, I’m gonna add mushrooms and the other ingredients. About the soy sauce; There are many kinds of soy sauce – the different brands give you a different taste, different umami. I just added the seaweed in – just to get a more complex taste. And then, we’re going to simmer it until the water reduces down to half(500ml). And here is my vegan substitute for fish sauce that I made yesterday. So now I’m gonna strain it. First, we’re gonna take out the big lumps. And then, I’m gonna strain it into a mesh filter. Actually, we want to reduce the sauce down to 500ml. But, this time I simmered it for too long, so we only got 250ml. To 500ml. And now, I’m gonna store my vegan sauce into this glass bottle. So, this vegan sauce will last up to a couple of months in the fridge. And when you use it, use the same as the quantity of normal fish sauce. And, here you go, my vegan fish sauce substitute.

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