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  1. Hope guys enjoyed this recipe vid!! The full recipe is in the description box above 👆🏽 If you try out this recipe, be sure to let me know by tagging me in a pic on instagram! Much love ❤️

  2. omg maddie you are sooooo INSPIRED in Hawaii!!! your heart is beaming through you recipes!!!! so funny and fun to watch!!

  3. I been watching your videos for the past days and i love them❤ & i subscribe & i click on the bell so i can get nortifications😍😍😍👀

  4. I made the tacos (w/o the hemp sauce because i couldn't get hemp seeds sadly) but they were sooooo good. My cousin is my roommate and she's not vegan but she loved them! She said she couldn't tell it wasn't meat so she loved them. Love, love your channel guys!

  5. thank you for recipes that are easy to make, affordable, looks delicious, while still being healthy. y'all doing good for the world :')

  6. I liked when you say..Pico de gallo! I'm México..💚and I want Tacos too😀😀😀😋delicious!!!

  7. GREAT video! This looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Come check out some of FoodyTV's videos as well!!!

  8. I HATE avocados.

    I have no idea why Americans love avocados so much. In the Philippines, avocados are bitter TO THE EXTREME (I'm not even exaggerating). I can't quite figure who's abnormal here. Is it my tastebuds? Am I doing something wrong? Or maybe Filipino avocados are naturally bitter? Or maybe Americans have weird taste? And yes I have tried waiting till they're soft outside to make sure they're actually ripe but NO they still turned out really bitter. I feel so alone about my opinions on avocados. If anyone have tips, please leave me a comment because I really want to like avocados.

  9. Thanks for sharing your recipe. And thanks for listing the recipe in your description. 'Liked' because of your consideration for your viewers. Will probably make this tomorrow. Thx

  10. Throw something of your bf he's getting to board probably you two should pick on each other and stuff its not cool to care kiss each other and be stupid and stuff is all lolz wtg!

  11. Not only is it oil free, gluten free, and healthy… it’s also vegan! That makes four check marks ✅ 💕

  12. Wow You Should Buy A Non Stick Pan At The Store While Your Cooking You Did Good So Far I Love It Keep Up The Good Work

  13. ya'll need to stop talking about her boyfriend stop leaving negative comments to her channel you guys don't like her then why u people are here? they just having fun leave em alone

  14. WHY WHY WHY can't we have some simple vegan taco recipes? Why vegan youtubers insist in put all these extremely cringy poor humor on these videos 🙁 IM DONE

  15. 28 secs into the video and I love y’all! Ta ta ta tacos (you got something on your teeth) good looking we recording babe let me get that! Yes I feel the looovvveeeee! 🥰 crumble into crumbles … thanks for the recipe I love how you lost all the Ingredients! Thankhs for sharing making this tonight! 🌮

  16. Hey Maddie. Love this video! My daughter has Celiac, so we're always looking for Gluten free recipes. Btw, if you want your pan not to stick, just heat it up really good first without anything in it. Once it's really hot, add a little Olive Oil, (or oil of your choice) and swirl that around. Your pan should be very hot when you add your food. Hope that helps! 🙂

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