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taco party in my mouth hey guys welcome to another video today what are we making to talk to you like I do what are you making tacos – taco I wanted to show you guys like a really easy but versatile recipe and I think tacos are really tacos really fit that description you can basically put anything that you like into a taco shell and it’s a taco but I wanted to show you guys like a really just like classic taco recipe that’s super easy super simple and super healthy as well so let’s then we’re going to make today and I’m really really excited pump this recipe is completely oil free and also gluten free and salt and it’s healthy so yay three check marks ding ding ding let’s get started action ok so first we’re going to make the base of the taco or like the beef the ground beef so I’ll go up I’m going to use tofu just luck over a half of a block of firm tofu that we have 250 grams and I’m just going to crumble it into combo into crumbles she had good one into pretty big pieces not super small because we’re going to cook it later and it will break down and then I made this taco spice mixture with chili garlic chili flake herbs a frico cumin salt and pepper and then I just mix it all together and we have our pre-made little taco evening or you can also use like supreme a like taco seasoning that you can get in the grocery store if you’re lazy but I wanted to just give you guys a little bit extra I’m going to put about half of this onto my tofu a couple licks probably only like a tablespoon of tamari and mix it up that is coated and just going to put it on a baking sheet because I’m going to put mine in the oven only because I don’t have a nonstick frying pan and I had a nonstick pan then I would just use that but enough the tofu is also going to go in this pan with some chopped mushroom and lentil but I want to get the tofu just a little bit cooks on the outside first of the toka doesn’t stick to the pan while I’m trying to cook it with the other stuff so he’s going in goodbye see you later please mushrooms going to go in the pan we’ve got all their water in here so they don’t stick [Music] now once the mushrooms have started to release water I’m just going to add in the rest of our tacos please leave for the base or like the ground beef you can put basically anything that you like like I know a lot of people don’t like mushrooms you don’t have to add mushrooms you can add different kinds of beans or whatever you grow a lot of rice if you want to have right to it you like to eat tacos with right a lot but not today like me I don’t like mushrooms you unless you move all the time just because you me but you like them when I make them yeah okay so don’t say you don’t like mushroom you can add whatever is left of this tamari sauce is like nothing in here maybe a half a tablespoon these are just one can of brown lentils that I just rinsed and add that into here as well [Music] and I kind of like to smush when everything’s in the pan I like to smush it with like the back of my spoon or spatula and it kind of just pushes the lentil and then it kind of makes everything to stick together they’re all going to make a fresh salsa or a pico de gallo okay because they’re done for you fresh tomato I’m right onion some garlic a little bit of lime juice and fresh coriander we get the guy old guy good guy oh my gosh no how do you know this tomato’s quite fine and I’m also squeezing out some of the juice so it’s not super watery and it doesn’t go through this one tortilla when we put it all together [Music] I’m just going to take a little bit for Anders get the guy Oh Vicki I’ll get the Mayo good man you put the bath but if you have that I’m just going to add the juice of half of a lime and the lime juice really helps to break down the onion so the onions not as harsh just kind of brings everything together and we’re going to make walk along because what is toko this one won’t you have to have bog moly if you don’t have on Diwali our dollars are not 11 yeah you could have tacos with F Walker moly but you ain’t living oh oh could be a little bit more right but the sources didn’t have scoops we should be strictly peel the avocado yeah yeah yeah Chicano tell me I’ll become filthy ba-dum only go-go-go lovely things we are losers oh yeah I’m going to add a little bit of lime juice to this as well okay so we’ve got some corn tortillas here they’re just plain white corn tortillas no oil added to them and they don’t taste very good if you don’t keep them up and we want them to be taco so we’re going to put them on the rack like this in the oven and they’re going to form a little Coco shell Okeke tacos fingers crossed all right now my fingers are burning Wow well my face is really hot now so the oven still on high from when we put the chocolate in there and you just have to make sure you wash them so that they don’t become too crispy and they just like crumble apart good job babe I know I turned out really well I’m turned out very very very very nice thanks so that’s a very nice so cool special special sauce that we made earlier I wanted a sort of like a cream sauce or a different kind of sauce to put on top and I wanted to try out something new so I made sort of like a hemp cream kind of garlic sauce so it’s just how these the juice of a lemon a garlic clove and then just some tablespoons of soy milk just so that it will blend and I blended it up really smooth and it’s so good so we’re going to talk our tacos with it but you could also use any other sauce that you want you could even use the cheese sauce that we made in our natural recipe video so if you want a quick and easy and healthy cheese recipe go check out that video I’ll link it up here now it’s time for assembly I’m so excited [Music] I like hash tag chef status Oh baby that was a big bite obviously you think it’s good if you keep eating there right so this is good that creams up on top oh my god the taco party in the mouth so they are a little bit spicy so if you’re not a huge fan of spice don’t add in much chili powder and just up the other seasoning but I like spice and I find that the avocado were like the guacamole and like half soft really mellows it out and it’s just like a really good balance oh yeah they’re really tasty so that’s kind of my basic and easy SPRO together taco recipe like I said before you can put basically anything in a top of shell and call it a taco so I just really wanted to show you guys how easy and versatile making tacos is right correct I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe if you do try it out make sure to take a picture and tag me on Instagram and let me know how you liked it and you if you like this video give it a big thumbs up for me subscribe if you’re new to the channel and I will see you guys in the next video bye oh and then my gosh YUM so good so fresh so healthy [Music]

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