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Vegetarian Tacos Recipe | Kaiser Permanente

Vegetarian Tacos Recipe | Kaiser Permanente

– Hi, I’m Dr. Ben Maring. (upbeat music) Today, we’re making vegetable tacos. (upbeat music) Okay, so for our vegetable tacos today, we’re going to grab this baking sheet, which has the roasted cauliflower, roasted sweet potato, and cherry tomatoes. (upbeat music) We’re going to drag it into our bowl. Next, we’re going to add our raw ingredients. So we’re going to start
with corn off the cob. We’re going to put that into our bowl, and then next we’re
going to grab our red onion that we sliced thin, so
we’re going to sprinkle that in. The next ingredient is summer squash that we sliced thin on the mandolin. The last ingredients are
going to be some sour cream to kind of bind everything together and then a little bit of red chili powder and then some ground cumin and some lime juice to
punch everything up. Little bit of cilantro,
some coarse sea salt, and some freshly ground black pepper. And then we’re going to mix
all that up using a spoon just to kind of fold everything together. I think we’re ready to put
this on some tortillas. We’re going to grab a big mound of this yummy vegetable filling, and we’re just going to
stack it nice and tall, and we’re going to garnish it with a little freshly chopped
cilantro, and that’s it. (upbeat music)

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