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Ventura Fish and Wildlife Office – 2019 Year in Review

Ventura Fish and Wildlife Office – 2019 Year in Review

[Nature sounds, insects, water, ducks quacking] We are… The Ventura Fish and Wildlife Office Image of two condors perched on top of a fence. We conserve and protect rare plants and animals along the central California coast. Image of biologists surveying plants on an island. From the Santa Monica Mountains and Channel Islands to Big Sur and Monterey Bay. Image of Western pond turtle on a hand. We help identify at-risk species, and protect and recover those that are already endangered. Image of large group of volunteers on a beach. We help return polluted habitats to their natural state. Image of botanist surveying plants on a hillside. We partner with private landowners to restore fish and wildlife habitat. Images of staff members teaching environmental science to children. We educate communities about the roles we all play in conserving our precious ecosystems. In 2019 Image of a woman hiking on a scorched hillside. After one of California’s largest wildfires we worked with partners in the Ojai Valley to restore native habitat for wildlife displaced by fire. Image of a man standing by a riverbank. We work to keep the Santa Clara River wild. Providing flood protection and habitat for more than a dozen rare species while neighboring farms grow food to support local communities. Image of wildlife officer holding plants. We asked for the public’s help in curbing the illegal international poaching trade of rare “liveforever” succulents. Image of military aircraft over ocean. We worked with our military neighbors to help rare birds, like California least terns, and light-footed Ridgeway’s rails, share land and sky with military aircrafts. image a of bird nesting on a beach. Image of a night fire over hillside. We told the story of California red legged frogs fight for survival following fast-moving wildlife in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Image of frog on a leaf. Image of a small red and green plant. We celebrated a successful reintroduction of San Fernando Valley spineflower, a plant once believed to be extinct, to the hills above Santa Clarita. Image of a group of people holding shovels. We honored a local conservation champion for spearheading restoration of a former golf course to its wetland roots in Santa Barbara Image of botanist kneeling down on grass. We honored a local botanist and breast cancer survivor who beat the odds… Close-up image of a man with a black beanie. And a former gang member turned conservationist. Super imposed image of man holding condor. We worked with dozens of partners to restore hundreds of acres of habitat that will provide food and shelter for native wildlife. Images of biologists out in the field. We partnered with… Images of various logos. Image of children planting in a garden. We planted over 840 native plants to create pollinator habitats and outdoor classrooms at 14 schools in Ventura County. Image of people holding empty nursery pots. We collaborated with our communities to build a future that supports people wildlife and wild places. (Uplifting instrumental music playing.) We celebrated our people and careers dedicated to science and conservation. Various images of US Fish and Wildlife Service staff members. We are the Ventura Fish and Wildlife Office Image of a biologist on a misty beach. This video is dedicated to fish and wildlife biologist Kendra Chan. Image of a sunrise with an island view. We carry with us your love of the ocean, devotion to science, and energy for life and all of the days ahead.

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