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Vertical Fishing Char on Lake Vättern | Fishing with Edvin and Philip

Vertical Fishing Char on Lake Vättern | Fishing with Edvin and Philip

Today we will be vertical fishing
char with Carlo on the lake Vättern. Here’s one coming quickly.
He’s going for yours. Hold on to your rod. There!
– There, good Edvin. Cool!
– They are insanely beautiful. It has been much fish. We’ve had fish underneath the boat all the time.
– Indeed. It has been slow for 4 hours.
– They have beautiful fins. That’s a better char.
– It’s impossible, it must be bigger. That was fun. Great! We’ve now arrived to the spot
where we will fish char. We will start soon.. Great rods, guys.
Here you go. Then we’ll try.. We try these, they have
been insanely good. It’s a small lure that will be out
next year that’s called Gomoku. We will try jigs later but
we’ll start with these. There you go. You get this one. You’re both ready.
– Yes. I’m also ready to fish.
Edvin, could you put the.. ..electric motor in the water?
– Yes. Now we’ll try to search for the fish.
See if we can find a hotter spot than this. It’s two chars down there
but we’ll search for more. You’ll find the chars on drop
offs between 100-130 ft. Especially on drop offs
or on shallow plateaus.
Also where it’s 100-130 ft deep. What we will do when we see
there’s many chars around is to.. ..anchor with the electric
engine and stay on that spot. The char will come to us. We don’t go
around and try to fish for a specific fish. This looks promising.
It’s chars everywhere. It’s only one thing missing.
It’s to make them to bite. That’s never a given but.. ..we’ll see. All the way to the bottom?
– Yes, all the way to the bottom. I’m down there now.
– Reel the line up, straight up. Quickly?
– Yes, quickly. About that..
No, faster! Never stop reeling.
– No stops? Exactly, no stops.
– You should just reel straight up? Absolutely no stops.
Just straight up. They’re biting when reeling fast then?
– Yes, if you’re missing the handle when.. ..reeling you won’t catch anything. Is it like that?
– Yes. Now!
– It’s coming one in full speed. Hold on to your rod. C’mon!
– Yes. C’mon! Take the lure! No.. That one swam after all the way up.
– It’s another one down there. That was.. Nah! When it’s this much fish around,
just lower it the the bottom and.. ..just reel. It’s hard to
see where you are. It’s difficult to see something
since it’s filled with fish down there. Here one’s coming quickly.
He’s going for yours. He’s following. Bite!
– Typically.
That was very close.
– I also got one following now. They are following..
– They must bite soon..’s in these situations
you always catch a fish. He’s rising.
There we go! Yes!
– Good work. The first fish. After all fish that followed the lure.
– Finally a fish on the hook. Feels like having a 12 pound pike on. Cool!
– They are insanely beautiful. Look at it in the water. Hello. There he swam away like lightning.
– Cool. The best is to unhook them in the water.
Then they will survive to 100 percent. 99,9 % of all the chars will
survive if you do like that. Congratulations to your first char.
– Thank you. The white fins are very cool.
– Yes. You have one following.
– Then I will not let my lure down.. ..and ruin for you.
– You had two fish following. Three fishes!
– They’re probably active now. There, great!
– This one’s even smaller. It’s probably a whitefish.
– Could be a whitefish on the hook. Doesn’t look big.
This is not a big fish. Around 2 pounds. Does small chars like that even exist. At least it’s a char.
– What a herring. What a small herring it was.
– Yes, it was a really small herring. Oh! They’re hunting.
– Fish everywhere. You have a whole school of fish following..
– There! Good, Edvin!
– Yes, I caught one. He took just underneath the boat.
– Yes, it’s a good fish. What do you say about that one? They are extremely strong. He took just underneath the boat. It was a whole fish school following.
– Suddenly you had many chars following. It’s heavy, they are really..
– That one took 15 ft underneath the boat. No, it wasn’t even that deep.
– They are like that, they could take.. ..the lure in the surface. Sometimes, you could miss the
fish and the lure will fly straight up. This char followed from 100 ft and
took the lure 9 ft underneath the boat. I see it, it’s 65 ft down in the water. He’s fighting up and down.
– It took the lure underneath the boat.. ..and now he’s on 65 ft of depth. It’s a nice one.
– Then we will see. I will tail it with my hands.
– Should you do that? Yes. It’s usually no problems. Yes! They have really beautiful
fins with these white tips. He’s lively, wants to swim back.
– Let’s release the fish, then. That was fun!
– Indeed. Great work!
– That was fun. It was a hard strike. Wasn’t a gentle take.
– It’s fish everywhere now. You must create noise in the water
with vibrations and movement. Now, it’s coming one!
Yes, now.. He must take the lure.
– Yes it must. No! I saw it come in full speed and
thought it should hit the lure.. Yes and it did.
He bit off..
– He bit off the paddle! What a snake!
– What a small fool. It’s coming a fish.
– That’s. Now. It will bite! That one will easy take the lure. There, I saw it!
– Great! I said it. I saw it but it isn’t big?
– No, it’s not big. You see very easy if..
– ..if they have decided to bite. Yes, then they’re rising quickly.
Very close and then BAM. Then it’s no doubt.
– No it isn’t. It’s cool. A small one.
– That was a small fish. I lost one, then you caught one.
Now, you see. He was following. It’s activity now.
– Now it is. It’s starting to..
– A big school of fish down there. C’mon, follow my lure. There!
– Yes, now. Now!
– There! You stuck in me.
– No, I don’t have you..’s a char on.
– You’re stuck in me too. Yes, but I have a char on too.
I’m also fighting it. Try to remove your lure. You must be ready,
this one is angry. Think this is a better fish. I can’t move it,
it must be a better fish. He’s swimming to the side. This must be bigger. I can’t do anything.
– It’s a good sign. Yes, it is. This one is better.
I can’t reel in the fish at all. It’s insane.
Must be a good fish. It’s fighting good,
I’m tired in my arm. No! It came off, it wasn’t..
– Right there. It was 2 meters left. You could see that it was a better fish.
– That was a big fish. A very sad moment during the fishing day. We will switch place. It has been
really slow fishing for a while. Slow.
– They have been very slow. The chars has been following
but not many have taken the lure. It has been much fish. We’ve had
fish underneath the boat all the time. We have caught 5-6 chars
or something like that. I think so.
– We have caught one around 4,4 lbs but now.. ..we will change location. There are
fish here but we will try a new spot. Try to catch a bigger fish.
– Let’s go. On to Sherwood Forest!
– Let’s do that. When fishing for char it’s important to
attach the hook as far back as possible. They usually come underneath
and nibble in the paddle. Therefore, it’s important to
have the hook far back. I promise that we’ll get a bite here.
– Is that so? Yes, I think so. It’s much fish down there.
– Is it just to reel straight up? Yes. There!
– Yes! You know your stuff.
– My fourth fish. If you drop down here, you’ll get a bite.
Then we got a fish. They’re following.
– It’s a sign that you know your stuff. It’s a 3,7 lbs fish.
– It’s a good fish. What a nice fish. It’s been slow for about four hours. Then
we saw a school of chars on the sonar. Björn said; You’ll get a bite.
And we did. Today we have fished with a bait
cast reel. In this case – a Curado reel. We have used the Curado together with
a vertical rod that takes up to 60 grams. You need a heavy rod to be able
to put some press on the char. It’s important for the catch & release.
You don’t want there to be too much.. ..lactic acid in the fish. It’s easier
to release if you have a heavier rod. I must let my lure down.
– It’s much activity now. They are out hunting. This is many chars standing together.
– Sometimes, they move apart. C’mon.
– This place has been good. Or, we haven’t caught much fish
but it has been much activity. We haven’t managed to get them to bite.
– This spot has been.. They’re everywhere in the water and.. yeah. It shouldn’t be easy here in the life.
– No, then it’s not as fun. We’ve now arrived to the dock after
a very good day on the lake with Carlo. Has been a very fun fishing session.
– We have caught fishes. We have caught two new personal bests. Me
and Philip has a new personal best on char. But we haven’t caught any chars before. Feels very good.
– Has been many awesome hunts when they.. ..have been following from 120 ft
all the way up to the surface. It’s fun. Even if they aren’t biting it has been..
– Yes, it’s an exciting type of fishing. Many exciting moments. It has been some frusrating moments.
Missed takes and big fishes lost. Thank you so much because
you let us fish with you. You’re welcome, it was fun to meet you. Don’t forget to subscribe to Kanalgratis.
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  1. Skulle ni kunna ha en tävling om att fiska med er? Jag skulle ju självklart vilja delta men skulle vara kul och se hur man fiskar på djupt vatten antingen till havs eller i sjö, är ganska ung på 14 vårar som försöker jobba upp mina erfarenheter men djup fiske är något jag mister i mitt fiske liv!

  2. nä, dom där rödingarna skulle ha kallats blankingar, rödingar ha en röd buk för att man ska kalla dom fin 😉

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