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Video Inspections for Fisher Valves: Verifiable Factory Acceptance Testing

Video Inspections for Fisher Valves: Verifiable Factory Acceptance Testing

At Emerson, inspections are one of the
most important parts of our process, ensuring we’re delivering the quality
that Fisher valves are known for. It’s nice to hear that your valves all pass
their inspections but what if you could see it for yourself and leverage a
process that is faster and more cost effective? You can do that. With remote
video inspections of your Fisher valve assemblies, the process to get your
valves out the doors streamlined. Inspectors aren’t required to be
physically present to sign off on your order and you have a record of
the inspection for reference at any time. Available video inspections include
operational, positive material identification, hydrostatic, as well as
water and air seat leak detection. The high-definition footage allows the
inspector to clearly see the quality of the welds, view internal components not
easily seen otherwise,or watch the valve in action as it strokes. The live
inspection allows the inspector to ask questions in real time and request
specific camera angles or close-ups. Once the video inspection has been approved,
your order is processed and shipped. These videos provide documented accounts
of valve inspections giving you an extra layer of quality assurance and increased
confidence in your orders. Take advantage of this remote video inspection to get
your valves sooner and avoid the extra time and expense of sending an inspector
on-site. Contact your local Emerson sales representative to order a video
inspection for your next Fisher valve.

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