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Vietnamese teaches American special fishing techniques! (With Miền Tây Thu Nhỏ)

yeah you guys can see I’m
here with Quy he’s helping me out actually with the boat right now so I’m
practicing more because I’m not an expert and I don’t want to accidentally
destroy the boat I can’t show you the footage because I’m actually driving the
boat so it’s a little hard to film and drive the boat but we’re gonna be doing
some just casual fishing and hopefully we’re gonna catch a lot of stuff then with two poles I got one right there my extra dirty feet it’s impossible to stay
clean when I do this so I’m gonna set up another pole he’s probably gonna set up
a whole bunches and ants’ eggs right there and money so I’m using crickets
Quy’s using ant eggs and eggs work significantly better than crickets but I
can’t figure out how to get them to stay on the hook without using some sort of
fabric of some sort or sewing thread or sewing thread so I’m gonna experiment
with the ant eggs and try to get them on the hook though he’s gonna have to help
me out he already caught 2 catfish there’s one of them right there that’s
where my feet are gonna be going so I’ll probably get cut later Thank You Quy
it’s a 2 for you 0 for me but we’re not having a competition today secretly kind
of we always have a competition I’m losing all right
yeah but I can’t my balance isn’t as good as yours and stepping on catfish just caught another one
good I’m glad you did it if I get hungry later I can eat them you too Quy we so
these are the ant eggs and be experimenting with these I can’t get
them to stay on the hook so I’ve got to practice today I’m still figuring out
how to use ant eggs take the ant eggs so I hook it in right yeah okay hook it
in and then twist it back in yeah juice
okay oh okay that is it’s okay okay enough yeah okay
enough all right so that’s my okay enough so you’re hooking it “like this”
please all right I got a lot of
practices doing all right now I got to do ant eggs again, it’s got
little bit on, you’re good well I’m here you know just do my
fishing thing in a graze explained to me that’s how they actually moved the boat
pretty interesting so to move along the river kind of paddle but their method I
like it it’s faster I haven’t seen that before there we go all right finally with ant eggs at least
that I’m getting them to stay so I’m happy about that my first little fish
catfish caught with ant eggs I’m in a really tight space you guys but I caught
my first catfish Quy’s caught like five just got another, that would be six but it fell
off the hook using ant egg some practice in that today
so I probably catch as many sayings come off really easily but I’m getting it
Quy do you want this fish okay so he’s gonna keep the fish when you’re
fishing with an eggs you get covered with ants and yes you do get bit got one got it with ant eggs, we are getting better with it a little bit hard it’s hard to film and do this at the same time cuz i got something above my head got it
Quy do you want this one okay keep getting bit by ants. Quy’s killing
it, caught a catfish there’s another one right there
quite small throw them in the boat all right right now Quy is killing it so
many fish for him 2 for me ant eggs is my excuse today it’s the ant eggs
having a hard time stays on the hook falls off the hook stays on falls on it
and I have no idea once it’s inside to check it every minute or so let me show
you soon the fish that we have already there’s a tilapia bunch of catfish one
perch and down here some other catfish I think there’s catfish yeah there’s a
couple catfish next to the shoes but he’s killing it so look at that he just
caught another one that thing is a microscopic very tiny
catfish we won’t count that one though and then there’s my lonely bobber right
there and no bites the ant eggs probably fell off though gotta check it still a little bit I’m surprised I’m getting better water
super low right now fishing conditions are terrible at least the view is nice
and take a look at that good job Quy you caught I think a wire
or a rope the biggest catch today that’s how you get your hook back gonna call it
quits soon head back fishing is done alright guys fishing has finally come to
an end I didn’t really catch many fish so I’m not really excited about that
today but I was able to get the ant eggs figured out that of course it’s the second
half of the fishing when we weren’t really catching anything but I feel more
confident with that got some practice to the boat and yes I’m not driving the
boat right now Quy is but I will have to start paddling soon
because the river is going to narrow up and I have to control the front of boat
but for you guys if you liked this video make sure to like share subscribe leave
a comment which is always appreciated and as always make sure to have a great
day take care, tam biet

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